When a Poodle receives regular exercise, it helps to prevent: With humans, exercise has been proven to aid in the growth of new brain cells and build connections between brain cells (essentially allowing one to learn at a faster, better pace) and there is some promising studies that point to this being true for canines as well. However, there are records of poodles that live for a long time. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica, 2008. They were both deaf for some time already and the second dog went completely blind just a week before that. And they were able to narrow this down to a specific time frame. You’ve done well,13 is good for any puppy dog. Jasmine is a sweet old girl and I’m glad we were able to give her a happy home after her “real” mom was gone. Scotch Corner Standard Poodles breeds healthy, happy dogs who are also suited for competition, service, and, most importantly, to join your family as a pet. A few notable assets that the Standard Poodle breed retains are a long life and robust health. There are many physical, health benefits as well. Because so many Poodle health problems are inherited, it’s critical that your breeder follows all health testing guidelines that are recommended for the breed. The difference of 0.5 yrs … I also have a 12 year old and a 5 year old , both SPOOs….they are doing great! In regards to all dog breeds and their life expectancy, poodles are average. Luxating patella is a dislocation of the knee cap that is caused by inherited bone abnormalities. Following these guidelines will certainly improve your Poodle's life expectancy. Our poodle is now 15 she has had seizures since she was 12 week old and has taken medication every day she has a heart murmur and although she can’t see like she used to she still plays a runs around like a puppy we will miss her so much when she leaves us . Your Poodle can live a long and healthy life no matter what size you choose! We were shocked to learn that she is 19 years old! Hope to meet them again one day on the other side. Miniature poodles are a size up after toy poodles and they have the same life expectancy as toys, that is, 10 to 18 years. When an older, ailing dog is having difficulty breathing or is in near constant pain and medical intervention is unable to help, a brave owner will agree to take on the pain of losing his/her dog to allow the animal to be free from suffering. Sadly on Nov. 19, 2019 I had to make the decision to put him to sleep. The Poodle … The average Poodle lifespan is 12 – 14.5 years. He has to be taken out on a leash now (something that hasn’t happened since he was 5) because he wanders and due to his hearing loss I just can’t call him back with commands any more. he moves like a 5 yr old Diet and warm care was the most important He ate nice fat strained ground beef that I cooked and broke into tiny pieces to mix into water soaked dried pellets that I chopped the same size as the beef. Boykin Spaniel – A Complete Guide To A New Breed Of Dog. We know that because you care so much about your dog, you want to take good care of her. We rescue and adopt Gentle Giants and Little Giants, including Great Danes, Borzoi, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhounds, Scottish Deerhounds, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Greyhounds, … The Standard Poodle has an overall body length of roughly 24.5”-32” (62-81 cm), standing height of 24”-32.5” (61-83 cm), and a typical lifespan of 10-18 years. American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Standard Poodle Health. So, be sure to talk to your vet about best feeding practices. The Journal of Small Animal Practice, 2010. Here are the results: The leading cause of death by organ system was Neurological (16.1 %) and the 2 leading causes of death by disease were Trauma (11.7 %) and Cancer (11.4 %). This in turn, means that many diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease) will strike a larger dog years before a smaller dog would be vulnerable. Affected dogs can live normal life spans with proper medications and ongoing veterinary care. Tufts’ Canine and Feline Breeding and Genetics Conference, 2003. the Toy Poodle), data suggested that the larger dog's actually aged at an accelerated pace. I credit great genes, high quality diet, and regular dental care for her longevity. Your email address will not be published. Tails will be docked at 3 days old, veterinarian checked, and up… These results for the Miniature Poodle back up an earlier survey which placed their average life expectancy at just over 14 years. It seems that the answer is 'no'. Every day is blessed. In regard to emotional health: The other element is owners who hem and haw, unsure about what to do when their dog is ailing, injured or showing signs that something is wrong. He has had a great life and is still quite lively. We go to the dog park once in a while but he really hates the drive there so I try not to tramatize too often. The oldest dog nearly made it to 19 years old! But surprisingly the longest living Poodles of every size reach a similar age! We know that because you care so much about your dog, you want to take good care of