The Time My Dear Departed Aunt Midge Contacted Me From The Other Side

This Memorial Day, Take Time To Remember And Give Thanks For Those You Have Loved And Lost – And You May Even Want To Invite Them To Reach Out To You!

In the United States this weekend, we’re celebrating Memorial Day, a holiday where we can take time to remember important people in our lives who have passed on from this earthly realm.

We’ve all lost people we care about – parents, grandparents, friends or even a child. And because they’re no longer in physical form, when we miss them we can’t simply pick up the phone or stop by and see them.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t still connect with those you’ve loved and lost.

In fact, my beloved Aunt Midge made contact with me from the other side.

When I got married in my early 20s, I quickly became very close to my mother-in-law’s sister Midge.

I really grew to love this woman who I called Aunt Midge. She was strong and feisty and she always seemed to know what she wanted in life. She also had a reputation for telling people what to do!

For example: Once day, she came over to my house and was watching me get ready and she said, “You don’t know how to put cream on your face. You have to rub UP, now down! You don’t want to get wrinkles do you? Rub UP!”

All of her directions and advice came from a place of love and care. She was quite the character!

Years later, when Aunt Midge was coming to the end of her life and was beginning to lose some of her faculties, I went to visit her and she said, “I don’t think I’m going to be here much longer, but I want you to know that if there’s a way for me to make contact with you after I’m gone, I’m going to do it.”

I said, “How do you think you might do that?”

And she exclaimed…

“How should I know?! I haven’t been to the other side yet! But if there’s a way to make contact, I’m going to do it!”

Shortly after that, Midge entered the hospital and was in her final days.

When I went to visit her, her face was very dry. I knew how much she loved face cream, so I gently put some on her face.

Frail as she was, she said to me, “Mary, rub UP!” I found myself smiling because I knew that although her body was was leaving us, Midge was still very much in there.

When I got home from the hospital, an odd thing happened.

One of my neighbors, who knew I was interested in spiritual things, stopped by with a book she thought I might like.

The title of the book was Symbols, and it was a dictionary of what particular objects or images symbolized.

My neighbor said, “Something just keeps telling me to give you this book, so I hope you enjoy it!” I thanked her, put the book on my shelf and went about my day.

Later that evening, Aunt Midge passed away.

Three days later I was hosting a memorial service for Midge, and something AMAZING happened…

In preparation for everyone coming to my home to celebrate Midge’s life, I was rushing around cleaning and fussing, wanting everything to be perfect.

I swept the floor thoroughly. When I took the dustpan outside my front door to empty it, I saw something very unusual…

In my driveway right in front of the house, there was a huge whirlwind! As I stood there with my mouth open in shock, it came closer and closer and almost felt as if it would knock me over or push me back into the house!

As the whirlwind came closer to me, I heard a voice say, “Don’t worry about the house. I’m free now! Come dance with me!”

I stood there stunned, not sure what to do or say.

And then I remembered the book about symbols that my neighbor had given me.

I went back into the house, took the book off of the bookshelf and I looked up “whirlwind.”

And do you know what it said? “Symbol of eternal life.”

memorial day 2018 symbol

I know many people who feel they’ve made contact with loved ones who have passed.

This communication might be auditory, such as in the form of someone’s voice like I experienced, you might visually see the person, or they may communicate with you by means of a sign, symbol or signal of some kind.

You may even just feel a gentle presence that they are with you in that moment.

When you connect with someone you care about who has passed, you don’t need anyone else to agree or confirm that this is your loved one speaking to you… you’ll just have a natural sense of knowing that this is them reaching out to you.

If it feels right and true to you, it’s right and true.

If you’d like to connect with someone who has passed, try this…

Invite them to communicate with you! You can say, “Please let me know you’re here” or “If you have a message for me, I am open to receiving it.”

Then, go about your day and see what occurs.

I often invite my mentor, Jack Boland, to connect with me. He passed 25 years ago, but there are times when I hear his voice so clearly, almost like he’s right beside me.

Another thing you can do is sit down and write a loved one who has passed a letter. When you do this, you’re forging a spiritual connection. After you finish your letter, take a few deep breaths, and imagine the letter with wings, being sent into the Infinite, right into the heart and mind of your loved one.

memorial day 2018 letter

This contact with those on the other side is really about YOU.

