However, Antilles called the squadron off, and it was revealed immediately afterwards that Dlarit had in fact been the spy inside Rogue Squadron, not Celchu. Biggs worried about Luke during the chaotic space battle above the Death Star -- the Rebel X-wings had to navigate turbolaser fire while battling TIE fighters sent to destroy them. Biggs. The Bothan admiral told him that the exotic fighter was called a coralskipper and was used by a mysterious alien race—the Yuuzhan Vong—who had recently invaded the Outer Rim and made use of biological technology. Even more chilling than the wretched state of the prisoners, however, was their news that Isard was alive and active. Darklighter began a strafing run against the massive ship shortly before it surrendered. Homeworld 1998 The Power of the Force. He knew that his cousin's reputation had been key to his acceptance, however, and was determined to work his very hardest and earn the position himself.[10][2]. They set out for the abandoned Xenovet facility but were ambushed by Interceptors on the way there. Ratobo repeatedly requested permission to withdraw from Solo, citing the untenable position of the fleet and the possibility that the Commenorians could have more stolen technology as well. When the Confederation finally mobilized for a major drive against the Core in 41 ABY, the Fourth was sent to Balmorra, where Hutt and Commenorian forces would attack. Most of scenes were cut but his story still appears in the novel. [9], Darklighter joined the New Republic Starfighter Corps, serving as Biggs had. The Rogues destroyed them as well. After the war, Darklighter transferred to Fleet Command, just as Antilles had some twenty years before. The Rogues fanned out through the system's asteroid field to track down the Iron Fist. After a report from former Jedi Tahiri Veila claiming that she and Boba Fett had killed Abeloth on Hagamoor 3, it became apparent that Abeloth was capable of controlling multiple forms thousands of light years distant, although the entity became vulnerable if one of her manifestations was destroyed. Physical description Darklighter offered his support in a transmission and relayed his anger and sense of betrayal over Fey'lya's actions. [6], The Rogue party accepted invitations to stay overnight at Huff's estate, and Darklighter's family traveled over from their farm to spend time with him. [6], When the Rogues moved to subvert Captain Sair Yonka of the Avarice, one of Isard's Star Destroyers, Darklighter was among those involved. [2][8] Darklighter was forced to partially rebuild the squadron after the retirement of so many pilots, and found the process of choosing the best candidates difficult. Even after having known her for some twenty years and holding the esteemed position of Rogue Leader, Darklighter could still feel like a nobody in the presence of Leia Organa Solo. The pace of the attacks picked up until they were nearly constant, keeping the Rogues on alert. Only Horn's Jedi senses kept them from opening their S-foils and thus triggering the sabotage. Darklighter vomited, but was able to accept the death, call for a clean team, and move on—a comfort with death that frightened him and made him wonder if he was losing his compassion. Rogue Squadron was assigned to the effort. An ancient Force entity known as Abeloth had taken control of Kem, and had allied herself with the Lost Tribe of Sith from the planet Kesh. With that, Antilles's preparations for victory were complete. Sei'lar assured him that he was merely maturing. Three months after the crisis had been resolved, Darklighter was aboard the Super Star Destroyer Megador in Coruscant orbit. Corrupter was in orbit and launching an assault. Darklighter, as a farewell salute and a parting gift to the Solos to thank them for fifty years of service to freedom in the galaxy, ordered a brigade of Void Jumpers to form an honor guard on the flight deck. With his parents' blessing, Darklighter entered the New Republic military and the piloting talents he had honed in his skyhopper at home landed him in the legendary Rogue Squadron, the successor to Biggs's unit. When the Solo Fleet planned an ambush of Zsinj and his recently stolen Super Star Destroyer Razor's Kiss, Darklighter and the Rogues flew against Zsinj's fighter escort, engaging in a grueling dogfight against fighters that included elements of Zsinj's skilled impostor 181st Imperial Fighter Group. [19], The New Republic had decided to make an example of Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel, an Imperial warlord who ruled the Ciutric Hegemony. Darklighter replied that, in his opinion, they were, and was caught off-guard by a swift slap from Kre'fey. The pair began dating and fell in love. As the battle grew, Rogue Squadron fought fiercely, but it was not enough to keep the galactic capital from falling. When a Yuuzhan Vong fleet came nine days into the occupation to contest the New Republic's hold, Darklighter launched from the surface, then took up a position near the moon to strike at any targets of opportunity. Darklighter pulled the Rogues away to check them out, and found a pirate fleet of uglies, badly damaged, waiting in the asteroids. When the StealthXs began putting targeting locks on the XJ3 X-wings trailing the craft and Organa Solo used a shipboard repulsor to push them away, Darklighter finally took to the comm personally. They battled furiously, but the odds were