But even if he has, that's not what I meant." "Is your bed alright?" "I would stay if it were up to me. He pushed Akaashi back this time. Bokuto was the first to notice this, but had also been the last to say anything about it. He'd scroll up, up, up until the first text, then would scroll all the way down again, waiting for the ellipse to appear on the lower left side of the screen. He looked at him and exhaled through his nose quietly. Power Rangers. There, he parted the glass slightly. "I... Don't... Usually text," Akaashi murmured. He instead continued to stare in Akaashi's direction with hopeful eyes. He spoke just loudly enough for Bokuto to hear him. In no time, Bokuto was standing in front of Akaashi, eager in every way to make it to the gymnasium. It was because of this that he was so surprised when he felt a gentle sensation against his forehead. His hand took Bokuto's own, and he held it gently. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Akaashi sat up and placed his phone on the counter. He could still remember the small details, like how Bokuto's starry shirt would slip off his shoulder every so often when he stirred in bed, and how the feel of Bokuto's weight on him would take his breath away. Just as those words left Akaashi's mouth, the clouds outside parted, allowing the setting sun's orange light to flood into the room. Akaashi already knew where he had to go. Akaashi's eyes widened slightly, and his eyebrows knit together in surprise. It was then that Bokuto's eyes blinked in realization, and slowly but surely, he moved his lips to answer. In another life.". His hands tensed, relaxed, and rested against his neck. What he doesn't aware of is the fact that he's being chased down by his ex-comrades and ex-lover. They both seemed to be the same height, but Akaashi couldn't help but realize that Bokuto looked just a bit smaller. "Hey- Akaashi, right? The sound of Bokuto's laughter caused Akaashi to turn his head back to him. He dreamt of nothing in particular that night. There anymore? Though the question was asked clearly, Bokuto didn't make a sound, nor did he move. Those yellow eyes examined everything, adamant with taking all of it in. "Good night." We can watch Cloud Atlas again. I haven't gone outside in days." "Were you sick? He glared at them intensely with that same placid expression of his, making this look all the more unnerving. A sob wretched its way out from Akaashi's throat. He rubbed his hands together weakly and tilted his head to the side. He instead allowed his actions to speak for him. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Kuroo scratched the back of his head. ", "Don't think so. He looked back down at the game screen. He twisted his fingers and pursed his lips, wary of what Kuroo would say next. It was warm on him, certainly something that one would find comforting, but as he stirred in bed, he was certain that something was off. He's an okay guy. From the background of the video, a low voice could be heard. He walked ahead quickly, straight into the room. "Do you want your scarf back?" It took quite some time for a message from Kuroo to arrive, but when it did, Akaashi realized that he'd sent a video instead of what was initially asked for. Curiosity had sparked within him. Hesitant fingers that ghosted over Akaashi's forehead in order to push a loose strand of hair away. He watched Bokuto's fingers curl around the phone, and his hand slowly backed away. He flinched and pulled his hand away to stare at the screen. His eyes looked down at Bokuto's hands. Kind of confusing, but good. That would be nice. "I know." Que leur réserve ce week-end ? "What if they've already found out? But that still doesn't make me a better person. He wanted nothing to do with it. Akaashi stopped in his tracks, in front of Bokuto's room. When he was like this, Akaashi would think that he was resting, and he would almost believe that thought until Bokuto would twitch awake again, his body jerking him from what little relaxation he tried to achieve. Akaashi never received another message in the remaining hour that he was awake. He then reached out and took hold of Bokuto's arm to help him back to the bed. Akaashi cocked his head back to demonstrate this, with his finger tapping his chin. Akaashi stared at Bokuto, opened his mouth to say something, but found that he couldn't form even one simple word. There was only blackness. Kuroo's voice was reserved and reluctant. Bokuto tucked his hands into the pockets of his hood, his shoulders hunching. His frustration slowly faded, and all that was left behind upon his pale face was a look of defeat. Akaashi tried to hide his frown. It was difficult, however, as each time he tried to drift off to sleep, that unnerving fear of having the same dream would jerk him back awake. He sighed. The other, he had no clue. Use it.". "What are you doing?". It took every fiber of his being to keep his voice from trembling. "Sh...ut up." With a heavy heart, he spoke. He sat cross-legged, with a shirt on that was two sizes too big, and a hat that looked as if it had been placed on his head without his consent. He remained in the same position and only moved his hand to wipe at his face again. Confused, Bokuto glanced over at him. When would he ever use it again? A gasp escaped Bokuto. His eyes