I highly recommend you take your time to build it, you'll enjoy it a ton more. can u please guide me about this ...HERE IS MY ARDUINO CODE: // initialize both serial ports:#define dirPin1 A1//55#define stepPin1 A0//A054#define enPin1 38 // X axis driver enable pin#define laser 11 //laser Vcc pin#define laser_ground 21 // ground pin of laser//y-axis#define dirPin2 48 // y-axis direction pin#define stepPin2 46 // y-axis pulse pin#define enPin2 A8 // y-axis driver enable pin//half step delay for blank pixels - multiply by 8 (<8ms)const unsigned int shortdelay = 936;//half step delay for burnt pixels - multiply by 8 (<18ms)const unsigned int longdelay = 2125; //Scale factor//Motor driver uses 200 steps per revolution//Ballscrew pitch is 5mm. I've a power problem: if i try the laser without the npn transistor and the connection to Arduino I get 160mA on the laser (tested with the laser test circuit). This translates to 50 pixels / one revolution of the motor, or 50 pixels / 5mm of linear motion. iStock Laser Engraver Laser Burning On Wood Stock Photo - Download Image Now Download this Laser Engraver Laser Burning On Wood photo now. Please be careful. The yesterday it was doing an engraving and the laser stopped being produced suddenly. Make your products unique by engraving images, names, or even logos into your materials. What does it means? The laser does not have Radiation, but when it works the temperature is getting up to 400 centigrade. Now you should have 2 LMM that run well and have their motors identified, these ones are going to be our new XY Axis! 200 steps/5mm, 1 step = 0.025mm//const int scalefactor = 4; //full stepconst int scalefactor = 8; //half step// Variables that will change:int counter = 0;int a = 0;int initialmode = 0;int lasermode = 0;long xpositioncount = 0;long ypositioncount = 0;void setup(){ // set the digital pin as output: pinMode(stepPin1, OUTPUT); pinMode(dirPin1, OUTPUT); pinMode(enPin1,OUTPUT); pinMode(laser, OUTPUT); pinMode(laser_ground,OUTPUT); digitalWrite(laser,LOW); // Turn off laser delay(10); // y outputs pinMode(stepPin2, OUTPUT); pinMode(dirPin2, OUTPUT); pinMode(enPin2,OUTPUT); pinMode(laser, OUTPUT); pinMode(laser_ground,OUTPUT); digitalWrite(enPin1,HIGH); //disable driver for X-axis digitalWrite(enPin2,HIGH); //disable driver for Y-axis digitalWrite(laser_ground,LOW); // Turn the Serial Protocol ON Serial.begin(9600);}void loop(){ byte byteRead; if (Serial.available()) { /* read the most recent byte */ byteRead = Serial.read();//You have to subtract '0' from the read Byte to convert from text to a number. So Serial.print()'s until Serial.println() is the entire command from Arduino. Probably the most useful thing I learnt is to make sure all the parts can work together effectively - if there is a weak component, it has the ability to limit the whole machine, due to dependencies between components. Thanks a lot for the support guys, really thank you! Just line up the silk mask with the holes drilled and do the same ironing+water again. You're going to need (at least) a cable for the power supply, and a cable for the USB. Rotation of the ballscrew shaft results in the linear motion of the base plate. which type laser must I use ?.. The Arduino uses the instruction file to make the machine engrave the image row by row. Remember how we found and identified the diode when we were taking the DVD drivers apart? Here's an example showing wood that's been engraved but not colored in: I strongly recommend if for this tests you can attach a marker of some kind to the machine instead of a laser, because its much more visible the flaws or deviations. ! First of all think of where do you want to put your mainboard if its on the base or in the "backpack", or somewhere else! #columbiamed #whitecoatceremony” (the image of course). a) Even at 50% or more power, the laser tube only produces a small flare at one end of the laser tube or just sparks. The thickness of the aluminium is about 2mm. 3. Hello dearwhere can I find the print layoutI already have all the partsso that I can also start the projector could you send it to my e-mailborisboef17@gmail.comeg thanks from the Netherlands, Hi Aoshido, if it is not possible to have the Eagle schematic I would be very happy to have for the mean time a printable