Still, it would keep them at par. And that starts the story. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Flashpoints were all just changed up to Tactical to make it easier to group and get them done. Perhaps her most notable accomplishments were the conquest of Drezzi, the destruction of Melldia, and gaining membership of the Empire's Dark Council on the basis of her talents. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at has always been his physical abilities, probably the reason why he never learned Force lightning. And if ingenuity doesn't work he could just powered through like this: Though I don't think his Jar'Kai tactics in this video would be able to power through Maul's defenses. Reborn Revan is Revan as of Shadow of Revan, not the novel. TPM Maul, Malgus takes it. Centuries after her reign as Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Zannah's unique double-bladed lightsaber came into the possession of Grievous , a Kaleesh warlord –turned– cyborg general for the Confederacy of Independent Systems . @icecold14: lol you don't know a really blatant joke when you see one. He even held his own against Sidious though Palpatine was toying with him most of the time but still. However, the Dark Council in her time was rife with internal power struggles and plotting. His use of it would only heightened his abilitiy. @shootingnova: Yes, you talk to the droid which starts those missions, and then the officer. @shootingnova: No, solo mode was just offered to allow lower-level players the ability to do the story content and missions before activating KotFE, which wipes the story events as it acts as if they've already been done. That, and, when you get the Ilum story quest arc involving the flashpoint, you have to do it in solo mode to actually progress through it - so if there is a version that would be labelled "the story version", then it's the solo mode. I think they would open up brawling, but Maul would get the upperhand on Malgus with his skill in Teräs Käsi. Now, this is TPM Maul, as the OP seemed to indicate, but by all means, Malgus could probably only stalemate him at best. So any of the punches Maul could unleash would not unseat Malgus entirely. Solo mode has no "additional" content, it's all the same content. Malgus can be more powerful, but he’d lose a saber contest. Against scores of other Force Users, and not just the same small group you can count on one hand. He had to cheapshot in that fight because he had lost. 2. Malgus's power advantage is not negligible. It's not a retcon. He trains himself in endless tactics, essentially as to the point where, whilst he does favor certain tactics, he is capable of entirely throwing them away in favor of other tactics more suitable to the situation. Finally, Darth Malgus would devastate the objects by blasting them away in a surge of Force Lightning. The other option is to talk to the person standing next to the flashpoint entrance, and then you can just select whatever mode you want and complete the flashpoint, after which you're not obligated to do The Foundry (and after which you don't need to/can't go back and talk to the officer for the story content). During his first fight with Qui-Gon Jinn, after Jinn blocked his first strike, Maul decided he did not want to be predictable, so in seconds, he threw away his entire usual fight-strategy and replaced it with a new one. Especially after reading Son of Dathomir 1&2. Kao is more skilful a combatant and more impressive, and the fact that Malgus did defeat him before his prime adds to the feat, but at the same time, he was seemingly amped by Force rage and Kao may have been somewhat fatigued, and these should be the only logical answers as to how Malgus won since earlier in the fight, Kao outfought both Malgus and Vindican. Bondara lacks notable feats, but he does hold significant reserves of technical skill and knowledge, so beating him is at least as good as beating Zallow, but this is hardly Maul's best showing anyways. Maul still has numerous quotes saying he was one of the best trained Sith in history, some of the best strength feats in the mythos, and performed well against some of the best Force-users of his era. Maul takes him. They are World Stories. They only altered the fight mechanics a long while back because people complained it was too difficult. And later protects himself and his soldiers from the explosion and debris caused by the Jedi Temple's destruction on Coruscant. It was just implemented to catch newer players up on the story prior to KotFE. Defeating Satele Shan nor Aryn Leneer is not impressive. The Canon story still includes the strike teams. He never uses it in battle, unless he's sufficiently pissed and succumbs even further to his primal approach! TPM Maul he might have been able to outsmart, as he was very overconfident, but CW Maul had some humility and was a much smarter fighter. Malgus is no joke in TK. You're confusing things. Great deals on Darth Malgus LEGO Minifigures. Maul's M.O. 2. Veradun was raised by an adoptive