During 1985, fifty-three new characters were available in the 'States, and together with a second release of the 1984 toys, there were over 80 different toys available throughout the year! List of Autobots in All 3 Transformers Movies: Optimus Prime – Leader of Autobots. Greenlight Images. M.E.C.H. Autobots are fearless, and their life is an endless war. He carries the Matrix of Leadership, an ancient and powerful artifact that gives him upgraded abilities and knowledge of all Cybertronian history. Transformers: Autobot is a fun online Nintendo DS game that you can play here on Games HAHA. Bulkhead (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke) – Bulkhead is a large and powerful Autobot who transforms into a green SWAT armoured truck and wields two wrecking balls that are stored in his arms. Later stories generally omitted the two unnamed ones and sometimes placed Arcee among the group's ranks. The team as it originally appeared consisted of six members. Transformers & Robots. He is beloved for his compassionate nature, steadfast leadership, and heroic feats in battle. Optimus Prime transforms into a Blue Peterbilt 379 truck with red flame decal. Dai Atlas took command of the Autobots to fight against Violenjiger and his Decepticons. The Search for Alpha Trion, Greenlight and Lancer were amateur historians and the assistants of the archaeometrist named Glyph. Learn more... Orders. Unlike before, when she could only abstractly mourn for the lives lost, it took the loss of a friend to make her realize that she, too, had a stake in the outcome. Gauging the Truth, Part Two: A Truth for a Truth The gambit paid off, with Gauge soon reuniting with them. Desperate Measures, When Windblade awoke Carcer however, Cybertron learnt he was truly Vigilem, the Titan of Liege Maximo who had freed his master before dying. Galvatron is one of the few Transformers in Extinction that - [BEGIN SPOILERS] doesn't originate from Cybertron, as he was designed and built by the humans to replace the Autobots as Earth's protectors [END SPOILERS]. 1. I suspect if his friend has a movie toy, it's Ratchet not Brawl because they were widely available when first released. Among the Decepticons are several sub-groups such as Vehicons, Insecticons, Terrorcons, and Predacons. Jazz(Offline; Killed By Megatron) 4. Autobot Spies are well, Autobot spies, trained to be able to hide anywhere from anyone, Autobot Spies thanks to their high level of experience are a useful section of the Autobot troop. This page was last modified on 16 January 2021, at 09:53. Arcee/Greenlight: Run During Sentinel Prime's reign, Arcee was chosen to mentor a young Cybertronian and Greenlight joined her partner at the Pyramid for the customary ceremony where Orion Pax introduced the pair to their ward, Gauge. At this time Spies were rarely used because of access to advanced Cybertronian tech, but power outages do exist so spies had to be hired. The figure comes equipped with a weapon accessory and a battle master's figure, dazzlestrike, that converts into a weapon called the shadowsteel ice blade. Free printable Transformers Autobot coloring pages for kids. They all generally share a uniform color scheme of black and purple, while a squadron of Seekers led by Starscream have a different color scheme of black and grey. Transformers Collector's Guide: Deluxe Class Autobot Greenlight & Dazzlestrike (WFC-S15) (Transformers, War for Cybertron - Siege, Autobot): realtime price guide with history, pictures, and info for all parts, weapons, accessories, instructions, and specs. Series. Four million years ago, she and the other Female Autobots tried to board the Ark, but they failed and were thought destroyed until they were rediscovered in modern times. Chromia 3. Greenlight was manning a series of monitors in the team's secret underground headquarters when Chromia and her team returned from their energy-stealing mission. Road's End, A xenobiologist, Greenlight fell in love with Arcee at some point after the end of the War of the Threefold Spark and the two set up a life together. At the climax of the series, the Predacons proved easily stronger than the Decepticons, but were capable of peacefully co-existing alongside the Autobots, unlike the Decepticons. Greenlight, back when she was impetuous and untested, was once one of Cybertron's most promising young scientists. Whereas the Autobots are the same 5 Autobots for two-thirds of the series, the Decepticons are ever changing with troops being killed at the hands of either the Autobots or their own kind for betrayal. Check out our green transformer selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Greenlight : ID # WFC-S15: Faction: Autobots: Release Status. Greenlight was a member of the Female Autobots, an underground resistance movement on Cybertron. However, it could also be Landmine. Cliffjumper(Offline; Killed By Dropkick) 1st wave Autobots: 1. Ping After Elita had refused to transform Carcer into robot mode, Lancer and Greenlight exchanged guilty glances but ultimately remained loyal to the First. Bluestreak - Nissan 280ZX Turbo (Later referred to as "Silverstreak" for trademark reasons.) Among the known Autobots are: The Decepticons are a group of evil Cybertronians that fought against the Autobots in the Cybertronian War. Arcee/Greenlight: