Add. Cover with clip wrap and set on auto steam fish mode if using microwave. Catherine, love to have you sharing your thoughts! Rinse and slice the fillet slanted, which will give you a good texture. This looks heavenly, Shirley! That meal is not only popular in Japan, but is also very popular in China. You may use oats to cook the porridge in place of rice. :) I follow back on Bloglovin' - x. Shirley, that was a helpful tip to slice the fish on a slant -- thanks! 400 grams toman fillet, boneless, skinless and sliced, 1 sprig spring onion, cut into 1 inch length. Hot and spicy is the best! The fresh fish has no odour, so just lightly rinse them and lay them on a steaming plate. I'm sure it'll taste just as good. Shred ginger. You've done a great job.Well, thank you for sharing your talent and article it is very well appreciated. It is also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, essential for a healthy heart. Heat the garlic in microwave on high for about 1 to 2 minutes to make, The toman fish is prized for its wound healing properties, Recipe - Pan Fry Salmon With Teriyaki Sauce. Calmex Abalone From Mexico, How To Tell It’s Not Counterfeit, Blogging Break for Luxury Haven Lifestyle Blog. This looks simple and delicious Shirley!! I am really a mountain tortoise! Adees Co: The Dream Collection Leather Goods For A Purpose, S.S. Bon Voyage Sets Sail on Maiden Voyage through Bordeaux Region, Addictive Deep-Fried Wontons with Chives Recipe ( 韭菜鮮肉炸云吞 ), Luxury Haven | Award-winning Singapore Lifestyle Blog. Bring to a boil. If you like fried food, you will enjoy these crispy Wontons filled with juicy Meat and succulent Prawns, and loaded with Chives. Always love to have you here sharing with us :), Love your photos of this delicious looking dish :DCheersChoc Chip Uru, Very nice post Love this. Once fish is cooked, add spring onions and stir gently. When very hot, fry the Another thing about it is that it comes readily in fillet form like cod fish or salmon. So delicately arranged and steamed.. 3. Wow, more dishes using the Japanese Takana, you are making me drool and must really go get a packet already. Thank you so much for sharing, Shirley.... Louise, so sorry for the hiccup! This looks amazing I need to fine Chinrse Cooking wine to make this delicious dish., Jackie, you can always substitute with white wine too :). Support: 03-4296 7170 Email: Menu. I used about 2 medium size It can be steamed on its own as in this recipe. S$16.80. Mix the oyster sauce and light soy in a bowl and spoon over the fillets. Marinate fish slices with chinese cooking wine, corn flour and sesame oil for about 15 minutes. W161 鲜虾云吞汤 Shrimp Wonton in Soup. Mix well. Looks delicious!Would you like to follow eachother on GFC, blogger and blogovin? Wow I don't think I've ever heard of this but I'm intrigued! Simmer for one minute till fish is cooked. S$17.80. 1 piece Dried Sole Fish 扁鱼干; 1.2 litre water. Heat a wok filled with 1/3 cup of cooking oil over high heat. Spread ginger strips onto bottom of plate or bowl for steaming. In a small bowl, toss in the chopped garlic and oil. Also known as: 红鸡 Hóng jī (Mandarin), Ang Kuey (Hokkien), … Drain oil, set aside and let it cool. Put the sliced ginger and some spring onion over the fillet (see picture) Steam over medium heat for about 6 minutes (sliced fish cook faster). Blessings, Catherine. Remove the thawed fillet and marinate (as per Ingredients above) Do you grill or bake them? Due to time constraint, I decided to use my pressure cooker instead. Wash the fish fillet. You can also visit my site if you have, Life is a battle, if you don't know how to defend yourself then you'll end up being a loser. I love the thought of this with that bowl of hot rice and maybe a simple mix stir fry and an omelet! Stir-fry the Slice garlic cloves into thin slices, fry them in hot oil until golden brown. Add. S$19.80. Discard the ginger and onion used for steaming. Start plating the fish with takana and chillies. Login/Signup生鱼片 Simple, quick, and healthy. I think I owe my good skin to health supplements & nice skincare products :). Marinate Toman fish with rice wine, salt and pepper, set aside for 15 minutes. Hmmm.. It is often used for fish head bee hoon, fish porridge and also in making seafood hor fun. S$17.80. Mar 16, 2018 - Yummy Steamed Toman Fish Fillet with Japanese Takana | Tuck into tender fish slices infused with the briny-sweet flavours from the pickled vegetables, rounded out by gentle heat from the sliced chillies. It's high albumin contents helps quick recovery and … Yay, I have Jasmine rice in the pantry, too... :) Thank you! ♥ Some proteins, hormones, and minerals are stored in albumin to then be circulated throughout the body. Toman dish is very nutritious and I love to steam it to retain the moist and juiciness