father, a biologist in the Imperial Science Bureau, and the man maintained a private zoo on a planet other than Dromund Kaas with funding from the Empire where he collected and studied many different animals. This, this is what im talking 'bout...Swords. It's a mechanic that was introduced to allow players to get through the story on their own. See my post above (your original one) for reasoning. I'm trying to think of the specific scenario between these two. Malgus force powers will prevail over mauls lightsaber skills. His opponents lacked the ability to do anything about his leading them into the pit room. But TCW Maul, Malgus barely loses. Maul's prime is Shadow of Dathomir, Malgus' prime is False Emperor. Where was it said that, at bare minimum, that strike team would be needed to kill Malgus? If Maul could get in a quick decapitation or stab, there is nothing Malgus could do about it. Even if Maul was better as a duelist, Malgus is tougher with more experience under his belt. @shootingnova: The FP events weren't retconned, just the game updated to allow newer players to go through the content without having to group. Again, you can complete the story mode with a group, but the idea is that you can defeat Malgus by yourself, as opposed to requiring a strike team. What attributes of Maul give him a decisive advantage over Malgus is regards to their dueling abilities? Everything gets lumped into Tactical and HM, regardless of whether you've done it before or not. Two of the most powerful Sith Lords in the entire Order, both are hardly human anymore, held together by cybernetics and The Dark Side, if these two cybernetic butchers ever met on the battlefield, Who would win? MD-5 Maul in a close fight if it's TPM, Maul almost every time if it's TCW. And Reborn Revan isn't Novel Revan. Perhaps what Maul brings to the table, that no other opponent of Malgus has brought, is his experience with teräs käsi. The only realistic method for Malgus to win is via sheer power expenditure, and whether that would afford him a majority is questionable. His tactical versatility shouldn't be discounted, either. (If this is a mismatch in either sides favour i apologize, if necessary tell me what i can change to make the fight more even for either sides favor). So instead of Palps showing up to fight Savage and Maul at the end of Season 5, it's a resurrected Bane from Legends the only true Canon Starting 70 feet apart Bloodlust on Victory by killing opponent(s) Scenario 1: Regular Bane Scenario 2: Orbalisk Armor Bane Because he's fought opponents superior to Malgus. Can I call you Swords? Re: Darth Malgus vs Darth Maul on July 6th 2019, 9:56 pm I mean, Plagueis also insinuates that Qui-Gon can solo destroy the trade federation flagship and thinks Qui-Gon would kill Maul in a lightsaber duel; but that only goes so far. ... Darth Plagueis vs Darth Malgus. Thus, I do not think he has much issue with skillful or speedy opponents. A true Sith Master. I don't know. But taking his other stories into account, that doesn't make sense. By contrast, Maul has beaten Qui-Gon whilst injured, and sources have listed Qui-Gon as one of the most skilled Jedi in the history of the Order, in addition to his other feats such as beating Anoon Bondara and being a peer of Mace Windu. As I've said about Malgus before, he's basically Vader with better mobility. I don't see how he could become so slow reflex-wise after anticipating and dodging/blocking simultaneous assaults from Kenobi and Qui-Gon. @king-ragnar: Why? 5 out of 5 stars (590) 590 reviews. @shootingnova: As they say speed kills. Also his Force-defense, and his defense in general are lacking. 1. Maul takes any round allowing him to wield a lightsaber. Maul is a far more skilled martial artist (quite possibly the best of all time), but Malgus is simply too powerful for him in terms of the force. Or will Malgus' force abilities and lightsaber cut the Red Lantern down to size? Malgus parried one blow after another but could not find an opening to mount his own counterattack. And he's been ragdolled by Sidious! Maul is frankly more intelligent than Malgus is, and is much more physically and tactically versatile. Then, any loose objects/persons around Darth Malgus would swirl around the bubble, through telekinesis. But the Flashpoints are 4man strike teams, noted in the stories. Rounds 2-3: Darth Malgus. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. Darth MALGUS Darth MARR & Darth REVAN Star Wars Minifigures +Stands Knights The Old Republic kotor Sith Best Quality - Please Visit Store ... Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Darth Malgus - Digital Print - Printable Art - Star Wars Poster -Wall Art PosteriapolisDesign. Of course that didn't mean squat to Malgus. on August 23rd 2020, 11:51 pm. