5 Steps To Completing A Project You May Be Procrastinating On

completing a project

Here’s A Surefire Process That’ll Help You Complete Any Project With Greater Ease And Speed

Are you procrastinating on doing what you know you need to do to complete a project that’s important to you?

Or have you ever gotten excited about starting a new project – perhaps planning a big family event, making some upgrades to your home or planning your dream vacation – but then somewhere along the way you lost your inspiration and motivation to keep going with it?

Often, when we take on a project, goal or dream that causes us to stretch outside of our comfort zone, our limiting beliefs and patterns can kick in and sabotage our efforts to keep us right where we are.

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The good news is you can set yourself up to successfully complete any project right out of the gate!

Here are five proven steps you can follow to stay on track and keep moving forward with the important projects in your life

completing a project mindset

STEP #1 FOR COMPLETING A PROJECT: Be mindful of how you think about, and speak about, the action to be taken on your project

Be mindful of the thoughts you think, and the language you use, when thinking about and speaking about your project.

If your project is to write a book for example, you may be tempted to think or say something like, “Today I have to finish writing a chapter of my book!”

Thoughts and phrases that include the ideas of “have to” or “need to” position your next step as a chore, in which case you’ll immediately feel less enthusiastic about taking the action!

Instead, consider thinking about and speaking about the next step to be taken on your project with passion and gratitude.

For example, you could think or say, “I LOVE that I get to work on my book today. I can’t wait to get creative, and I know I’m going to make great progress!”

Choosing thoughts and words like this will help shift your mindset toward successfully completing the task.

STEP #2 FOR COMPLETING A PROJECT: Break the project down into steps

Looking at a project in its entirety can be overwhelming, but breaking it down into parts can make it feel much more manageable and easy to accomplish!

My favorite way to do this is to map out the main steps of the project on a piece of paper, along with roughly how long I think it’ll take me to complete each step. This helps me schedule each step into my calendar.

Going back to our book writing example, the first few steps on your project list may look something like this:

  • Write author bio for book (2 hours)
  • Write table of contents for entire book (2 hours)
  • Research chapter 1 (3 hours)
  • Outline chapter 1 (2.5 hours)
  • Write chapter 1 (6 hours)
  • Revise chapter 1 (3 hours)
  • Have a conference with editor about chapter 1 (3 hours)

… And so on!

Once you have your list of project steps, prioritize the tasks in order of importance. What needs to be done right away, and what steps are less urgent and can wait until later?

Write a number beside each step that reflects the order in which you’ll complete that step.

completing a project time management

STEP #3 FOR COMPLETING A PROJECT: Schedule each step of the project into your calendar

Once you have your list of project steps to take, the next step is to schedule time to complete each of these steps into your calendar.

One of the most common reasons most of us stop taking action on a project, goal or dream is, “I just don’t have enough time!”

In truth (and this is something all highly successful know) we are all given the same amount of time. Each of us on earth has 24 hours a day to work with. You get to choose how you will invest that time!

Would it make sense to get up an hour early in the morning, or to cut out that hour of TV in the evening, to work on completing something that will move your project forward? The choice is yours.

When the time comes for you to work on one of the steps of the project, focus on completing just that one step. This will help make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the whole project.

The Pomodoro Technique and “priming” may also help you stay focused and productive with the task at hand!

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STEP #4 FOR COMPLETING A PROJECT: Delegate when possible

Is there some part of your project that you can delegate to others?

If your project is to launch a new business, for example, and one of the steps is to come up with a tagline and brand messaging for your company… rather than investing hours into trying to write this messaging yourself, is there an expert you can hire to do this for you?

Or if your project is to plan your wedding, can you enlist members of your wedding party to run some errands or set up your wedding decorations, for example?

If possible, hire others to complete steps of your project that are not absolutely essential to be completed by you. Or ask a few reasonable favors of family or friends – chances are they’d be thrilled to have a chance to contribute to your project!

completing a project support

STEP #5 FOR COMPLETING A PROJECT: Enlist the help of an accountability partner

I am a huge fan of having an accountability partner who can help you stay inspired, motivated and moving toward the vision you have in mind of what you want to create with your project.

A great accountability partner will help you stay on track with your project like white lines on a highway. They’ll let you know when you’re veering too far off from where you set out to go, and they’ll tell you to put your foot on the gas pedal if you start moving too slowly!

This person will also help you bounce back if you stumble, and they’ll help you celebrate your successes along the way!

Your accountability partner could be a friend, family member or colleague, as long as they embody three important qualities that I share here.

No matter what though, surround yourself with people who believe in you and who are driven to accomplish their own goals and dreams – this mindset and the energy that goes with it is absolutely contagious!

YOU are the secret to completing a project…however large or seemingly difficult to finish!

It can be all too easy to get busy or stressed and start to blame circumstances beyond our control for not completing a project that’s important to us.

But remember – there’s a power within you that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition you will ever find yourself in. Remember this when you start to waver on something you’ve set your mind to!

And be sure to set yourself up for success right out of the gate with any project by being mindful of how you think and speak about the actions to be taken, and by leveraging the power of your calendar, delegation and an accountability partner.

Together, these steps will ensure you take each and every project straight to completion!

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