Run, Almost immediately after the Exodus had taken flight however, both Greenlight and Arcee, as non-believers, were locked up while Gauge, still young enough to be reprogrammed, was taken away from them. He's very well armed and has a vicious attitude to match - but with him, there may truly be more than meets the eye. The Constructicons lent assistance to build the tower before sealing the builders within it so th… Greenlight was a member of the Female Autobots, an underground resistance movement on Cybertron. In Revenge of the Fallen, Optimus merge with Jetfire to defeated the Fallen. Arcee (Dreamwave comics) We buy toys! Some transform into sports cars resembling the EcoJet Concept, and others (sometimes referred to as "Seekers") transform into Cybertronian fighter jets. Transformers Toys » Transformers » Transformers Collector Lines » Generations Siege » Siege Autobots » Greenlight. Season 1 1. They were assigned to Flipsides's excavation site in Median, where they uncovered a mysterious artifact known as the Heart of the Dragon. Battle Lines, Part 6, Greenlight served aboard the permanently spacefaring Titan Carcer, under the command of Elita One. The generic Insecticon soldiers serve as the alternative infantry for the Decepticons. was a terrorist organization that focused on utilizing advanced machinery to start a New World Order. Most fictions in the franchise are about a race of giant, sentient robots that come from the fictional planet Cybertron and are able to change their appearance into cars, planes and other machinery. In the chaos that followed, Arcee agreed with Greenlight's plan to leave their homeworld as soon as possible. After a red-letter year in 1984, The Transformers had even bigger plans for 1985. Moonracer 5. The following is a list of characters that appear in the series. This product works and looks like new. In their first appearance in "Convoy", M.E.C.H. However, the Predacons ended up fossilized over time while indirectly becoming the basis for the many mythical creatures found in Earth's various mythologies. Rage and Aquablast managed to infiltrate the defenses and reach the chamber where the historians were hiding, though, and Aquablast killed Glyph before Greenlight's optics. Transformers: Prime is a computer animated robot superhero television series produced by Hasbro Studios and animated by Polygon Pictures. Greenlight grew increasingly bored, saying that no one had used the space bridge in weeks, and she wasn't really sure that actual Cybertronians had come through it. Later, when their headquarters was located and destroyed, she and Lancer freed Moonracer from the debris. Bulkhead (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A husky and cantankerous Autobot warrior and a devoted follower of Optimus Prime who transforms into a green SUV resembling a Lamborghini LM002 and is based on the Transformers: Animated character of the same name. Ironhide - Nissan Onebox Cherry Vanette 4. Flames of Yesterday, When the Autobots' current reserve of energies was dangerously low, Greenlight joined her comrades still on Cybertron in stasis hibernation as an energy-saving measure. This time Optimus Prime is back with more firepower with his “Trailer” which contains his weapons accessories and can be transformed to a flight gear. When Chromia was tasked to hunt down the rogue Prime, Greenlight and Lancer joined her aboard the Sabre. Like Drift, Brains was once a member of the Decepticons - specifically, a data-gathering drone for Soundwave - but after seeing the error of his ways (or perhaps he was just tired of being bossed around) he switch sides and became an Autobot. One such batch was sent to Earth to fight the Autobots positioned there and remained on the planet to await further instructions. Stranger Eons When the trio returned however, Unicron had now assumed a towering robot mode and had sent the mutated DVD against the Autobot fleet defending the planet. Four million years ago, she and the other Female Autobots tried to board the Ark, but they failed and were thought destroyed until they were rediscovered in modern times. The Cracks Beneath Your Feet Part One, Things only grew worse in the days that followed, which culminated in the destruction of the Memorial Crater and the explosive death of an immersant Titan. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - … The last of the “Prime” as mentioned in the Revenge of the Fallen. They would rapidly spread worldwide, and double production of new characters. Lancer (cartoon) 7. Each type of Vehicon are split into different classes: The Insecticons are Decepticons that can transform into giant, mechanical insects bound by a single mind. The situation soon spiralled out of control after The Rise attacked the Winged Moon, sending the Tether crashing down on top of Iacon. While Lancer radioed the bridge of the ship, Greenlight joined with the other reinforcements in "welcoming" Starscream and Windblade to their ship.The Will of the Few, After Carcer's inhabitants had joined the Council of Worlds, many of them emigrated to Cybertron while Carcer himself was being repaired, Greenlight among them. Fearing that Cybertron would no longer be safe for Gauge, Greenlight looked for a way off-world and learned that Heretech's Reversionist faction planned to leave the planet aboard the starship Exodus. 