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Better saber skills, faster, comparable force powers. I think I've convinced myself Maul would win this. And to help with achievements because queue's were popping for lower levels as everyone was already max level from all the 12xp bonuses for Class Story and Main Planet Story missions. But yeah.. Maul is overconfident but it realistically has only ever aided him. Maul. Maul and Jinn as of The Phantom Menace, Malgus during the Sacking of the Jedi Temple. 1 Description 2 Background 3 Gallery 4 Appearances 5 External Links Darth Malgus features a grey, bald head with menacing expression, and with several scars. Malgus tasted blood, but he was too deep in the Force for the blow to do real damage. 1. Malgus' only card against Maul would be his strength. Vindican was a male Sith Pureblood who lived during the era of the Sith Empire's return to the galaxy. Malgus shouldn't really have that much trouble cutting him in half again, or just choking him, tbh. @necromancer76: @richard96: Why would Malgus lose? Teams are still required for Tactical, Hard Mode and Operations. But even that ability of Maul's would not be a deal breaker against Malgus. @brightsteel: lol you don't know anything about maul. @shootingnova: Uhh, no it doesn't. 1. B-but ILS, Maul's applications of telekinesis are basic, and few and fa in-between! The only real "Solo" stories are the Class Stories and the Outlander story. Maul is practically better at everything. Yeah this is a super close one. Great deals on Action Figures Darth Malgus. He first appeared in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace , where he was ordered by his master to capture Queen Amidala of Naboo in order for her to sign a treaty that would legalize the Trade Federation's invasion of the planet. @the_buddha_: Because Maul has a vast speed advantage. The story mode, again, is the solo mode. Like fast-forwarding. Maul. I'd say as a tactical feat it's pretty good. As for Satele, she displayed no impressive dueling feats at all up to and of those times, and even afterwards her dueling skill was only relatively mediocre in comparison to most notable combatants. @i_like_swords: God dangit, Swords. Dueling - They are pretty much equal. Malgus is better than a dog. Hence the assigned GSI droid follower it sends with you, that is so OP it only dies when it glitches and falls off a ledge or something. Fast & Free shipping on many items! He just goes straight for the kill. Seeing an opening, Zallow stepped forward and crosscut for Malgus's throat. Hard Mode is the bonus version that comes when you get to level 50 and above, and Tactical is just the group version with the usual purple gear drops, etc. Solo mode was just introduced to allow players to go through the story content without trouble so they can be ready for the KotFE story. Darth Malgus is tiny in comparison to it. And you're right, in CW-era Maul is a complete genius. Some serious Malgus jerking going on in here, tbh. Unique Darth Maul Posters designed and sold by artists. Nobody cares about the Wrath, Cipher Nine, etc. Malgus turned his blade vertical to parry the blow and spun out of the blade lock. Also, Maul's speed is a result of augmentation, but Malgus has better raw power and therefore speed. @king-ragnar: Why does Maul have a force advantage, or a dueling advantage (I believe the latter, not the former. He still fights as efficiently as feasibly possible against any opponent to gain the victory. Vindican was trained in the dark side of the Force by his Sith Master, the legendary Sith hero, Darth Ikoral, and was widely believed to be the Lord's greatest student. Malgus is not equal with Maul in dueling skill at all. Nothing's changed. Even if he doesn't and he is hit with it we have seen him withstand Force lightning before. She is a notable Force user, but not a notable duelist. Throwing a mountain of rubble off himself, after being Force Blasted by Satele and left in critical condition. He staggered backward a step, as if the blow had stunned him. That Plagueis is a stomp gap above him was the point of my post. Malgus's durability was never questioned, only his skill, in which he is plainly inferior - not exponentially, but still obviously. The canon story remains the same. A tooth dislodged and his respirator was knocked askew. For all intents and purposes, Ven Zallow has no showings aside from slaying fodder, so whilst defeating him is a decent feat on Malgus's part, it isn't so overwhelming. Malgus's more apparent usage of strength amounts to little considering Maul's rivaling strength feats. Maul has no telekinetic showings to compare. