This use of the word appears to predate its… [bef. The procedure involves placing a small camera called an arthroscope into the ankle joint which allows the surgeon to view the anatomy of the ankle on a television screen. Ankle arthroscopy is a valuable aid in the diagnosis and treatment of ankle joint problems. [1810 20; ANKLE + LET] * * * jewelry in jewelry, bracelet worn around the ankle. Let s ankle down to the off licence. Picture of Internal Organs. On 11 January 1966 a new TV show called 'Daktari' - which means 'doctor' in Swahili - aired for the first time in the US, with an episode called 'The Elephant Thieves'. It is the bone of the foot that joins the tibia and fibula to form the ankle joint. 2. an ornamental circlet worn around the ankle. During the season dressmakers, food vendors, henna painters, and traditional African massage therapists are in demand for both locals and tourists getting married. Learn how to say ankle in Albanian and a lot of other related words. Body is the container for the soul. ökkla or O.Fris. Free language games. The modern form seems to have been influenced by O.N. Human Body Parts List. (n.) ring for an ankle, 1810, from ANKLE (Cf. Here's how you say it. Learn how to say ankle in Swahili and a lot of other related words. Click here for: Swahili-English. The Swahili-speaking populations have formed a ‘middlemen mercantile ... and increasing numbers of young Omani of Manga origins show signs of ostentatious religiousness like full beards or ankle-length dishdasha. The muscles, tendons and ligaments are … Visit our website and master Albanian! The ankle joint is complex. Mwili ndicho chombo cha roho. see {anklets}. Among all ankle injuries, those to the lateral aspect, or outside of the foot/ankle, seem to be the most common. [English Word] up to the ankles [Swahili Word] kifundoni [Part of Speech] noun [Class] 17 [Derived Language] Swahili [Derived Word] kifundo However, this is a fairly recent development, as prior to the 1950s it implied a specific connection to East Africa and, in particular, the island of Zanzibar. Need to translate "twist ankle" to Swahili? Attempt to move ankle through ranges of movement up and down, in and out against a static resistance e.g. * * * talus 2) n American an attractive female or females. Human translations with examples: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory. Soma kuhusu miguu, miikono na masikio. A thawb or thobe (Arabic: ثَوْب ‎), also called a Qamīṣ (Arabic: قَمِيص ‎), is an ankle-length garment, usually with long sleeves, similar to a robe, kaftan or tunic.It is commonly worn in the Arabian Peninsula, southern Iraq, neighbouring Arab countries, the southern and south-western ports and Islands of Iran, and some countries in East and West Africa. The ankle bone is termed the talus. 1. head 2. arm 3. back 4. waist 5. buttocks/ backside 6. leg 7. face 8. chest anklet NOUN a chain or band worn round the ankle. [1913 Webster] 2. pl. 3. the slender part of the leg above the foot. Ankle sprain treatment. Swahili weddings are quite elaborate with ceremonies that can last several days for both men and women. Translation for 'ankle' in the free English-Dutch dictionary and many other Dutch translations. Ankle injuries can occur during running, jumping or even walking. Visit our website and master Swahili! ancleow ankle, from PIE root *ang /*ank to bend (see ANGLE (Cf. The cap is called a kuma and has its origins in East Africa. Plural tali. Ankle. Vocabulary increase. Parts of the Body. Easily find the right translation for Ankle-deep from English to Swahili submitted and enhanced by our users. Called a kofia in Swahili, this high-sided hat is decorated with embroidered eyelets (called tanjeem) and is standard fare today in Omani wardrobes. /ang keuhl/, n. 1. coffee table or opposite foot. It is made up of two joints: the true ankle joint and the subtalar joint: The true ankle joint is composed of 3 bones: the tibia which forms the medial (inside) portion of the ankle; the fibula which forms the lateral… Learn about legs, arms and ears The music for the series was by Shelly Manne. Kamusi = Dictionary English [British and American] - Swahili: Keep observing the blue band which appears! bracelet) /ang klit/, n. 1. a sock that reaches just above the ankle. ankle socks/boots (= that come up to your ankle) sprain - 2- Isometric exercises can be started early to activate the muscles that control the ankle. 1) vb to walk, stroll, saunter. (US) = ankle sock * * * [ æŋklit] n. 腳鐲, 短襪, 腳鐐 anke… 1000; ME ankel, enkel (c ankle), with diminutive suffix let, after BRACELET (Cf. 2. the corresponding joint in a quadruped or bird; hock. (in humans) the joint between the foot and the leg, in which movement occurs in two planes. [aŋ′kəl] n. [ME ancle, ancleou < OE ancleow (& ? An ornament or a fetter for the ankle; an ankle ring. Viungo vya mwili - Human Body Parts | Lesson Detail (Swahili - English). [English Word] ankle [English Plural] ankles [Swahili Word] fundo la mguu [Swahili Plural] mafundo [Part of Speech] noun [Class] 5/6 [English Word] ankle [English Plural] ankles [Swahili Word] kifundo cha mguu [Swahili Plural] vifundo vya miguu… of * ank , to bend > ANGLE1, ANGLE2, Gr ankōn, elbow, ankylos, crooked] 1. the … English terms dictionary. angle) (n.)). A raffish expres sion heard in the USA and occasionally in Britain since the 1980s. ank∙let noun 1. a piece of jewellery worn around the ankle • 脚镯;踝环 2. UK [ˈæŋk(ə)l] / US noun [countable] Word forms ankle : singular ankle plural ankles the part at the bottom of your leg where your foot joins your leg I fell and twisted my ankle. Übersetzung für 'ankle boots' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. M.H.G. How to say Ankle-deep in Swahili. Translation — her ankle is still not right — — to french — 1 Though ankle injuries can occur outside of sport, injuries happen most often when playing football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and soccer. (n.) O.E. Ornamental anklets have been worn for centuries,… This story was originally published in Chinese on the Stand News on January 21, 2021. Contextual translation of "ankle" into Swahili. 2015. ankle; anneal; Look at other dictionaries: Anklet — An klet, n. 1. ankel, which are immediately from the Proto Germanic form of the root (Cf. ON ǫkkla) < IE base * ang , limb, var.