of the layout so that I can make the PCB also without the Z axis, Thankyou very much Donatello xpxdonat@tiscalinet.it, Hi Aoshido very nice tutorial and I woul like to build it too I have just one question as I need to have also the Z access how do I add another easy driver to your expantion board without the schematic in eagle Thanks Donatello xpxdonat@tiscalinet.it, Question https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_safety#Classif... Now, as i said before, carriages vary a LOT so feel free to hack your way thru until you get the diode, but don't break the carriage cause that's where the plates are mounted! The original Nano has a standard USB chip that's recognized by Windows. The X-axis limit switches operate as expected with the Benbox software, but only if plugged into port 8 (not as per instructions). 40"X 40" / 60" X 60" sizes are also available. However, due to the laser diode's limited power, the machine has to slow down slightly when burning a pixel. There are also a few future updates that would make the machine better: - Install a stronger laser to speed up the machine - Add limit switches on both axes to protect the machine from crashing into itself (haven't had a crash yet, but it is inevitable without limit switches) - Refine the C sharp program, so that larger images don't take 15min+ to process into instruction files, Visit the Obrary Blog for some of my laser engraving tips, and other useful info:http://blog.obrary.com/tips-for-a-diy-laser. Now all that its left is to solder the components from smallest to largest so they don't move when we solder them. Hola Aoshido. But, I LOVE my K40! This looks fantastic. How much was the cost? Please make note of these observations and suggestions: 1. This is great, I got some good and nice burnings with nice finishes, but I´m getting son vertical lines, seems to be a problem with the g-code because those lines are made when the laser doesn’t turn off, its not a driver problem, do you have some mail or something similar to get help with this problem, I’m working with a 1w 445nm laser, for test. Once you find them mark them. This step is intended for sharing improvements made by Instructables readers.Handshaking - by "spiralout11235" The first improvement is from "spiralout11235" (clever username!) As a result, I chose to use a dedicated stepper driver for each motor. Hi. If it's not (it happens to us all), see how much of a difference you have, if its little (but beyond tolerance) add washers until falls within tolerance. Si mal no recuerdo puse todos los planos en el tutorial. ... Not sure why the updated hex file isn't installing the machine control settings I'll follow up with a photo of the software I have for my cnc . Reply Laser Engrave Metal: Being able to engrave metal was one of the main reasons, why I got a laser cutter. on Step 4. Let it cure. So while i was securing a piece of paper with some very strong magnets, i tried to remove a magnet and accidentally, removed my whole Y-plataform. It is a 5 ohm pot. and … French Provincial Dresser Re-purpose. The diode by itself cannot regulate current, and if connected directly to a supply, it will draw more and more current until it destroys itself. So, from the very beginning take a look at the Type and Purpose of the engraver. The kit below comes with a double-sided whetstone and a handy bamboo base to keep the stone steady for your steel alloy or chrome vanadium steel woodworking chisels. Business. You need focus the laser before first cutting. That's why a very simple compressed air supply system was created. Share it with us! Note: It is really important to correctly align the motor shaft and ballscrew. So i spent a lot of time watching if it was square or not, if it was leveled etc. Send a $32=1 command from the console pane. if (byteRead!