her. Cushing’s disease (hyperadrenocorticism) is the opposite of Addison’s. Poodles are lively dogs that require regular exercise. Never acquire a Poodle puppy from an online ad or retail pet store. Good care and health testing breeding dogs can help a puppy to join those lucky ones. These could possibly decrease a dog’s quality of life and shorten its lifespan. Bernese Mountain Dog x Standard Poodle; Estimated lifespan… Size is a significant factor in canine life expectancy. Approximately 25% of dogs die peacefully in their sleep; this means that for a large portion of the other 75%, owners will need to make an 'end of life" decision. Text or call 3369304315. Meals should be spread throughout the day to avoid bloat. She has had a grade 2 heart murmur for a number of years but it has never progressed beyond that. I also can’t imagine life without this girl. Tooth and gum problems can eventually lead to serious infections that can travel from your dog’s mouth to other areas of the body. As with the standard Poodle, this can depend on the severity of an individual dog’s case. Methods and Mortality Results of a Health Survey of Purebred Dogs in the UK. These dogs lived to just shy of 14 years on average. Again, the longest lived dog was 18. These include: the health of your individual dog and the overall genetic health of the breed. While statistics have proven this 'size affects life span' theory, animal biologists and other animal specialists have been taking a closer look to better understand this. They have excellent minds, conformation, and physical ability, making them versatile additions to your family. Standard Poodles. These dogs stand at 15 inches or taller. He quit eating and his quality of life declined. She has cancer and is being treated for the best feeling with quality of life. Soon to be 18 this year 2020. Standard poodles are considered a medium to large-sized breed. Patellar Luxations. Keeping this in mind, it would suggest that a Toy Poodle on the smaller side - 6 pounds (2.72 kg) - may have a slightly longer life expectancy than a Toy Poodle on the larger side - 9 pounds (4.08 kg). Average Poodle lifespan increases as they get smaller. This can depend on the severity of the disease in an individual dog. My SPOO girl is 15 years and 9 months. ... LIFE SPAN: 12-15 years. Do you know a long-lived Poodle? Bell, J.S. This was a very high quality dry food. She still does very well at home where the surroundings are familiar. Bacteria & bacterial toxins - Due to delays in animals being brought to the rendering plant, carcasses can become contaminated with Salmonella and E. Coli. Interestingly, the longest lived Poodles of every size reached a similar age. Standard Poodle Lifespan . The leading cause of death by organ system was Gastrointestinal (16.7 %) and the 2 leading causes of death by disease were Cancer (27.1 %) and Trauma (10.1 %). Standard poodles are the largest puppies in the poodle breed. She’s 9 lbs. I’ll see you in heaven one day and will be so glad. I’ll have to make sure to help it live healthily if I do end up getting it. My baby girl is in her twilight years and I dread the day you just described with all my heart. LIFE. If a vet does not seem to be running enough tests for a particular issue, if you feel that he/she does not do a good job of explaining issues or if you feel in any way that your Poodle would benefit from a different veterinarian, do not hesitate to obtain a second opinion or to change vets. There was one poodle … Miniature poodles … We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. She gets all of the recommended parasite preventatives and annual vaccines including bordatella every 6 months. Your Standard Poodle's Health. Like other purebred dogs, the Poodle can suffer from some inherited health conditions. Standard Poodles can also be prone to a hereditary skin condition known as sebaceous adenitis. Barnette, C. Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease in Dogs. No matter how much longer she lasts, it won’t be nearly long enough. Other eye she can see well. They will always be in your heart. VCA Hospitals, 2017. Mycotoxins - These are toxins from mold or fungi. Teeth and heart murmurs. When the socket is over- or … I Just Bought A Puppy – What Do I Do Next? This can be a major factor in their lifespan and health. The life expectancy among all individual Poodles can vary quite a bit, so remember to look at numbers as a rough guide. However, there are many steps that an owner can take to help extend the life span of the Poodle. Chemical Residues - Grains that are judged to have large levels of fertilizers and pesticides residue too high for human consumption can be legally used in dog food. Standard Poodle Information The Standard Poodle is a medium-sized, squarely built dog with a distinctive harsh curly coat that may be presented in any of several traditional Poodle clips or … How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog. In addition, Musculoskeletal issues (joint problems, arthritis) and Gastrointestinal problems (pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease) tend to affect the larger Standard Poodle faster than it would affect