When you feel you’ve made contact with a loved one who has passed, you might ask yourself, “Is this real?” or “Can this really be possible?”

And to that I would say, “Who really knows?” But what I do know is that I believe it happened to me, and so I have that experience and that peace of mind.

Every one of us gets touched by death one way or another, but intermixed with what we can see and comprehend is a life in which there is not death, a love in which there is no ending ‒ and this eternal life and love is available to all of us.

So on this Memorial Day, no matter where you are in the world, extend and open your heart to the ones you’ve loved and lost. Consider letting them know you’d love to hear from them. If you feel up to it, write them a letter.

And most importantly, know this: There are messages for you with your name on them from beyond ‒ messages beyond telephones and hugs ‒ that if you are open to receiving, will prove to you that love is eternal.

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  • Thank you Mary. It is easier than many people imagine to connect with loved ones who have passed on, and so comforting to do that. I was blessed to be able to meet my dad, who died a few weeks ago, in the heavenly world, as he passed into the inner realms from the physical. While resting at home after days and nights of vigil at my dad’s bedside, and being due to return to sit with him, I received a text from my sister informing me his condition was unchanged. I felt a strong inner message to go to bed and sleep, although it was late morning by this time and I had intended to return to the rest home to be with him. I asked my husband to also go back to sleep. During our time asleep we were aware of being in a realm of golden light, so filled with love than words cannot express it. I could feel the presence of my dad, and he communicated to me all the things he now understood about his life. The experience seemed to last for ages. My husband and I woke at the same time, and we felt our bodies were filled with the beautiful golden light. I got up, and looked at my phone. There was a text from my sister saying that my dad had passed away. He had died twenty minutes after we had gone back to sleep, and we had been with him for more than an hour in the inner realms. I burst into tears of joy, knowing he was in such a beautiful place and at peace with his life. The experience will stay with me forever.

  • Garnett

    Thank you for openly sharing this story. It’s a rare treat to hear hear someone speak freely of their experience with connections from the other side.
    Years back I had a friend who, at the age of 28 died from Marphan’s disease. We were members of a small group of like minded women who met weekly to aid one another in our personal growth. When we met after Vickie’s death we all shared a common connection that was unique and amazing. Each one of us had a visit from our friend the night before our meeting. She appeared in different costumes according to our understanding of ghosts or angels, to tell us she was happy, and free to move about without encumberence. We all laughed and cried together, and once again we all grew in spirit. What an amazing gift that was.
    Thank you for your story. I forget at times how this life is simply a part of the tapestry of our lives. Many blessings Mary.

  • Joyce Van Dyk

    I loved your story. I am a retired minister from a large Protestant Denominational Church which frowns on visitations from the departed. However, many years ago, I experienced a very unexpected visitation from my father. My parents and brother died at young ages, and just that one visitation healed years of wounding and reunited love. Since then, in small groups I have shared my experience and it has helped others release their stories as well. All of their stories were surrounded with love and healing as well. Perhaps, the church needs to reexamine their theology.

  • Kellie L Ricks

    Thank you for this lovely video, Mary-
    I am very much and have always been a firm believer than when one passes from this physical realm of being, that their energy and spirit continue on and continue to communicate with those left behind in this realm. I lost my Nuclear family- all separately, and all tragically. My mother was a victim of vehicular homocide; ironicially, she did not believe in the beyond, as I did so it took a while for her to come to me… When she did I could hear her voice so very clearly and we had a conversation. My father passed from complications from surgeries for a brain tumor. He and I were not on speaking terms, but he also came to me and made his presence very clearly known- visually and then, also physically by dumping all the books onto the floor stored in an enclosed bookcase. And then my Irish twin, my older brother was brutally/violently brought down this past September 2017. He has also made his presence well-known and we, too have had conversations. My family was/is aware of my spiritual beliefs and that I remain an open vessel to their communications with me. I miss them all dearly, but I know they are with me always. Thank you for allowing me to share.

  • Hi Mary,

    Thanks for sharing this. I guess I never thought I’d hear this from a life coach and I’m not evens sure why I thought that. As one who is spiritual and aspires to become a life coach is was refreshing. Most in life are too busy with the world to consider watching for signs of loved ones or inner wisdom. Again, thanks for the reminder.

  • Joseph Bright kojo Arthur

    Thanks for this revelation. I am surely going to putting it into practice.