were half-lidded and glued to the screen, his face void of emotion. "I see..." Akaashi nodded once. He stared at the ceiling. He exhaled through his nose and entered the hospital, greeted the woman at the front desk (who now knew him by name), and removed the scarf from around his neck. "Drowning in something black, sort of like tar. "I'd dream that I messed up during a spike, and then I'd wake up fuming, and would constantly tell myself that I was the best.". He stood there, hesitant, uninterested, indifferent. My last memory of Koutaro is already with me, and it will die along with me.". He tried to aim for it at the very least, but found it difficult to. Three times, Bokuto jolted awake involuntarily, and three times, he covered his eyes with his forearm and heaved a quiet sigh. He spoke gently in Bokuto's direction. "Well, I guess that's it for now. Kuroo didn't seem surprised in the slightest. ¿Que es lo que oculta la sombra? "They used to play volleyball together. "You tremble when it's seventy degrees in the room. He glanced to the side. He'd flinched hard and sat up quickly, closing his hand over his mouth to subdue the almost hysteric sounds that came from him. "I don't... Know much about this... Disease. "Oh- you can move." He turned his head to get a clear look at Bokuto's face, but instantly wished he hadn't. Three hours feels like seven hours, sometimes. Kuromajo-san ga Tooru: ♥ Ashura Toukaiji. At times, Akaashi would look through the conversations that he'd shared with him. "Yes?" His eyes stared forward, uninterested in the information desk several meters from him. His voice a mere murmur, Akaashi moved closer to Bokuto, then resumed to lie down on his back, his head slightly elevated with the pillows that sat behind him. Is he here?". Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. Akaashi reached his arms out and pushed Bokuto away. He didn't bother to check. Akaashi eyeballed the small male for a long second, knowing that he wouldn't look up to catch him. "When have you ever tried to make a joke? He turned to look at Akaashi. So he stayed in place, holding onto Bokuto, taking in his company for one last time before he'd never see him again. Sorry.]. Posssessive!Akashi. "One, maybe two months at most, if I'm lucky. He reached a hand out to turn on the lamp that sat on his nightstand. He looked up, gazed at Akaashi past his bleached blonde bangs, and straightened his back in the slightest way possible. Emerald eyes searched Bokuto's own for an honest answer. He watched as Bokuto's chest rose and fell with each breath that kept him alive. "I understand. He lay his cheek on the top of Akaashi's head and kept still, daring not to wake him. [I'm excited for you to come over tomorrow! "I'm not leaving, Koutarou." His hands showed what his face dared not. Akaashi squeezed his hands together to keep them from shaking uncontrollably. His lips brushed against his collarbone in desperate search of that familiar warmth. With his lips quivering, Kuroko leaned on the redhead's chest hiding his wet eyes,"I feel very shy.". He found he had nothing more to say. As if straight from a cartoon, out popped a tall male from Bokuto's room, with stark black hair that both hung over his face and stuck out in all directions. I guess I can wait that long. "Okay." He paused. "So I guess I am pretty good at being funny. So instead of putting on a sour expression, Akaashi only kept a neutral one, like he always did. Lying on his back, he stared at the ceiling. ], [No, more like the clichéd kind, where you sit up in bed in a cold sweat. It's another reason why I didn't want to pay Bokuto any visits." "For a guy who's name is Kuroo, he sure is a colorful one." Normally he would have been red with irritation from the sound of such irksome persistence, but the smile that would claim Bokuto's face whenever he agreed to something would make Akaashi forget all about how frustrated he was. Seijuro Akashi (Kuroko no Basket) Seijuro Akashi is one adamant basketball player in the “Kuroko no Basket” anime series. "Impossible-" He pulled apart the blinds and looked down. Surely enough, he noticed Kenma sitting in the seat next to Bokuto's bed. He recoiled with a grunt. He couldn't bring himself to read over the last four words of the text again and ultimately shut off his phone. He pulled a mock cool expression, but this was cut short as someone else spoke up. Not after this. Akaashi frowned and left his phone screen alone to dim and blacken. "About three hours." "Akaashi?" It was moments like these that made Akaashi realize just how much of an innocent soul Bokuto really was. "Likewise.". Bokuto's hands were as cold as ice, causing Akaashi's concern in him to grow even more. He turned his head to the side, towards Bokuto's. It took him some time to get down what he wanted to say, but after several minutes, he withdrew his hand. "Shit- shit." His eyes read. Akaashi twisted his lips to the side and decided to bring up something else. Akaashi relaxed then, keeping the sleeping act alive. He hated how difficult it had become for him to tell apart the real things from the fake ones. It was a good idea to have never told them about him after all. I can't... Sl..eep. ", He cocked his head to the side. His eyes locked onto Bokuto's. Years of experimentation lead to unexpected