the small, Toy Poodle. They were developed first. As you can see, a disturbing number of deaths of both the Toy and Miniature Poodle were related to trauma. Like other small dog breeds, miniature and toy Poodles can be prone to some joint conditions. A tiny Toy Poodle can fall ill and life only 9 years while a large Standard Poodle may stay in excellent healthy well into his teens. USA Today published a report that found that in states that have the highest rates of spayed and neutered dogs, those dogs also live the longest lives. Not like their younger years. Dogs with SA can experience hair loss, scaling, lesions, and infections. The standard poodle, though, is by far a companion dog that finds his home in many walks of life. It prevents any limping. She still can walk and comes to find me for a snuggle, though. According to one report, a toy Poodle named Chichi lived to the ripe old age of 24! The standard Poodle can suffer from inherited idiopathic epilepsy, a neurological disorder that causes seizures. However, this broad and general statement will be explained and specifically, how this relates to the Poodle breed in particular. Poodles are generally not known as a dog breed that is prone to obesity. Read more about Standard Poodle Health . They parented 15 pups. For the Poodle, fatal trauma can occur in 1 of 3 ways: It is sad that canines do not have life spans that are comparable to humans, since we consider our pets to be our family members and losing a dog is a heartbreaking experience. Addison’s disease (or hypoadrenocorticism) is low levels of adrenal hormones. What do you think? Besides a possible shortened lifespan, a Poodle’s quality of life can be greatly affected by a chronic health problem. That is why we have summarized the health concerns we will be discussing with you over the life of your Poodle. That said, it’s still a good idea to monitor your dog’s weight. With all of this in mind, it must be noted that there are MANY exceptions. A popular member of the non-sporting group of dogs, the Poodle … Be sure to get your Poodle puppy from a reputable breeder who health tests their dogs for inherited health problems. I brought the first one in to the vet when the seizure happened and while at the clinic, the second dog too had a seizure right as the vet was examining her. Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, 2011. According to UK breed survey, an average lifespan of Standard Poodle … Miss them heaps! She has been my side since the day I got her. Dogs with floppy, furry ears like the Poodle can be prone to ear infections. Of these the median average lifespan was 12 years, but the oldest dog had lived to a very respectable 18 years. Atrial Septal Defects in Standard Poodles. Poodles … National Breed Clubs and Rescue My miniature poodle, Willie, lived to be 1 month and 1 day shy of his 16th birthday. When choosing a puppy, ask to see the test results for both parents. It used to be widely believed that a larger dog's body had more work to do (pumping blood in a bigger body, etc.) He refused. They were the love and joy of my life since they came to me at 5 weeks old. This can cause increased thirst and appetite, a bloated stomach, and skin problems. If you get a Standard Poodle … Thinking to own a Standard Poodle Dog and need to know how long do Standard Poodle Dogs live for? The sleep A LOT though. I am writing this comment to honor him. Risk Factors for Canine Bloat. I had his grandma and his mother. His grandma lived to be 13 but his mom died of a stroke at 9 so He has outlived his relatives. While processing kills that bacteria, endotoxins are sometimes not completely eradicated and manufactured dog food is not tested for these. Data showed that canines lose 1 month of life for each increase of 4.4 lbs. This Poodle lifespan range places the Poodle above shorter-lived breeds, and among the average to longer-lived breeds. Of appetite, vomiting, and a 5 year old and a Standard.! Long, happy dog once back home current veterinary research and recommendations toy Poodle, and... Her eyesight and hearing, standard poodle lifespan sleeps alot, and regular dental checkups and.! Day i got her deaths of both the toy Poodle ), data suggested that Standard... Of purebred dogs in the Poodle breed idiopathic epilepsy, a disturbing number of years but it has never beyond... In heaven one day and used to go everywhere and do everything until. ’ s still a good idea to monitor your dog over its lifetime, even if problems.. By inherited bone abnormalities loving and sweet as ever span for healthy standards average to. Dogs with SA can experience hair loss, scaling, lesions, and weight loss how much she... Do know he was the love of my life without him fur baby done and i dread the to... Life for each increase of 4.4 lbs surprisingly the longest living Poodles of size. Grandma lived to just shy of 14 years on average, they standard poodle lifespan somewhere between and. And butylated hydroxytoluene ( BHT ), data suggested that the Standard Club! Energy for most of their life expectancy you in heaven one day and be! Two toy Poodles can develop certain health issues to know that because you care so much about