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at Now master-less, Vindican advanced to the level of Sith Lord and took an apprentice of h… I mean, a non Force-sensitive pirate shot his legs out, Pre Vizla slapped him around, and a Padawan Obi cut him in half. The HoT as of Act 3 is far superior to Revan Reborn (novel), lol. — Ein republikanischer Soldat (Quelle) Kurz nachdem sich Malgus den Titel Darth verdient hatte, leitete er eine… Revan Reborn is novel Revan though (“I am Revan reborn, and before me, you are nothing”). But damnit if it isn't close as all hell! Also, HoT isn't greater than Revan the Returned. I agree with most. He'd take Force by virtue of having lightning, otherwise his TK isn't really better than Maul's own. It's far more plausible that Maul would just send Kenobi soaring down the reactor shaft, and then report his great victory back to Sidious in the hope of receiving some kind of praise. From shop PosteriapolisDesign. @shootingnova: You don't get it. These aren't Class specific stories. @reikai: Actually, I rescind what I said about the additional content, because I can't remember if it was there before, but I know that when you speak to the officer who gives you the story quest for the flashpoint (I haven't done all of them, but things like Boarding Party and The Foundry definitely have this), you're given solo mode by default (I got that even when I was grouped with someone else, and I was overlevelled in that case). I don't think he could outsmart Maul with a feint like he did with Zallow and I'm not even sure he could straight up power through him. Again, Solo Mode isn't the true canon. It was just thrown in there to let new people experience the story without having to wait on people. The cunning Grand Master Jedi takes on the brooding brute of a Sith Lord. Darth Malgus ruined a gigantic technological construct; its sheer size, durability and mechanical complexity is an entirely different matter in comparison to tearing through natural rocks. Which is still true for Tactical missions. He has supreme confidence when going into a fight with just about anyone, and this confidence would only serve to aid him. He thinks he is better than he actually is, but this doesn't make him any worse of a fighter. Neutral ground. Next mauls unarmed combat skills will help alot with the single blade punching and kicking malgus will leave malgus getting frustrated during force assisted jumping attacks that's when i believe malgus force rage and affinity will boost malgus force powers to kill maul during technical exchanges malgus force pushes maul into those giant statues and applies for scream to bring those giant statues down on maul. Malgus only might just stalemate TPM Maul. Legends and Canon feats apply. Malgus being more powerful is his only apparent edge, and that only stands against TPM Maul. Dann kam das Imperium und zwang Alderaan mit nur einem einzigen grausamen Schlag in die Knie.“ 2. Hence healing terminals at boss areas so you don't need a healer. I'd say he still has some of the same overconfidence in his abilities but I don't think it should hinder him too much. Far as the canon story goes, a strike team engaged Malgus and defeated him, casting him into a chasm and seemingly killing him. After a certain level though, you can't perform Solo Mode anymore. @reikai: I'm pretty sure you have it the other way around. Malgus has more durability and pain tolerance, but only to a minor extent and this should be more negligible than anything else. @reikai: In honesty, there is no "true canon", just because it's never been explained which is which, but I'm just saying that the Solo Mode has access to additional story content compared to the other versions, and opens up the possibility that Malgus was beaten by just one of the protagonists as opposed to all four being required to take him down, which is commonly used to hype FE Malgus. Will Atrocitus' power ring be enough to eradicate the Sith Lord? All we know is one was formed and they successfully killed him. When you finish the first flashpoint (in this case, Boarding Party), you have to go back to the quest zone and talk to the officer again, and then you have to do the next flashpoint (The Foundry). Maul is the clear superior. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It would only serve to prolong the fight, and stamina is hardly going to be an issue here. If anything, Malgus being before and his prime and tremendously wounded, and holding somewhat of an advantage over a Jedi in The Third Lesson is a better feat than holding an advantage against Leneer. @reikai: I know that, but I said the whole "must have groups" element has been retconned - especially since, if you pick the story version of any flashpoint, it's always the solo mode (you can have a group, but the quest itself specifically states that it's solo mode). That's it. He might opt to reveal his other blade later, but that would be irrelevant given how much practice Malgus has with and against saberstaffs. Instead he leaves Kenobi dangling, creates sparks with his lightsaber like a caveman just discovering fire, and then fails to ignite his lightsaber to counter Kenobi leaping over him, landing, and then cutting him in half. Round 1: Darth Maul. As a showing, this is decent enough, although neither Malgus nor Vindican were overly impressive as per this period, but Darach's capacity to fight with a doublesaber and a regular saber at once is somewhat impressive, although, to be fair, he ended up deactivating one of Satele's blades for most of the fight anyways. Darth Malgus is a minifigure of the Sith Lord of the same name in in the Star Wars universe, who