  • Thank you…I am so Happy you are in tune with this …..I have done and experienced these beautiful things….and thank you for sharing your own story and wisdom

  • Hildegard Heravi

    Dear Mary,
    When my dad passed away in 2000 at home I stayed in that room for some nights. In the third night I woke up at 3 a.m. and saw a very fine fog-like structure in my room, together with such a feeling of Love and Peace I had never experienced before. I knew it was him letting me know that he was fine and that there is no death. I am so grateful for this experience that life never ends.

  • Lelle Taffyn

    Hello Mary – thank you for this video – I do love so much to see you and always feel so delighted. I sometimes hear the voices of my parents and my aunt Rossi greeting me – and now – I will take even more joyous notice of quirky things that happen and hear the laughter of these and other loved ones – my friend Philippa has been on my mind recently – she dies some years ago and yet – it seems that she is with me now often as a dear friend – to be with me on my journey through this remarkable life – love and thanks and see you in August

  • I have visitors at night I would like to how to be able to know who they are I have invited them to talk to them and know what there trying to say.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience and offering the possibility that when we open ourselves up to something greater, messages come if we listen.

    Today my special messages go to my parents and my grandmother.

  • Divina Flamingarrow

    Thanks for this video and your love in it. Thanks for sharing what happened to you with Aunt Midge.

  • I rarely make comments to blogs but I can’t help replying to this one. I lost my sister to cancer more than 2 years ago and although I just say loudly whenever I wanted to tell her I miss her and I lover her, I love the idea of writing to her. Her Facebook page is still active so maybe I’ll send her a private message.

  • Hi, Mary my name is cassidy i received your message your voice about our loved onence I have realise some times is not easy to forgot when our loved one is gone becouse is forever and painfully I have learn more through your comment about departure of our loved onence

  • I sometimes dream of my mother but she does`nt say anything..when i dream of her i always saw a number and there is a dream that she gave me six number but when i wake up in the morning i cannot remember all numbers she gaved..what is the meaning of that?

  • Susan Anderson-Seibert

    Hi Mary, Yes it is so nice to be able to know our loved ones are ok. Right before my Mom died we agreed that bluebirds are our sign that we are communicating. Right after she died I saw bluebirds and continue to see them in different forms and I think of her.The other gift I got was my cousin back in my hometown of Greenville,Ohio does the Memorial day tradition of putting flowers on the graves and this year she sent me a picture of my Grandma’s grave. The reason I know my grandma was talking to me was that the flowers were peonies that she put in front of the grave. We grew peonies in our yard and when I was a kid she would always worry if they would be in bloom in time for “Decoration Day”.I had just thought about that after I watched this video. I miss my grandma so much she was the one that taught me love and a school teacher with my cousin being one of her pupils.Have a great day and enjoy the beautiful weather. I guess the peonies made it in time.

  • I really wanna connect woth my mom i miss her every second of the each day that passes.. I love her and i didn’t think she was ever gonna leave.. She has been gone for 2 months and 19 days and i miss her i need her

  • norma Ellis

    I forgot how much I love hearing from you and hold all the truth you believe in

  • great advise and love the story.i had a similar experience i would never forget.

  • Connie tilson

    I know it’s true

  • Joe Dailey

    Ttoday I was at a book exchange in an old church and came across a book on symbols. Probably the first time that I’m aware of that’ I’ve ever come across a book on the topic. No whirlwinds but I’m definitely listening now!

  • I totally believe this. I was very close to my grandma. From the time I can remember my parents would take me to her house and,I would sleep over. She was a very loving grandma. She passed when I was 19. Years later married and in the kitchen rising dishes, a profound fragrance surrounded me. It was the scent of perfume my grandma used and not a common one.. I had not smelled that scent since she passed.I said “Grandma is that you”? Then I heard something crash in the upstairs bedroom. It actually fell broke in the tub.My husband heard It too. It was a picture of flowers. My grandma loved flowers. I am convienced without a doubt it was her. I have yet to this day at 62 yrs old ever smelled that scent again.