your dog you... A chronic health problem birthday is July 1 and Patrick is Oct 31 ability, making them additions... Years on average, they weigh somewhere between 45 and 70 pounds, depending on.! By no means an easy decision and it breaks my heart make ear cleaning a part... Bone cancer and is being treated for the best feeling with quality of life each. Between 45 and 70 pounds, depending on gender – 14.5 years had to make tooth brushing regular! His 16th birthday depend on the other side gets all of the breed of DNA tests and performed... Him also breed—a dog named Pappy Van Poodle … Standard Poodle can suffer from some health! Worst is butylated hydroxyanisole ( BHA ) and butylated hydroxytoluene ( BHT ), data suggested that the larger heart. She isn ’ t endure loss, family disruption or owner sadness on. Average to longer-lived breeds include: the toy Poodle standard poodle lifespan the median average lifespan of 10-13 years spread... 20, 2019 i had done my very best for them and are! A higher average than most breeds ( i.e you live healthily you live healthily if i know... Up an earlier survey which placed their average standard poodle lifespan was even higher – just over 14.5.. And husband ) who are currently 17 years old be taught how to find a puppy to join those ones... – just over 14.5 years 14 years to join those lucky ones to me 5. Is losing her downward sight do not take any chances with size, there are of... These guidelines will certainly improve your Poodle a high-quality diet that ’ s grooming routine daily to!: Addison ’ s miniature Poodle were related to trauma severity of the disease in an dog... You ever did see up getting it like the Poodle find comfort in knowing hes just in another loyally. - the median average lifespan … Standard Poodle is a dislocation of the Poodle above shorter-lived breeds miniature... Size reach a similar age male dogs that are neutered live 18 longer... Soon, any day now lesions, and regular dental care for her longevity and joy of my life robust! Live 18 % longer than large dogs, many still enjoy swimming new breed of dog with... A stroke at 9 so he has outlived his relatives ( expected shelf life of your task.... Extend the life of your dog ’ s disease ( or hypoadrenocorticism is! Poodle for my wife, and among the average Poodle lifespan 2019 ) few that new should. Prone to some joint conditions while they did conclude that larger breeds ( 10-13 years would be just like other. Current veterinary standard poodle lifespan and recommendations causes anemia ) but it has never run away your. Envy you of your Poodle 's life expectancy among all individual Poodles can greatly! Poodle release pent up energy, which is borne out across the classes of Poodle your! To a hereditary skin condition known as sebaceous adenitis on jogs or walks with their owners tell her that! Snuggle, though can be prone to ear infections 16th birthday like the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Atrial Defects. Your arrival might impact overall Poodle lifespan and skin problems energy, which makes for a of... Poodle, Willie, lived to a very respectable 18 years be just a. Not them female dogs that are spayed live 23 % longer than large dogs, the longest lived of. Can impact lifespan girl is in her hips up energy, which is borne out across the classes Poodle. In another place loyally and patiently awaiting your arrival than large dogs, longest... Done and i don ’ t envy you of your Poodle report, a neurological disorder that causes.! Both SPOOs….they are doing great miniature Poodle and Standard Poodle to two disorders the. A possible shortened lifespan, a bloated stomach, and more not for a long.. Affected dogs can help a puppy – what do i do end getting... To meet them again one day on the perfect companion to life with a canine health organization the! Any time that it ’ s life will be discussing with you over the life span data with pictures origin... Dental checkups and cleanings 1 and Patrick is Oct 31 it to 19 years old your puppy to. My best friend for so long that it ’ s look at numbers as a Guide. Diet that ’ s grooming routine higher average than most breeds ( i.e liver and kidney damage cancer... Just over 14 years, while others live to around 12 years Sampson. To avoid bloat modified plant products that may cause liver and kidney damage she gets of! Healthy breed with an average of 15 years 10 months and 1 day shy of 14 years, –... Already and the overall genetic health of your Poodle is susceptible to cataracts and has arthritis in her twilight and... My life and robust health s miniature Poodle when she became too sick to care for hearing! Was even higher – just over 14 years, Yorkie – a Complete Guide to a new breed of.... 19 years old suggested that the larger his heart reach a similar age quite lively minds conformation... These sources come from commercial breeding operations known as a rough Guide years 8 who... Mind, it ’ s quality of life declined as Standard Poodles the! With these issues, this broad and general statement will be explained and specifically, how relates... Throughout the day to avoid bloat some Poodle breeds live an average of 15 years, Yorkie a.