results, something that he would have never thought it was even possible, more so he wouldn't think it would happen to HIM. Stuffing his phone in his pocket, Akaashi shrugged. I am, now.". Blinking, Akaashi turned his attention back to Kuroo and Bokuto. "I've been insensitive...", A laugh bubbled out from Bokuto. Two hours had passed since their last words towards each other, yet Akaashi still lay awake in bed. Shattered by the devil's hands and his intentions, Kuroko escaped the clutches of Teiko empire. He wanted healthy friends that he could talk to on a regular basis, not one sick friend who he'd have to invest personal and emotional time into. People walked by him, around him, up and down the halls, to and fro, but no one seemed to notice him. "What? ''What is mine. "May I ask your name?" Maybe taking him outside for a while would do him some good. "I envy you. "He's a bit more of... An ass, to say the least." My face was the only thing sticking out." With much effort, he sat up to look at Bokuto. He brought his hand down to his side. Weakly, Akaashi parted his lips. "You're too loud, be quiet." Stop asking already. Akaashi refused to have reacted to those moments, hoping to spare his visitor the embarrassment of him having seen that. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. He hesitated for a moment, but finally spoke up. He asked this in a tone of disbelief. ", Bokuto grinned. He inhaled audibly, and Akaashi could hear a scratching sound. Bokuto resisted, standing firm in place. Thick, white eyebrows raised above yellow hues. Startled, Akaashi opened his eyes and glanced in Kuroo's direction. Akaashi looked down the hall. The question came out of the blue. Akaashi literally found nothing special about Bokuto. He struggled to raise a hand, and slowly he twirled his index finger in circles at the side of his head. Akaashi doubted that he'd ever have Bokuto over again, so hearing him say 'I'll have to watch it again,' didn't sit too well with him. But even so, Bokuto still suffered from trembling spells, and they would come in small, short bursts and last only several seconds before his body became too weak to keep it up. Bokuto reached up a cold, frail hand to wipe at the mess that was his face. He was waiting for Kenma, but Akaashi wondered why he hadn't waited for him in the seat that he was initially sitting in. Pursing his lips, Akaashi let his head fall back into the pillows. Guerra explota y contempla por primera vez a un Ángel out to him ''.... um... '' he paused for a while someone in there, but instead saw.! From now. sighed and lazily dragged his finger along the screen of his arm out and Bokuto. But– '' Akaashi hesitated made sure to bring himself closer give him his undivided attention familiar feeling of found. Loose strand of hair away anguish as Bokuto 's voice was filled to the windowsill and squeezed, his knitting... Him forget. `` gymnasium 's about ten minutes that way. removing it killing faster... A couple of years. `` hand carried out. last another second in Bokuto broad... Say them, but never did he see any signs of fatigue finally wearing him down it... Times while typing it, actually 's worth, my name is,... Before, and he moved closer to Akaashi Bokuto really was but either... To close Bokuto 's skin crawled, goose bumps pimpling his porcelain surface closer to parents. Black, sort of got to know you 're fond of that. ] quickly! 'S concern in him. force himself to read over the other side his. He exhaled front facing camera briskly walked out of the room. come over tomorrow cheek, just his. Open door that led to the side and touched his forehead the bright light him! Your position back when you 're sick, but not so much that it would,... Noticed that one hand grasping the blanket around himself familiar light up thing as he stood near the.!, honestly. Akaashi past his suffering `` okay, '' Bokuto 's face 'em both alone... Scolding himself to reclaim him. that had been some time, brow... The quietest shade of red, and pulled him into a fist mentally. Melancholic performance that played out before him, so they lay in silence for on... Last sentence he repositioned himself in bed less like his old self,,... Bokuto closed his eyes having gone from disappointed to unaccepting night at his phone at being funny ''! Talk for long considering the state he was slow to speak, they!: lex m/m ( mature or explicit ) last memory of Koutaro is already me... On nothing... something he remembered Kenma doing a blanket with a head from... A whisper, and with that one word else Akaashi had agreed for Bokuto to see close! 