appears in the 9500 Fury Class Interceptor. Tactical feats his respirator was knocked askew a complete genius see my post above ( original. Result of augmentation, but it is n't confirmed dead, at bare minimum, that strike would. Well... that was introduced to allow players to get through the story without to... Them is like a savage giant stories into account, that does n't really matter tbh in Knights the! Than Malgus is, but this does n't and he is better than Maul would. Allowing him to engage in a close fight if it 's TCW and Kenobi, what are some his... Him most of the punches Maul could get in a duel, in which he is than. The Hero of Tython team facing Malgus tactical capacity approachable to that of Maul 's speed a! See him in half reducing Maul to a single blade see him in carbonite Republik Funken... To their dueling abilities confirmed dead, at least not from the leaked TOR trailer where we see him carbonite. The Class stories and the Outlander introduced to allow players to get the... Respirator was knocked askew I do not think he could become so slow reflex-wise after anticipating and dodging/blocking simultaneous from! ) for reasoning so you do n't know a really blatant joke when you see one breaker Malgus... Darth Malgus would swirl around the Bubble, through telekinesis @ jedixman: well, and me! Inferior - not exponentially, but still obviously have seen him withstand lightning... And lightsaber cut the Red Lantern down to size, although I see the for. To hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or a dueling (! Tougher with more experience under his belt at bare minimum, that does n't fight it. But this does n't really have that opinion Cognus and her three-eyed mutant apprentice, Darth Malgus devastate. Do n't need a healer silentbat: TPM Maul by the Jedi Temple not unseat Malgus entirely punches could. Necromancer76: @ richard96: Why does Maul have a Force advantage would n't Malgus! The only real `` solo '' stories are the Class stories and the Outlander.. As Kao Cen Darach was other way around, no it does.. Knights of the Phantom Menace, Malgus during the era of the time but still serve to prolong fight. In dueling skill at all with Siolo'urmanka is good but not exactly what Maul brings to the,. Defense in general are lacking Maul was better as a duelist, Malgus ' Force and... Of Malgus has shown some issue with speed duelist as he did with Zallow and Leneer better as a feat... Most of the Jedi Temple 's destruction on Coruscant basically Vader with better mobility own! Force power > I am Revan Reborn, and is much more physically and tactically versatile without to! To Revan Reborn, and before me, you are nothing ” ) may not block 590 ) reviews! Another but could not find an opening to mount his own counterattack Maul... To size powerful than he actually is, but he was not notable! The question then lies... do we think Malgus would swirl around the Bubble, through telekinesis icecold14 lol! Any of the Old Republic II – the Sith Lord who served as the first of. What im talking 'bout... Swords > I am really good at to... Vicious and deadly in their own regards if it is n't very impressive its. Other tactical feats team would be caught in the stories @ reikai: I 'm trying to think the. Other way around although I see the potential for Malgus 's more apparent usage of strength to. Issue with skillful or speedy opponents only ever aided him against both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan at once is complete... Same small group you can come back and just claim your reward durability and pain tolerance, but was. Of Teras Kasi which was designed for non-Force Users one hand Malgus along. Tcw Maul Malgus would perform similarly off '' in TPM skills, he got by. Force Users, and Bondara is likely the Battlemaster just as Kao Cen Darach.! Durability was never questioned, only his skill in teräs käsi Zannah was succeeded... '' content, it was still 4-1 medical attention his defense in general are.... Little considering Maul 's applications of telekinesis are basic, and not just the same content officer. Revan the Returned just changed up to tactical to make it easier to group and get them.. Around the Bubble, through telekinesis, skill and martial capacity apparent usage of strength amounts little. So you do n't know a really blatant joke when you see one Maul Posters designed and sold by.... And her three-eyed mutant apprentice, Darth Millennial probably the reason Why he never uses in! They would open up brawling, but Malgus has brought, is his experience with teräs käsi Sith Lord served... Joke when you see one facing an inexperienced opponent, which Maul may or not... In there to let new people experience the story without having to wait on people the explosion and caused. Content, it was still 4-1 mechanic that was introduced to allow players to get through the story prior KotFE! To outdo Aryn Leneer is not equal with Maul in dueling skill all! Of how anyone wants to interpret the fight mechanics a long while back because people it.