and of course the precious fish essence. Recipe - Grilled Chicken Wings With Turmeric, Recipe - Singapore Bak Chor Mee (Mince Pork Noodles), Recipe - Braised Broccoli And Carrot In Oyster Sauce, Recipe - Cured Cuttlefish In Chilli And Tomato Sauce, Recipe - Pan Fry Rabbitfish With Turmeric Powder, Recipe - Seafood Fried Rice With Salted Fish. Simply refreshing, but i think i'm gonna using marble goby or soon hock for this recipe.... Dedy, been a long absence! Drain oil, set aside and let it cool. =/, A lovely note makes a beautiful day! I do not even know what "Toman Fillet" is. Pan-fried fish with soy sauce is one of the most classic Chinese recipe to enjoy white fish. Sharlynn, nice idea! Overall, a great dish. Would love to try this but I don't know where to purchase the Japanese Takana here. To get a good tasting broth, you need to simmer the soup on the stove for about 1hr or so. We really enjoy this dish! Heat up the wok with cooking oil. I wish I had more than two thumbs to put up for you ..haha =D. (Will do!) Steam over medium heat for about 6 minutes (sliced fish cook faster). You must have been eating this nourishing and nutritional dish :pZoe, Zoe, I'm actually not a fan of fish but my two guys love it! Ahh, I've got a massive craving for this dish now! It looks so pretty and yummy :3 Take care*, Diana, love to have you tuck in with us :). Slice fish thinly. Store garlic oil for later use. Your family is so lucky you're such an amazing cook Shirley!Rowena @ rolala loves. The toman fillet can be bought without skin and without bones and nicely sliced from the wet markets or supermarkets at about $20 - $22 a kg. All the toasted ikan bilis and sole fish with soya bean to the water. Hi Shirley,What a gorgeous presentation Shirley! Fish is also a brain food, providing nutrients for a healthy nervous system. BE, thanks for coming by & will visit your blog soon! Toast or deep fry Ikan Bilis and Sole Fish till lightly golden brown. Got a special occasion or event coming up? Thanks for commenting and following me :) I am following back now! Add ginger slices into the wok when the oil is very hot. If you Tell us what you think of it at The New York Times - Dining - Food. Marinate Toman fish with rice wine, salt and pepper, set aside for 15 minutes. Hi Shirley,Now, I know the secret of your beautiful skin!!! Simple and healthy. will try out. Marinate the fish with ginger and seasonings for about an hour. The fillet is very versatile. Hahaha! You're so sharp! It can be stir fried as well. What a delicious way to enjoy fish! NR 157 干贝汁海鲜烩饭 Seafood Fried Rice in Conpoy Gravy . Plus, 20% off all Hair Care Products except Shiseido! This dish I must try. Stir to mix well. Cover with clip wrap and set on auto steam fish mode if using microwave. Another name for Toman fish is Snakehead if I'm not wrong. Delicious Stir-fry Pork with Japanese Takana (豚高菜炒め). You always posted nice photos after careful selection. I absolutely love the presentation and the ingredients that go along with it. Is it available online? Yummy! If you're using the conventional method of steaming fish in a wok, you'll need 7 - 10 mins typically depending on the thickness of your fish slices. well on paper towels. Keio Plaza Hotel Tama Opens My Melody, Little Twin Stars Rooms! Great post! Thanks for sharing :D, Looks so yummy! xoxo, Awesome recipe! We call it 生鱼 in Chinese & it's commonly found in Chinese cuisines.For the Takana, you'll find a link at the bottom of the post leading to another recipe where you can see the preserved veg in the original packaging. Good day! for about 10 minutes. Have fun, explore and make a lot of The meat is a bit chewy when raw so you need sharp teeth to enjoy the raw fish. =DThe ones that I have eaten during the rare restaurant dinners are all drowned with loads of soy sauce until we practically taste only the saltiness (from it). Add. Thank you for dropping by Luxury Haven and taking the time to let me know your thoughts :). YL, thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts! The Japanese type is much milder, not as salty & sourish. I will love this Japanese dish very much as fish is my favourite meat. Slice garlic cloves into thin slices, fry them in hot oil until golden brown. Mix the oyster sauce and light soy in a bowl and spoon over the fillets, Put the sliced ginger and some spring onion over the fillet (see picture). Crispy fish batter. TGIF, dear! How to do it: Rinse and dry Ikan Bilis and Sole Fish. Heat oil in pan and saute ginger till fragrant. NR 158 海鲜焖伊面 Braised E-Fu Noodle with Seafood. I guess steaming is a healthier way, but my fave method is frying them. Cover with clip wrap and set on auto steam fish mode if using microwave. DS, you can get a small pkt for about $5 in Japanese supermarkets here. It just happens at times :