5 Ways to Have Your Best Day Ever and Find True Happiness


Do you need to find true happiness in your life?

Our lives are made up of days, and our days are literally in our hands.

We all have 24 hours available to us each day, but what we do with this time is completely up to us.

A life full of true happiness is one that is LIVED!

Every day we have the opportunity to create a day we love living — and each of those days, become weeks, months and years. Those years make up our life.

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What do you consider a “successful life?”

We choose, in every moment, the kind of life we want to live. We can choose happiness. We can live believing that we can only achieve happiness once the conditions or circumstances are right… or we can choose to decide that our time to pursue our dreams is NOW, and we can make THIS moment one we LOVE.

5 Ways to Find True Happiness With This Hand-y Tool

happiness hand

You can use this handy tool to ensure that you have a great day, no matter what your circumstances, conditions or situations are:

Simply look at one of your hands — each of your fingers represents something awesome!

  1. Your thumb, for example, represents a thumbs up to the day.  

Begin your day by setting the intention that you’ll have a great day, by giving it your own “Thumbs Up!” By starting every morning with this mindset, you are letting the Universe know what it is you want to create.

  1. Next, look at your index finger, and use it to direct your energy and focus throughout your day.

Make conscious decisions in every moment about who you want to be and where you’d like to go. What’s your path? Do you want to be generous or kind, or creative today? Will you be open to new ideas? Point your awareness and your way of being in the direction you want to go. Then BE the person who would walk that path.

  1. Now, look at your middle finger, use it to flick fear in the face!

Held up, this finger is considered to be a rude gesture. But what if you gave that finger to your fear, doubt and worry?

Mentally flick your middle finger to thoughts of fear, doubt and worry, because you have the power to allow these thoughts to control you or not.

Turn down the volume on your fear and turn up the volume on your great attitude, and your goals and dreams.  

  1. Use your fourth finger, your “ring finger,” to remind yourself to stay committed to your goals and dreams, and take consistent action on them.

Every day, there is something we can do to move closer to living a life we love. We can “be” or “do” something more every day.

Who can you reach out to that will be willing to help you move closer to your goals and dreams? Reach out to them!

What research can you do? Go ahead and do it!

What actions can you take today to move toward greater happiness and fulfillment? Go ahead and take them!

Take a step toward your dreams each and every day, no matter how big or small, and you WILL see results.

  1. And finally, there’s your little finger, which you can use to help you remember the little things in life.

It’s easy to get lost in the “big picture” when reaching for our dream, but that big picture is made up of little things we can do to get us there.

If your goal is to lose weight, when you drink a glass of water, focus on the feeling of the cool water in your mouth and throat.

Walking through a door? As you open it, take a moment to be grateful for a clean, warm place to stay.

Be sure to stop and smell the roses along your journey: share your positivity and inspiration where you can, enjoy people smiling, and be grateful for the little things.

When you have … 🤚

  • a thumbs-up attitude,
  • focus your way throughout the day,
  • flick fear in the face,
  • take committed action, and
  • appreciate the little things

… any day can become a GREAT day… and each day adds up to a life full of true happiness that we love living.

It might just lead to your best. day. ever.

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