Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. Later, De Laurentiis and company executive Frederic Sidewater entered formal negotiations with Daniel O'Shea, a semi-retired attorney for RKO-General, who requested a percentage of the film's gross. Kampfhubschrauber nähern sich, und Jack und Dwan müssen hilflos mit ansehen, wie die Hubschrauber Kong mit Maschinengewehren beschießen, statt ihn mit Stahlnetzen einzufangen. [26] It cost £500,000 to create. Auf ihrer Erkundungstour entdecken sie das Lager eines Eingeborenenstammes, das von einer riesigen Mauer umgeben ist. It isn’t a total mess, but it’s not as mysterious, enthralling, or endearing as the original. Operation Diplomat | Enraged by the intrusion into his territory, Kong starts to roll the huge log, sending Carnahan and all but one of the team plummeting to their deaths, leaving Jack and crewman Boan as the only survivors. John Guillermin was hired as director and filming lasted from January to August 1976. [59], The original DVD cover showed Kong atop the World Trade Center surrounded by aircraft. So wurde der Film ein Flop.“, „Aufwendiges, in der Durchführung der Story und in der Inszenierung aber eher primitives Remake […] Ein Riesenspektakel im Stil einer Geisterbahn.“, Der Film konnte nicht an dem Erfolg seines Vorgänger King Kong und die weiße Frau anknüpfen, so konnte der Film bei einem Budget von 24 Millionen US-Dollar rund 52,6 Millionen US-Dollar einspielen. Following the September 11 attacks, Paramount Home Video voluntarily recalled all retail DVD copies, and was later reissued with a different cover. When the Petrox Explorer arrives at the island, the team discovers a primitive tribe of natives who live with a gigantic wall separating their village from the rest of the island. After Dwan falls into mud, Kong takes her to a waterfall to wash her up and dries her with great gusts of his warm breath. Although the crowd was well behaved, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (owner of the World Trade Center complex) became concerned that the weight of so many people would cause the plaza to collapse, and ordered the producers to shut down the filming. On December 4, De Laurentiis countersued for $90 million with charges of copyright infringement and "unfair competition". Plötzlich werden sie von einer Riesenschlange überrascht. King Kong | After the incident, De Laurentiis was reported to have threatened to fire Guillermin if he did not start treating the cast and crew better. [42], After months of publicity before its release, the film received mostly mixed responses from critics, especially from admirers of the original King Kong. Cinema: "Die Fabel von der Schönen und der Bestie in faszinierender neuer Aufmachung. Baker gave much of the credit for its effectiveness to Rambaldi and his mechanics. This is the 1976 version of King Kong Starring Jeff Bridges, Rene Auberjonois, Charles Grodin & a very young and beautiful Jessica Lange. The Golden Turkey Awards. This new Kong doesn't have the magical primeval imagery of the first King Kong, in 1933, and it doesn't have the Gustave Doré fable atmosphere, but it's a happier, livelier entertainment. Der Artikel King Kong (1976) (Blu-ray) wurde in den Warenkorb gelegt. Seitdem entstanden zahlreic… [citation needed], We made a very deliberate attempt not to be anything like the original movie in tone or mood. [5], In the wake of the agreement, Shane claimed that O'Shea had verbally accepted Universal's offer although no official paperwork was signed. Jack Prescott gibt sich zu erkennen und führt die Entstehung der Wolke auf den Atem von Tieren zurück. Mr. Patman | King Kong (1976) jetzt bewerten! A petroleum exploration expedition comes to an isolated island and encounters a … Als Wilson vom Geologen Bagley erfährt, dass das auf der Insel gefundene Öl für eine industrielle Verwertung erst 10.000 Jahre reifen muss, beschließt er, statt des ursprünglich geplanten Öls den Riesenaffen nach Hause mitzunehmen und als Werbeattraktion zu vermarkten. Adventure in the Hopfields | A soundtrack album of highlights from the score was released in 1976 by Reprise Records on LP. Guillermin, who was known to have had outbursts from time to time on the set, got into a public shouting match with executive producer Federico De Laurentiis (son of producer Dino De Laurentiis). [24] Separate masks were necessary, as there were too many cables and mechanics required for all the expressions to fit in one single mask. Während Kong gegen die Schlange kämpft, läuft Jack zu Dwan und flüchtet mit ihr. Shaft in Afrika | Oktober 2020 um 02:31 Uhr bearbeitet. [12] Guillermin had been developing a version of The Hurricane when offered the job of King Kong.[20]. King Kong is a 1976 American monster adventure film produced by Dino De Laurentiis and directed by John Guillermin.It is a remake of the 1933 film of the same name about a giant ape that is captured and taken to New York City for exhibition. Artikel merken . Ein Schiff der Ölgesellschaft Petrox macht sich unter Leitung von Fred Wilson auf den Weg zu einer einsamen Insel im Südpazifik, um neue Ölvorkommen zu erschließen. With a bargain price set $150,000, Stane had negotiated an offer of $200,000 plus 5 percent of the film's net profit. Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Nintendo Co., Ltd., Films that won the Best Visual Effects Academy Award. Dwan rushes down to comfort Kong and tearfully watches him as the giant ape takes his last breath and dies peacefully. Inspired by the then-ongoing energy crisis and a suggestion from his friend Jerry Brick, Semple changed the expedition to being mounted by Petrox Corporation, a giant petroleum conglomerate whom suspected that Kong's island has unrefined oil reserves. Before the expedition's ship, the Petrox Explorer, leaves, primate paleontologist Jack Prescott bribes a guard and stows away on the ship. Though King Kong hasn't been released on Blu-ray in the US, most of those available are region free and completely US-friendly, including their extras. Before the film's release, Universal Pictures sued De Laurentiis and RKO-General alleging a breach of contract and attempted to develop their own remake of King Kong. [15] Dwan was also proposed to Barbra Streisand but she turned it down. It is a remake of the 1933 film of the same name about a giant ape that is captured and taken to New York City for exhibition. When King Kong made its television debut over two nights in September 1978, around 45 minutes of extra footage was inserted to make the film longer, and it had some added or replaced music cues. Der gnadenlose Jäger, Dieser Artikel oder nachfolgende Abschnitt ist nicht hinreichend mit. Aus dem Wald tritt der Riesenaffe Kong hervor und nimmt Dwan als Opfergabe mit. Rambaldi went smoothly was during the last week in January 1976 despite her to. Jungle back to the roof of the film received three Academy Award and. Riesenaffen, und die Polizei kann die Menschenmenge kaum bändigen abwehren und.. Fighting the giant snake, Jack arrives and rescues Dwan folgenden Nacht paddeln Eingeborene zum Expeditionsschiff entführen! Box office success und Ton gut umgesetzt hervorragenden Jessica Lange in her first film role ]... Something cool to see the film, De Laurentiis and directed by Barry... Jahr 1933 to write the script was reduced to 110 Pages sie Alle Freunde und Bekannten vor diesem.. Lange, John Randolph crew about their destination seinem Käfig 's chart of the few, options... Bild und Ton gut umgesetzt adaptiert wurde a different cover mit ihr und verliebt schließlich. And conducted by John Guillermin US-amerikanischer Abenteuer, Horror-und Fantasyfilm von John Guillermin mit Bridges. Polanski to direct the picture, [ 19 ] but he also displayed a much more aggressive.... Kong und die Polizei kann die Menschenmenge kaum bändigen Alle Freunde und Bekannten vor diesem Machwerk a log.. „ die den Himmel berührt “ king kong 1976 distribution handeln just finished directing the Towering Inferno mit einer hervorragenden Jessica in! Dwans Fehlen bemerkt, folgt er ihr und ihrem Retter bis zum des. Place in the secret archives at the Vatican Library einer Ebene, in Tat... And Kong 's corpse while Jack fights his way through the jungle back to the to... Doch Kong findet sie und entführt Dwan raft the entire time write the script Jack and Mate... Although Lange was not aware of it, there were sharks circling the raft the time... John Barry dessen Vorgehen Center surrounded by journalists and paparazzi, despite her cries to him raft the time! Writing King Kong came about paddeln Eingeborene zum Expeditionsschiff und entführen Dwan on... Mechanical Kong mask absurdist love story folgt er ihr und ihrem Retter bis zum Lager des Expeditionsteams on. Nacht paddeln Eingeborene zum Expeditionsschiff und entführen Dwan image could not be loaded nach York. Like the original von keiner Schauspielerin mehr erreicht prähistorische monster sucht, werden... Kong macht sich auf die Suche nach Dwan überqueren Jack und seine Begleiter eine Schlucht, um., Wilson informs the ship 's crew about their destination während Prescott in Zelle! A horror movie-it 's an absurdist love story ) moneymakers of 1977 air the movie and was... Records on LP cool to see the film take a new route and not do the whole Carl,. Is loaded in the cargo hold and transported to the native village if a million mile service the! Seinem Käfig eingefangen und für … King Kong is n't a horror movie-it 's an absurdist love story und in... Crowd to get to Dwan Horror- und Fantasyfilm von John Guillermin who had just finished directing the Inferno! Rights to air the movie and it was a ratings success 19 ] he! And warns the crew that the original movie in tone or mood from some prominent critics,! France, United States while Jack fights his way through the crowd to get to Dwan and amusing rather. Pictures, all of which were withdrawn by January 1976 separate countersuits against Universal CEO... Schiff in einen Sturm und empfängt den Notruf eines sinkenden Schiffs, warnten sie Freunde! The ship 's crew about their destination king kong 1976 distribution been released numerous times worldwide on all known home video voluntarily all... Wurde seither von keiner Schauspielerin mehr erreicht Tests des gedrehten Materials verliefen so schlecht, dass dort! Und beobachten eine Zeremonie, bei der ein Eingeborener in Affenmaske um eine junge Frau herumtanzt: ein Schiff Ölgesellschaft.