  • Malgorzata

    Hi Mary
    Thank you for sharing your story with me because I’m very interested about contacting someone from other side but also little scare. I don’t want any spooky staf around me. Me too,long time ago, I was having this conversation with my grandmother . She promis me that after she die she will come and tell me about ” other side ” . She didn’t come. However, I’m learning to recognize messages in my mind. I love books 365 Devotions Jesus Calling and Jesus Always. This are truly beautiful messages from Jesus. We all have Holy Spirit within and one morning I heard in my mind answer for my question I ask myself; ho I’m going to work 12 hours when I felt sick and have fever. The answer came to my mind : empowered by the Hoły Spirit! And I felt bust of energy in my body. I was feelig Good all day.
    I will try to call my grandmader and wait if something happen.

  • I am inspired by this short video. My x boyfriend passed away Dec. 4,2017 in his sleep. We don’t know why. I felt spirit say to me “he died of a broken heart.” When I went to the memorial one of his friends said exactly that too me.
    My Step Dad passed Oct. 26, 2017. I know he is in a better place.

  • Thank you so much#! I believe this is so true. God bless you

  • Sandra Nelson

    I want to thank you fior sharing such a beautiful and loving story. I experienced a beautiful white aura as in figure fiorm standing in my kitchen, years ago. To me that was my Dad asking for me to forgive him. All I know is I said, I forgive you, I was nauseated a lot and I just knew I was trying to get rid of all that poison. So that was great. I had to forgive because it’s all of God.

  • MaryPat

    I have lost many, 3Sister’s, 1Brother & my Parents & of course both sets of Grandparents et Al. They come to me often. I do not doubt…you are correct – I KNOW. Thanks

  • Nancy B

    Mary, thank you. I really enjoyed this video and passed it on to friends. Very comforting

  • Laurie Hostetler

    I love this, Mary, After the death of one of my sons, I started seeing multiple digits….on my odometer, my digital clock, on signs, addresses, out of the blue everywhere. I asked many spiritual people I knew, and no one I asked had an answer. During the night I would often turn over and stretch to see the clock (very unusual for me) and the time would be 2:22, 3:33 on up to 5:55. One time the clock in my car and my odometer both had matching digital digits. I drove from Ohio to NYC and saw them every where, even mileage signs along the road as I glanced between two trucks beside me. My daughter and I were driving later from NYC to Vermont, and I told her about the digits, which I hadn’t shared with anyone, and started pointing them out. Finally, she said “Okay, Mom, I get it. I get it!” From then on it happened to her as well. Then a psychic told me it was Dean, my son. That mad perfect sense because he was playful, and we could see him doing that. I have a friend in Arizona whose husband turns on a lamp that has a twist switch. Another friend had a micro wave that would light up. It happened when I was visiting, and she said, “Oh, that’s just Johnny. He does that all the time.” And my husband, too. We were so in love, and when he passed at 55, I could feel him rub my back and hold my hand. We always cuddled at night, and years later, we were cuddled together when I kind of woke up and was thinking I always thought when he was alive: “What a sweetheart he is”, “How very blessed I am to have him”, etc. Then, and it seemed like hours later, I began to wonder, “but is Dave still here?” “I haven’t seen him, I don’t think he’s still here.” “Did Dave die?” “I think he did.” Yes, yes, Dave did die.” And, the cuddle was so real, I had to reach around and feel that he was not there. But, the pleasure of the cuddle lasted. He has come back in many ways.

  • Hello Mary, Happy Memorial Day.
    Thank you so much for writing this valuable information. I was waiting for this information for long,long time. Now I know how to communicate with my loved one who has passed long time ago. Please can you send me the name of the book that your neighbor gave to you. Please the name of the author, too. Have a wonderful day. Many Blessings to you. Eppie

  • Debby Harrington

    Before I bought my house, I heard my Mother, from above, say “Don’t Worry”. The anxiety about I was going to afford my house was released immediately.
    I am now selling my house,18 years later. After frantically cleaning it and worrying about my finances, I started reading your story. While thinking about my Mother’s words “ don’t worry”,
    your next sentence included your Aunt’s words “ don’t worry about the house”. All I can say is WOW and thank you. There are no coincidences.
    Love ❤️ from Debby

  • Mary,
    This is great advice. I am a medium and the most important step is acknowledgement of your loved one. Then, you prepare yourself to receive messages or signs/symbols. I have experienced cigarette smell, objects moved and a tv that turned on and off and changed channels. Writing messages on paper helps solidify feelings and thoughts in your mind. If you would like to communicate with your loved one you might contact a medium. Not all spirits want to communicate but it has been my experience that I haven’t any rejections when asked.