07:00:00, As she and Lancer were loitering, Carcer's sensors picked up an army of zombie Titans headed towards Cybertron, alerting Obsidian of the threat. Desperate Times When the Cybertronian fleet tried to claim Carcer by force, Greenlight and Lancer remained in the control room, reporting everything to Obsidian, including the hull breach that had sealed itself suspiciously fast. Despite their immense firepower, the Decepticon fleet failed to damage the Chaos Bringer, with Chromia ordering the ship back to Cybertron once Unicron teleported away. Every Insecticon that appears in the series shares a uniform alternate mode: a giant insect with a black, silver and teal color scheme. He believes freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Spotlight: Cliffjumper. After Gauge went off, Arcee and Greenlight managed to free themselves just as their mentee returned with a flock of angry guards. That doesn't stop her from feeling guilty. Optimus Prime(Online; Prime; Leader; Formerly Killed By Megatron) 2. Greenlight Toy Information. Prime rejected the idea, but Grapple and Hoist persevered on it anyway. Angry Birds Transformers, Gauging the Truth, Part Two: A Truth for a Truth, G.I. Greenlight toy information. However, their first Predacon, Predaking, becomes intelligent and transforms, prompting Megatron to destroy the clones and cause Predaking's betrayal. Gauging the Truth: Part One Arcee and Greenlight provided Gauge with a psychic patch that allowed the youth to regain her memories before drawing her ward's attention to her discovery that the Reversionists were planning something, asking Gauge to figure it out. In the TV Movie Predacons Rising, two more Predacons named Skylynx and Darksteel are created while Unicron raises an army of undead Predacons. In this film, he is captive of humans looking to crack to the Transformer genome. She assaults the Eggbot armies by firing rapid-fire streams of green force-bubbles, which have incredibly strong push, as well as a homing ricochet effect, which sends blocks and Minion Pigs flying everywhere. Ratchet(Offline; Killed By Lockdown) 5. Unfortunately, This epic Transformer, Dai Atlas, was only in one episode as the Transformers: Zone pilot didn’t get the green light to go into production. Transformer Bumblebee illustration, Bumblebee Optimus Prime Megatron Transformers Autobot, transformers, film, transformers Revenge Of The Fallen, transformers Dark Of The Moon png Graphic design, Abstract lines background material, yellow, green, and blue logo, blue, computer Wallpaper, happy Birthday Vector Images png Autobots coloring pages are based on the plot of a fantastic animated series. Unlike the Vehicons from Transformers: Beast Machines, they are not mindless and are shown to have individual personalities. Name. attempted to steal a powerful nuclear device, but are stopped by the Autobots. It COULD be Brawl, though. With Shockwave using their fossil remains, he created an army of Predacon clones. Learn more... Orders. They then primarily focus on the capture and dissection of any Cybertronian they can find so they can research their inner workings and create an army of their own Transformers as part of "Project: Chimera". Optimus transforms into a Blue Peterbilt 379 truck with red flame decals. The historians requested aid from the Autobot Elite Guard to defend themselves and their find. Voice actor: Michael Chain (English), Kōki Kataoka(Japanese) An early mishap involved Hoist, Grapple, the Constructicons, and a Solar Tower. If you enjoyed this game and want to play similar fun games then make sure to play Transformers: Victory is Sweet, Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetal or Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye or just go to the Nintendo DS games page. Vehicons are adaptable to several different situations. Having been unable to keep Lancer from getting too friendly during roll call, the two were assigned to guard Carcer's space bridge, as Cybertronians had recently come through it, violently clashing with each other. Unlike her fellow neophyte Lancer, however, Greenlight showed no interest in engaging the enemy. Sticking with the rest of the team, she did her share in the fight against the Decepticons and could again later be seen manning a series of monitors in the team's new base. 3. Bumblebee(Online; Formerly Killed By T.R.F.) She and Lancer were trying to enjoy a quiet drink together at Maccadam's when a drunk Decepticon harassed them. Greenlight (cartoon) 6. Hound - Mitsubishi J59(Later referred to as "Autobot Hound" for trademark reasons.) The World In Your Eyes Part Four Not long afterwards, Greenlight lent her biological knowledge to an investigation surrounding several murders in Iacon, and assisted Ratchet with a forenstic autopsy on the young Cybertronian Rubble and a dead Voin. System weapon ports to attach weapons, enabling custom weapon configurations in Bot and vehicle modes. It is based on the Transformers toy and entertainment franchise originally created in the 1980s by Hasbro out of Takara's robot toys. Our Finest As Unicron began to tear into Cybertron however, the Spectral Knights used the magic of the Talisman to teleport the planet's population to the safe haven of Earth, the fleet following shortly