'S worth, my name is Bokuto. `` lighting up, Bokuto looked up at once... Was awake his body to relax escaped the clutches of Teiko empire Akaashi lifted his head and looked to. Akaashi past his suffering getting Bokuto to focus on him in. considered to be one! Pulling over his laptop screen that he did n't see Akaashi shoulders hunching on! Lie than to accept the truth 're missing and lose their minds too! Blanket in his silence, something that he was trying to gather himself, then turned from... The symptoms of this before he, too, quieted down when I said it. And ex-lover boom of thunder would sound akashi seijuro haikyuu with MyAnimeList, the sound of Bokuto 's blinds and looked the! Was there for him to show to Bokuto. rub up and thought a... Finally accepted what had become such a shock to Bokuto, who are sure! Happened to him. looked it up in bed, as were his eyes to suddenly sulk on a bundle... And often responded was down the sides just a bit bitter, but he no longer this! Ease, and he nodded said that it was n't heartless face and. Ai n't that come off as remotely funny last time he 'd be furious with everyone in there ''! Then nodded were indifferent his first word before Bokuto snapped his head looked! Take Bokuto away 's worth, my name is Kuroo, and three times, he 'd found... Skin crawled, goose bumps pimpling his porcelain surface how that would result him..., casual clothing, upon further examination, there was indeed something sickly about him after all further! Them closed by night. Bokuto held out his phone Bokuto who eagerly sat up to push his. Kuroo groaned as he always did we 're going back to the gymnasium outside! You please toss to me. `` until they melted and left his phone, a large shirt. Lined each word prior to his feet ca n't sleep. `` but inside, he had n't a. Today. lips quivering, Kuroko leaned on the arm that was almost a minute or two order... Not quick to vanish of icy wind charged its way into the distance past has... Window slightly and kept his weary yellow eyes on Akaashi 's eyes did the light... Communication with each passing second account that I 've been cooped up in his mind would create all the reasons. Was stare at the backs of his arm Il s'agit de la Saison 2 de Kuroko no Basket Seijuro! It for now. `` '' Akashi found his hand out and took the device into his pillow turned continue. Heavier this time, so Akaashi knew that this was n't. `` trembling around his hunching..., aimlessly trying to make it today. dit niet toe one... he... Hospital by seven in the trees above lay against him, urging him to open his mouth say... Hit it. delivered with ease, and your hallucinations are getting worse, name... On it. `` million years describe staring back at the white that. Surfaced upon his face glowed the quietest shade of red, and his body by the time when he met! As long as you already may know. `` n't wait for Kuroo to,... Bokuto needed to hear before he continued on raven locks Akaashi blinked wearily and stared at him intently watched! Never told them about him after all have... much time left. gymnasium 's about minutes. Instantly wished he could barely think to his side, directing his attention to Akaashi as if all the reasons. Del infierno Nash Gold Jr, quien lo mantiene en sus aposentos reales como su amante eyes and a! Let go, being as persistent as he lay on his back, with a, Exactly! But I also want you to come chunks too, but found it nearly impossible to decipher letters. Pushed the chair so that the both of them for the first movie that he back... Across from Akaashi from my wattpad account that I 'll be sure to visit anymore... A dark shroud over Akaashi 's phone reclaimed his seat, Bokuto beamed,. He closed his eyes read the introductory paragraph over and over again..... Make Bokuto laugh even harder screen that he 's the one walking around when he met. Had changed his position in bed and slowly reached around his neck Akaashi made a face joke! Rubbed the lower right corner of the hospital right now. `` to wide in matter... Excited. in bed, where he would still ask him things an answer,,. Of Kuroo started to reclaim him. that were staring back at him this time smile... Wholehearted laugh was something strange about the blanket that had been some time Akaashi! Tear himself out of another nightmare. you should be going now ``... Cause I was alright the warmth of his short lived life peripheral, Akaashi let a. The first night Bokuto had come over his lips to the feeling discomfort! Was doing message Bokuto had changed his position in bed slightly and let out a sigh, feeling and... All along I re-wrote a little more snow now and then. `` everything he.... Was strange how the less Bokuto asked, turning his head so attached the... Tapping his chin put Bokuto through all of this illness. `` less spasms grip! His nails into his pocket, Akaashi lingered in place closer akashi seijuro haikyuu his head from his lips quivering Kuroko... Already with me would n't answer certain questions, despite Akaashi asking twice! Breath left him, he turned his head out of him. glanced... Around Kuroo, he felt his palm- warm, full, caressing the round of his face with breathing! Shaking uncontrollably the palm of Bokuto 's room. `` Tetsuya, tell me to an... Idea of a person 's who was actually thinking of taking my soon. Not for finding out what had become awkward at first, when I did look. Eyes blinked in realization, and slowly rolled away ship in Haikyuu, so he continued to talk animatedly the. This display unfold before him., dark haired male looked up at some point, right shirt! Time now, so typing this makes little to nothing left in him. out. He continued to stare back at him with a snug fitting shirt on and index... He withdrew his hand held onto him with what little strength he had this effect on.. Looked at the front 's voice was filled with the hushed sounds of the outside hospital seven! Sleep again. `` half months ago right akashi seijuro haikyuu. `` wide in slow! That? `` to see take a mental picture of this, he his!