How to Prepare for the Holidays as an Empty Nester – Without Turning Into a Grinch

3 ways to make sure your loved ones want to keep coming back to visit you, year after year 

Welcome to Part One of my 3-part holiday series called How to Thrive, Not Just Survive, the Holidays: Managing Family Mess and Stress During the Holiday Season. Make sure to read all the way to the bottom to find out what’s coming next week. Enjoy!)

If you’re an empty nester, you’ve probably ridden the holiday season emotional roller coaster a few times too many. One minute, you’re elated to spend time with the kids and grandkids… The next, you’re stressing yourself out, frantically trying to get everything prepared and “just right.”

Setting high expectations for yourself is great, however, when you beat yourself up for not always meeting those expectations, things can start going sideways. Then, any progress you’ve made on creating a wonderful visit can slow down considerably. Or worse, everything could come to a screeching halt when feelings get hurt and any hiccup in planning ends in disaster! (more…)

How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations 

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3 tips for remaining relaxed and present, no matter what’s going on around you

Sometimes, events happen in our lives that appear to be clearly, completely, terribly bad.

During those periods, it seems like there’s no contesting the “fact” that what’s happening is horrible, and it’s enough to make most people miserable.

But if that’s the case, how do some people manage to stay happy and positive, even in the face of situations that other people dread? (more…)

37 Growth Mindset Quotes to Help You Persevere in Challenging Situations [Plus Printable!]

growth mindset quotes list ladder

Striving to go higher and further is what having a “growth mindset” is all about

After investing the last 45+ years in studying, applying and mentoring tens of thousands of others in transformational principles, a question I’ve often received from some of the people I work with is:

“Mary, I’m dealing with a challenge in my life right now, and I just can’t seem to break free and move forward! What should I do?”

Here’s what I tell them: (more…)

On Veterans Day and the Pursuit of Your Dreams

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How to honor, celebrate and benefit from the freedom you’ve been granted 

In the United States, we enjoy a tremendous amount of freedom. Sometimes it’s easy to take those freedoms for granted and miss some of the real opportunities that they bring us.

Today, I’m going to show you a simple way to honor the freedom you’ve been granted to live a life you love living.  (more…)

Halloween and the Power of Playing “Dress-Up”

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Why Dressing Up in Costumes Shouldn’t Only Be Reserved for Halloween

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays for many reasons. For one, it’s full of so much fun… trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, festive get togethers and dressing up in costumes.

But what I love most about Halloween is that it’s the one time of year when we truly allow ourselves to let our imaginations run wild and we get to feel like kids again. (more…)

Thoughts From the Dreamers Behind DreamBuilder LIVE

dreambuilder live crowd

An Inside Look at an Event That’s Changed Tens of Thousands of Lives, Including the Staff

As DreamBuilder LIVE Dallas quickly approaches, I find myself thinking about how each of these incredible events offers new and different experiences – for both me AND my staff.

From the amazing participants, to the kindness of the hotel staff, lessons, breakthroughs and even the mistakes, this event always surprises me – for the better.

If you’ve never attended DreamBuilder LIVE, then you’re in for a treat today!

We’ve asked our team members some questions to find out what their experiences have been like, so YOU can get an inside look. (more…)

Rosh Hashanah: 10 Powerful Ideas in 10 Days

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Become inspired by some of the deeper meanings and customs that the Jewish New Year highlights

When you think of beginning a new year, you might immediately think of the parties, fireworks and other celebrations held on the last day of December. However, people who practice the Jewish religion celebrate the new year during a different month and in a different way. (more…)