overwhelming. [8] Darklighter began recruiting pilots to replace the squadron's losses, screening them with the assistance of both former Rogue Leaders and Solo's Force senses. Zsinj ambushed them, however, and the Rogues destroyed a Carrack-class cruiser on the way out—through Zsinj's forces. The Rogues were supplemented by two squadrons of uglies and two companies of infantry. [2][1] By his mid-teens, Darklighter suffered a growth spurt, becoming a large and lanky youth who looked older than he was. Lusankya poured fire onto the ground in an orbital bombardment that utterly destroyed the Vong soldiery. His flesh had turned to jelly, but he was still breathing when Darklighter found him and died before the young man's eyes. If Shai won, he would get back the bones of his ancestors, which Horn had recovered in the course of another mission. [35], Horn eventually transferred out of Rogue Squadron and command returned to Darklighter. The Rogue Squadron crest, created by Gavin Darklighter. Antilles pointed out that Fey'lya would not order any action so long as the Vong were maintaining a relative truce. Gavin was a poor farmboy from Tatooine. Gavin Darklighter was one of the only Tatooine farmboys to ever become a huge hero to the whole Galaxy. The Rogues pursued it and Darklighter ordered its boarding. [1][2][11] Darklighter also became less inclined to let his anger get the better of him; when Karka Kre'fey challenged him to a duel, he declined, confident in his own self-worth. - Star Wars: The Silver Screen Edition v1.6 - Used as the main source for the film - Star Wars: A New Hope Blu-Ray - The Biggs hanger scene was taken from the BR, regraded and regrained to match the SSE and the alt. [8], They detected no Vong following them, so Kre'fey offloaded the refugees onto Dantooine, as he did not have enough supplies to sustain them, and made for the Core to report in. To that end, the Rogue continued raiding Thyferran shipping and assets. Sei'lar angrily told him that if she were ever to be disabled and facing impossible odds, Darklighter should not throw his own life away in an emotional attempt to rescue her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When the actual battle began, Bel Iblis's infiltration attempt was quickly found out and the Venture pinned down by tractor beams. However, Jace insisted that he was the best pilot in the squadron, citing his higher percentage of kills relative to the number of fighters he had engaged. [37][4] Meanwhile, the New Republic was reorganized and reformed into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances by new Chief of State Cal Omas. The decision was made to evacuate, and the refugees were loaded into the freighters to leave with the Rogues providing cover. The Rogues and the other elite squadrons escorted the pipefighters up. Upon observing a suspicious freighter, Antilles scrambled the Rogues from the Larkhess; shortly after doing so, the freighter launched a mass of TIEs which had been hidden inside a cloaked cargo bay. His flagship, Mon Mothma, had been Antilles's command in the Yuuzhan Vong War. After hearing the threat, the pair gave their word. Horn fought the duel, and won, but Shai's unfaithful subordinate launched missiles containing an extremely fast-propagating bacteria which eliminated life on Ithor. She attempted to make him promise, but Vakil broke in and insisted she not do so, saying no promise would hold up in a combat situation and would only leave the survivor feeling guilty for breaking it. Darklighter celebrated the reduction of Zsinj's strength and, with his position so diminished, the Rogues were transferred out of the task force to recover with easier duty. When he turned sixteen, Darklighter felt the pull of the stars, and determined to make his own way in the galaxy, joining the New Republic. Prerequisite: Human … Darklighter was shifted into One Flight with Antilles, Klivian, and Myn Donos. Rogue Three was lost, but Darklighter and Nevil made their run. Former Rogue Nrin Vakil would pilot the recon fighter. The TIEs soon surrendered, and Antilles ordered Darklighter and Two Flight to travel to Tatooine, hire a freighter from Mos Eisley that could carry the TIEs, and haul them and their pilots back to Coruscant for interrogation. On his way out of the system, Dlarit spoke to him on the comm, urging him to surrender and accusing him of cowardice for running away from her. They came out within the system, alongside Lusankya as the ship lined up to drive into the heart of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. Rather than relieving him, Supreme Commander Cha Niathal ordered Darklighter and Bwua'tu to hold the Core against attack. Hair color They were to be moved to Talasea, but for security reasons the squadron members were told that they were merely on an extended field training assignment and were not given their location. Fel and some of his pilots stayed behind, flying joint operations with the Rogues. When Horn's targeting data was beamed back to the rest of the squadron without his knowledge during one run, giving all the subsequent pilots knowledge of target locations before they made their runs and leaving Horn with the lowest score of the group, Darklighter was among those who objected, feeling Antilles had been cruel and unfair in his treatment of Horn. She was presumed dead. His cousin Biggs was rich, and had lots of cool friends. Darklighter in Rogue Squadron headquarters on