='r'){ byteRead=byteRead-'0'; }//Move motors if(byteRead==1){//Move right FAST fastright(); } if(byteRead==2){//Move right SLOW slowright(); } if(byteRead==3){//Move left FAST fastleft(); } if(byteRead==4){//Move left SLOW slowleft(); } if(byteRead==5){//Move up FAST fastup(); } if(byteRead==6){//Move up SLOW slowup(); } if(byteRead==7){//Move down FAST fastdown(); } if(byteRead==8){//Move down SLOW slowdown(); } if(byteRead==9){ digitalWrite (laser, HIGH); } if(byteRead==0){ digitalWrite (laser, LOW); } if (byteRead=='r'){//reset position xresetposition(); yresetposition(); delay(1000); } }}void setinitialmode(){ if (initialmode == 0){ digitalWrite (dirPin1, LOW); digitalWrite (stepPin1, LOW); digitalWrite (dirPin2, LOW); digitalWrite (stepPin2, LOW); initialmode = 1; }}//************************************************************************************************************// Main Motor functions//************************************************************************************************************void fastright(){ digitalWrite(enPin1,LOW); for (a=0; a 0){ fastleft(); } if (xpositioncount < 0){ fastright(); } }}void yresetposition(){ while (ypositioncount!=0){ if (ypositioncount > 0){ fastdown(); } if (ypositioncount < 0){ fastup(); } }}AND HERE IS MY PROCESSING CODE SAME AS YOUR'S:import processing.serial. 9.Why are some white papers not carved? In focus on paper 1338×1308 268 KB. These posts are used for all major structural parts of the machine, and are actually aluminium fence posts (purchased at Bunnings, if anyone from Australia is reading). Clean the board with alcohol and don't touch it with your fingers. After a bit of searching it seems that Benbox Laser engraver is the standard software to use, but again no instructions other than looking on the forums to … Later i found out that i could've built a piece in a kinda of stretched X Shape in order to do this whole thing with just 2 pieces, the X one and the rectangular one. My first and foremost passion in life other than my designs, is my family. If Processing receives "2" it sends the next instruction block. The parts I used are: 16mm hardened chromed shaft , 500mm length (qty: 4) 16mm linear bearing - SC16LUU (qty:4) 16mm shaft support - SK16 (qty:8) The ballscrew nut's rotational orientation is locked using a piece of aluminium (this is how we spell it in Australia!) This site does not sell Laser engraver, but we can suggest some solutions for all budgets. I've put some pictures of how mine looks on the inside, feel free to use it as an inspiration or just replicate it! They were working fine using GRemote software prior to the upgrade. It can burn wood, plastic, paper, etc with no problem! This means that the pixel pitch is 0.1mm, or 254dpi. To check the steppers you need to put your tester/multimeter in the resistance setting (The one with the Ω [OHM]) and measure between 2 pins of the stepper. Hello I have an 80w chinese laser machine I am trying to engrave a drawing but its not doing it properly, on vertical lines it goes deep but doing letters its very weak and letters turn out much lighter I also tried to vector engrave a drawing in cut.. Laser Engraver Forum. Now what you see in pic 6 is the core of all this. 1,656 Likes, 63 Comments - Mitch Herbert (@mitchmherbert) on Instagram: “Excited to start this journey! with the laser not connected to anything just the 12 v power supply thru the board it will burn thru standard card board box in a few seconds. See if tracks touch each other now because if you found out when you plug it in and you see that foul smoke, its too late. 5. I started this project because I wanted to make something that had mechanical, electrical and software components. Please share your results and experiences in the comments, I would love to learn more about engrav… 2 years ago After i re-checked that they sat square to each other, i drilled a couple of holes on the fat base of the top one, that went straight thru the one in the bottom, and put a couple of screws there. Epilog Laser manufactures the world's leading laser engraving and cutting systems, proudly made in the USA. Once you find them solder the ribbon cable and leave the other end with bare wire for now. Through a process of computer commands known as Gcode, a laser cutter and engraver then moves the laser beam around your work material to generate the final result. This creates a unique look that most of our customers love. It’s not easy to find eco-friendly phone cases that fit LG phones, but thankfully, there’s a small company in Ukraine that makes some! The laser driver requires a supply voltage of at least 10V, with current of at least 1.25A. As you said, both the unit and the motor will be useless for this project.