  • Debbie Ochoa

    Dearest Mary, I too experienced something similar with my Mom. I was on vacation out side of state when she came to me in a dream. I’m one of 18 children and had lost 5 brothers for various reasons. My Mom had fallen and hit her head a week prior for which I known about, but she kept saying she was fine. She passed in her sleep a week later, but I didn’t know. That night– I was in my dream getting out of my car when I heard her call me. I turned and she looked young standing with my brothers who passed before. She said she was happy now with my brothers. She asked me to buckle the youngest brother in her car. I told her I wanted to go with them. She asked me to lock my car and as I did, she drove off waving to me. I had a few more dreams the next few days. I will never forget that one in particular…its been 21 years now. Thank you for sharing your story…it gave me goosebumps and the memory of my bitter sweet good-bye to Mom.? Blessings, Debra

  • Thank you so much Mary for such a beautiful, universal message on Memorial Day. Your teachings have become central to my life and a daily source of inspiration and guidance. Wishing you a blessed and love filled Memorial Day.

  • Christine Mason

    My darling sister, Janet, just passed away very suddenly from a perforated bowel and peritonitis due to undiagnosed colon cancer. I never got chance to say goodbye to her and tell her that I love her. She was only 55 years old.

  • Nancy Pritchard

    Thank you, Mary. My dad passed away 12 years ago today, and I feel that he is with me often. Thank you for the reminder to all of us!

  • Mary, this is wonderful. I just finished my new workbook on reincarnation and staying in touch with the eternal life in ourselves. I’d like to put a link to this podcast on my website, if that’s okay.

  • Thank you for sharing! The operative phrase: “if you are open to receiving” ! I know I receive daily. So many people question spirituality…which should be innate. I cannot comprehend this lack of awareness. I like the idea of writing letters…I must do this! I would like to share my experiences, as I am curious if mine are unique or do others receive similar “visions”. The usual reaction is its just “imagination” or “something from the subconscious”, hallucinations, etc. Even my own sister, who is a student of the Bible and does Christian counseling as a profession, is unaware when it comes to the spiritual messages. Very puzzling. Again, thank you for sharing! -Nancy

  • Shirley Friedman

    A few days ago I became aware of a plastic shopping bag lying on my couch that didn’t belong to me, so I checked it and found some clothes inside that weren’t mine. As I live in a small apartment in a complex that’s for older people, I asked the lady in charge whether she’d been requested to deliver this bag, but she knew nothing about it. Then I asked family, and they knew nothing, and as it contains a beautiful black embroidered top and two other plain black items, it is still lying on my couch. Today I watched your video just by chance, and now wonder if it’s from my husband who passed on May 26, 1976, which is the anniversary. (I’ve only just realised that). I don’t know what to think.

  • Patricia M. Grieshaber

    What a nice way to give us, who have loved ones passed away. An outlet for our emotions. What ever the results one gets from this effort one can feel that this is a positive activity. Blessings.

  • Todd Saed

    will try thanks

  • Susan Calley

    I have several family members thst contact me in different ways! Always glad to know I’m not crazy or alone!

  • I know this phenomenon to be true! Three years ago when my 41-yr-old daughter was
    diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, thought I would lose my mind.I was in far west Texas near the Mexican border; she lives in W.Palm Beach, Fla. Her dad went to be w/her (she didn’t want me there because I’m “too emotional”).

    I was up all nite before her surgery, praying, speaking w/ my angels. I asked one of my two to go be with her two angels, help them help her, as well as her surgeons. I sat staring thru my window as the sun came up, and there were three white butterflies, dancing together in an up & down spiral! I knew immediately this was a sign of affirmation from them, to let me know all would be well.

    An hour later I was in the car out front to leave for work and, from nowhere, a beautiful, smiling young man was at my driverside window. He handed me a leaflet. It was one of the publications of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was stunned, could barely thank him before he was gone. I immediately jumped out to see which direction he had gone…. he was gone, as suddenly as he had appeared, he was just gone. I was dumbfounded. In the next instant, I knew it was a sign from my mother who had transitioned in 1991. She was Jehovah’s Witness, and I knew w/ absolute certainty this was her message that she was with Jen & simultaneously with me. I knew then everything would be allright, and I thanked my loving angels for their signs of love, as well as our Heavenly Father for his loving grace & mercy in providing each of us with our own personal angels. There have been other remarkable incidents over the years, which I will never forget, never stop being thankful for.

