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If you believe in Mary Morrissey's message, and the products/services she offers,
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Here’s How It Works:
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Step 1) Sign up to become a referral partner by filling out the fields in the Affiliate Sign-up Form located right here on this page.

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Step 3) Choose the affiliate program you would like to promote. Right now we are offering commissions on four of Mary’s programs:

  • The DreamBuilder Program
  • Into Your Genius
  • My Morning Mentor
  • DreamBuilder LIVE Event Tickets
  • 8 Spiritual Secrets For Multiplying Your Money

More details are available for you inside your affiliate resource center.

If you've never done an affiliate program, let us tell you how easy it is. First, you sign up for Mary Morrissey's free affiliate program. You will then be given a unique affiliate link that you can email to anyone you know who might enjoy Mary Morrissey's programs, products, or events.

More good news!

When you join our free Affiliate program, you also get access to any current and future Mary Morrissey affiliate marketing programs for her daily workshops and high-end seminars (which means more opportunities to make much more money!).

We offer you generous commissions of up to 50% just for telling people about Mary Morrissey!

Best of all, our affiliate program is completely FREE!

All you need to do is register to the right. It takes less than one minute!

**Important** Please read our Affiliate Terms of Agreement before signing up.

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