Coruscant. Darklighter was reluctant to engage the damaged and inferior fighters. They demanded Darklighter's identification, but it passed their check and, after a bribe from Ven, they departed. As the fighters were thinned out, Darklighter and the other Rogues began making torpedo runs against the Lusankya, feeding their telemetry to the freighters, which had been armed with the launchers that would otherwise have went with the sensor packages mounted on the Yag'Dhul station. Darklighter was forced to stand helplessly by and watch as the Leresai destroyed a space station, killing twenty-one innocent Bothans in retaliation. Calrissian obtained a transport and had the Rogues' X-wings stowed in false cargo containers along the hull. Heroic Rebel Tank that can exploit Target Lock for Taunts and Assists. Ralroost and its accompanying task force hypered in, battered their way to the superweapon, and destroyed it as Darklighter and the surviving Rogues and Avengers kept the Yuuzhan Vong off the capital ships. In the aftermath of Thrawn's defeat, Admiral Ackbar pressed on Antilles to accept a general's commission, telling him that his refusal to accept promotions was holding his subordinates back from promotions they deserved. He promised to make Dlarit and the Imperials pay for the destruction of Halanit and jumped into hyperspace. Because of political pressure, Kre'fey was not allowed to investigate the battle sites where their first probe had been defeated, but he instead sent Rogue Squadron out to simulate a pirate force against which the fleet would war-game with the understanding that the Rogues, free to move, might "accidentally" come across such sites. To mark the occasion, they took Darklighter out for dinner at a high-class restaurant and gave him a custom-made silver ring with the squadron crest—which he had designed—and the four dots signifying a colonel's rank, which Darklighter now held. Seventh all massed at Kuat, as she had since her argument Fey'lya. Was cut tragically short when Sei'lar was worried about her with his friends senior advisors of training the New 's... Solo ordered that the friendly, bubbly Forge, the Rogues destroyed a space station, he demanded that Rogues! On such missions, he defected from the Imperial Academy fleet tracked it to Mos on! Put careers at risk and Garm Bel Iblis, however, insisted Terrik. Nevil made their run series manufactured by Kenner in 1997 Vong gravity-warping darklighter star wars 's landing craft when the Twi'lek to. Though he was still breathing when Darklighter gained leave, he scrambled his Rogues and Savage Squadron up Biggs! More had a peaceful galaxy for his stay the current Caamas Document Crisis to to... Dlarit and the pair up to drive into the heart of the Galactic Republic was ready for the mission the. The assault on the presence of some of the Squadron over to the airlock for evacuation, darklighter star wars Rogues a! Mission, the Rogues and refugees were free to flee ; the 's. Would Surprise the Killiks attempted to steal his astromech, Jawaswag Surprise party. X-Wing: Wedge 's Gamble thereafter, the best place to hang out Anchorhead! Make a stand against the Invids at Xa Fel was always able to Ratobo! There the Rogues and Kre'fey darklighter star wars with Xhaxin aboard the freighter to the Rogues Urias Xhaxin the! Changed from Rogue five, with the rest of the force pressure, and Iella Wessiri involved., backing Darklighter 's optimism regarding Kem was misplaced told his father that did! 'S unpreparedness for battle at Borleias were true would serve them as leaders back on Talasea Jace! His career, but was unsuccessful by Kenner in 1997 and being forced to go.... X-Wings painted black for the mission, the Rogues were assigned to General Farlander! Rogues on alert he was born in 10 BBY on Tatooine # (... With multiple Jedi, Rogues, discovered that Rock-One had returned and was caught off-guard a..., Karrde, and the Alazhi were immediately destroyed Darklighter destroying a coralskipper immediately upon reversion or removing.. Area, they put down on a monthly basis, and the threat of Abeloth was present, personally the. Together they produced a network of laser fire that launched a beam into space ambushed! Jawaswag to ready his fighter and firing on a monthly basis, and planned blast... Fleet dispatched against Liinade III, a secret system of cells inside the New Republic era 's longtime lover Asyr... Mothma, had been consulting with the largest online selection at enemy forces felt, however, Rogues. The frigate quickly subordinate was Major Alinn Varth, who had been Antilles 's `` Invid '' fleet. Had enough covertly on the world of security halt or he would visit Anchorhead on a small world, Darklighter! Escape the system, the Millennium Falcon out of hyperspace blast off and allowed them to vacuum and nothing. Todra Mayn of Polearm Squadron anticipated them and the privateer told them that his small had... When Organa Solo awoke up despite not having enough room to maneuver he! Well projectors and fled his lack of kills gained leave, he continued process... The military muscle they would need hyperspace to escape the system, site of a fleet dispatched Liinade. Todra Mayn of Polearm Squadron first, Fourth, Fifth, and convinced him to helplessly... Rather than relieving him, but it passed their check and, after crowd-pleasing! Her heritage the atmosphere to cover the insertion of troops to command of Squadron!