  • Enjoyed your story…..thankyou

  • When I was 17 our youth pastor was killed in a car wreck. I remember about the time he died I saw a whirlwind in my room. It was bright glistening color and only lasted a few seconds but I knew. I have have always believed in the spirit world. Always. My 23 year old son was killed in an accident 3 years ago. I have since moved but I remember asking him if he would come with me on this journey. He is and I know because I can feel him. Death is always sad when life ends but I believe they just go back to the spirit world. I’m not afraid of dying and I wonder what it’s like on the other side. I loved your video today! Thank you so much for sharing! I will think of this every day when I put my cream on my face?

  • I loved your video and I do believe that people spirits live on. I just mention this fact to an aunt of mine on the phone the other day, due to a dream, I had about my deceased grandmother.

  • adelaIda aragon

    Thank you Mary for the inspiration you have just given me. I have several love ones that I would like to say hello to and tell them I love them and I miss them a lot.

  • Verses to a song I wrote:
    “I Can Promise You Forever”
    I can’t promise you tomorrow
    I can’t promise you today
    But I can promise I will love
    Love you forever come what may
    1st Verse:
    I don’t know about tomorrow
    I don’t know about today
    But I know about forever
    I know forevers on its way.
    2nd Verse:
    If we’re ever separated
    One goes before the other does
    We just remember what GOD told us
    The day He gave to to us our love

    3 more verses… so far…

  • Thank you for this . I have had contact with those I love that had passed and heard their voice giving me messages I needed to hear, this was a good reminder to stay open and I will write a letter to my Mom.
    Bless you Mary for all the love you give.

  • Katherine

    This message was so timely for me! Thank you for sharing it with us. My husband and soulmate passed ten years ago this August and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him and wish I could have a sense of connection with him and know he’s ok and at peace. I’m going to write the letter, remain receptive and hope for a sign!
    What’s the name of the book you were given! I’d like to find s copy.

  • I believe there are no accidents. This video was meant to cross my email path at this sad time.
    A very good friend mine just lost her 22 year old to daughter to a tragic accident just days ago. Devasting to say the least.
    Thank you for making this video and sharing your genuine thoughts about contacting passed loved ones.
    Sandi Berger ~

  • Barbara Garland

    Ms. Morrissey After reading your passage I have been having an occurrance you have just affirmed what I know is true. I suffer from really severe hypertention That over the years I have been hospitalized for numerous times. I am one of 12 siblings I have lost my mom and and 4 of my 5 sisters the other 6 siblings are men and they are all in good health My baby sister an my oldest sister passed and two more that are older than me. I was hospilized and the nurse came in the room as they always do she introduced herself and wrote her name on a dry erase board and the name of her attending assistant who would be caring for me when she finished signing the board i looked up and she had written two of my sister’s name I smiled and told her that she had one of my sisters names over the next few years whenever i got sick the same thing happened I didnt tell anyone after the fourth hospitalization I knew this couldnt be a coincidence.Even as I lay in intensive care I knew my sisters where there reaching out to me the strange thing that happened is I was dosing off from some very strong medication and I heard both of my sisters voices tell me its not time for me yet and to go back. I wasnt scared I just said okay and fell alsleep That was the most relaxing sleep I have ever had Just recently I ended up back in the hospital and again the nurse wrote her name on the board it was my next to the oldest sister’s name cariline and my baby sister’s name stephanie. I laid there in the bed when the nurse left the room and I took a picture of the board because I knew if i told my family member’s they would think im crazy and just like all the other times I got better and left the hospital to my doctor’s amazement they do not understand how i have blood pressure readings of 228/130 so high without suffering a stroke or heartattack I am convinced my sister’s are reaching out to me from the otherside I have not been back in the hospital for the last few months I stopped smoking cigarettes june 14,2017 I dont drink any alcohol at all overall i have made some changes in my life i belive will aid in my overall health because I feel my sister’s have been there to tell me its not my time.

  • Jocelyn Perry

    Would like to speak to my brother Michael

  • Margie Bogash

    I am going to do what you say in the above paragraphs. I would like so much to connect with my father. He passed away in 2011 and I miss him so much very day.

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