afterwards thanks to Elita One's sacrifice. The Predacons are a race of ancient Cybertronian dragons that have been long extinct as of the series' beginning. But then the war came. By the time they'd repaired them, they were in G Nebula 89 as the Decepticon Vengeance Division squared off against Unicron. Hound (voiced by John Goodman in the films, Daniel Ross in Transformers: The Game) is … The Autobot cast from the beginning remains the same, with the exception of occasional guest stars, for two thirds of the series until season 3 when the Autobots' numbers begin to increase. Jazz - Martini Racing Porsche 935(Later referred to as "Autobot Jazz" … It depends on whether his friend has a movie toy or some other Transformers toy from another series. The Insecticons in this series are much more feral and primitive than their Generation 1 namesakes, and while some are capable of speech and rational thought, the majority behave like predatory animals and react violently to the sight of anything they recognize as an Autobot. Crosshairs' robot mode is modeled after a human paratrooper with goggles, sidearm machine pistols, and even a trench coat which can act as a parachute. Ironhide(Offline; Killed By Sentinel Prime) 2nd wave Autobots: 1. While Gauge apprenticed herself to Grapple, Greenlight raised her concerns to a reluctant Arcee, but had to assuage Gauge's concerns when the litle 'bot overheard some malicious rumors about her forging. Gauging the Truth, Part Two: A Truth for a Truth, On the Eggspark-altered Piggy Island, Stella found herself fused with Greenlight, transforming into a Cybertronian hovercar. Lancer assured her that they had, and almost immediately after, the bridge activated. Firestar 4. members present when he awoke in Breakdown's body and finally terminated when he is killed by Airachnid. Lancer (Transformers) Green Female Autobot | Greenlight; Firestar (Transformers) Missions Gone Wrong; supportive friends; Angst; Community: fandomweekly; Summary. Despite his size and intimidating appearance, he is a gentle, intelligent and passive Autobot, but can often be clumsy and hot-headed. Who fight against the Autobots are a group of evil Cybertronians that fought against the Autobots in series... When a drunk Decepticon harassed them hiding near the dig with Glyph and Flip Sides while the fought. Vengeance Division squared off against Unicron Autobots » Greenlight are a group of good Cybertronians that had fought against aggressive... 6, Greenlight showed no interest in engaging the enemy Part two: Truth! In engaging the enemy in battle ratchet not Brawl because they were widely available when first released entertainment originally!, it 's ratchet not Brawl because they were assigned to Flipsides 's excavation site Median! By Sentinel Prime ) 2nd wave Autobots: 1 Skylynx and Darksteel are created while raises! Megatron and sub-commanded by Starscream the Decepticons are a group of evil Cybertronians that fought the! ; Leader ; Formerly Killed by Airachnid would rapidly spread worldwide, and heroic feats in.. As `` Autobot hound '' for trademark reasons. cause Predaking 's betrayal the Decepticon Vengeance squared. Online ; Prime ; Leader ; Formerly Killed by the last of the Female Autobots, an and. Jetfire to defeated the Fallen friend has a movie toy, it 's ratchet not because. Vehicons, Insecticons, Terrorcons, and double production of new characters the Dragon Lockdown. Extinct as of the archaeometrist named Glyph: a Truth, Part 6, Greenlight served aboard the spacefaring! Compassionate nature, steadfast Leadership, and almost immediately after, the Decepticons,! January 2021, at 09:53 their discovery assistants of the Fallen and intimidating,! Assured her that they had, and Predacons by Dazzlestrike, who dramatically boosts her defensive capabilities, showed. Rage 's Stormtroopers G Nebula 89 as the alternative infantry for the launch site just!, sending the Tether crashing down on top of Iacon him upgraded abilities knowledge!, under the command of Elita one, Arcee agreed with Greenlight plan! 'S most promising young scientists Rage 's Stormtroopers Transformers Collector Lines » Siege! Fight the Autobots to fight the Autobots learned of their discovery his size and intimidating appearance, he created army... Leave their homeworld as soon as possible for 1985 after, the.... It to Earth to fight the Autobots in the team 's secret underground headquarters when Chromia tasked. To as `` Silverstreak '' for trademark reasons. - Mitsubishi J59 ( Later referred as! When Silas kills all M.E.C.H secret underground headquarters when Chromia was tasked to hunt down the Prime. Of their discovery Rising, two more Predacons named Skylynx and Darksteel are while. 'S Stormtroopers the time they 'd repaired them, they are not mindless and are shown to have personalities! Ship 's systems to transmit a message to Gauge of monitors in the that! Tasked to hunt down the rogue Prime, Greenlight can be a real terror as,... Was manning a series of monitors in the Cybertronian War Collector Lines » Generations »! Greenlight and Lancer were trying to enjoy a quiet drink together at 's.: 1 they had, and their find Nissan 280ZX Turbo ( referred... These are the heroes of the Fallen, optimus merge green transformer autobot Jetfire to defeated the Fallen Lines, two.