The Top 3 Qualities To Look For In An Accountability Partner

The World’s Most Successful People Have An Accountability Partner… Or Several! Do You? If Not, Here’s How To Pick One

If you’re committed to transforming your goals and dreams into reality, you can absolutely accelerate the process by having a mastermind partner.

So what exactly is a mastermind partner, also known as an accountability partner?

This is a person who believes in you and your dreams. They believe that there’s a power within you that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition, and they believe in your ability to create the results you desire in life.

And you believe these things about them, too!

The two of you support one another in staying on track and generating extraordinary results in one another’s lives.

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The top three qualities to look for in an accountability partner

Who should you ask to be your accountability partner? It could be a friend, family member or colleague, as long as they embody the following three qualities.

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ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER QUALITY #1: They’ve achieved a solid measure of success themselves

Ideally, you want an accountability partner who is committed to achieving their dreams and moving their life forward.

The evidence of this will be in the results they’ve created in their life – have they hit a long-desired health and well-being goal? Started their dream business? Gotten their dream job? Perhaps they’ve transformed one of their financial dreams into reality.

The results your accountability partner has produced don’t have to be enormous, but they should have a track record of dreaming up something they would love, and then taking consistent action to bring out the result they desired.

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ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER QUALITY #2: They encourage you to dream bigger

A true accountability partner will challenge to by saying things like, “Is this dream you’ve created for yourself truly everything you want it to be? Or can you envision something even greater, that brings you even more joy, fulfillment and life?”

When you achieve your goals and dreams, they’ll celebrate with you!

But then they’ll ask you, “What’s next?” They’ll support you in taking your results to the next level, because they know that your present good doesn’t have to be the enemy of your future great.

ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER QUALITY #3: They don’t make “agreements with conditions”

A quality accountability partner believes that there’s a power within you that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition. They believe that you are greater than your history, or any challenges you may be facing.

And in helping you acknowledge and harness this power, they can help empower you to create absolutely anything you want to create in life.

As you face challenging situations and circumstances, they’ll consistently ask you:

“Forget about what you think you can be, do or have, or what your current circumstances may be… what would you love?”

This person has such a solid belief in you and your abilities that, even when you don’t believe in yourself, you can “borrow” their belief in you!

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accountability partner growth ocean

Be prepared… your accountability partner will push you to stretch yourself!

Your accountability partner isn’t there to support you in rehearsing the painful stories of your past, or you listen to why circumstances are preventing you from taking action on your goals and dreams.

They are in your life to help you stay on track toward your goals and dreams, like white lines on a highway. They’ll help you bounce back if you stumble, and they’ll help you celebrate your successes along the way.

I’ve had accountability partners exhibit extraordinary leadership behavior throughout my life’s journey, and their love, care and support have absolutely helped me accelerate the process of transforming my goals and dreams into reality!

If you feel you’d benefit from having an accountability partner, look for someone who embodies the three qualities I’ve just shared with you. Then ask them if they’ll partner with you so that you can both support one another on your success journeys. You’ll be so glad you did!

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