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A Labor Day Message About Opportunity

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Yes, the Warm Weather Is Winding Down and Vacations Are Coming to a Close… But There Are Amazing Things Ahead

In the United States, we celebrate a wonderful holiday we call Labor Day. (more…)

Stuart Wilde’s Affirmation on Abundance

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How to Use One of the Most Powerful Laws of Abundance from “The Little Money Bible” to Turn Your Dreams Into Results

Stuart Wilde wrote a famous book about the Law of Attraction titled The Little Money Bible. In this book, there’s a very powerful (but little understood) quote at the end of chapter five, which says: (more…)

Do You Desire to Think and Grow Rich?

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How to Use Burning Desire to Manifest Anything You Want According to Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is an international bestselling book written by Napoleon Hill in 1937. It’s sold over 20 million copies and is responsible for creating tens of thousands of millionaires worldwide.

Of all the principles listed in Think and Grow Rich, the most powerful is what Napoleon Hill calls the power of true desire. (more…)

I Want to Be Rich! Is That Even Okay?

How Your Desire for Abundance Influences Your Success and Your Ability to Make a Difference in the World

If you’re like most people, you seek greater success and happiness in life. But have you ever thought, “I want to be rich!” and then immediately wondered if it’s wrong to love money… or if wanting to be rich makes you greedy or less spiritual? (more…)

“Does the Law Of Attraction Really Work?” The Answer Is YES, Provided You Do This…

does the law of attraction work

Are you spending time visualizing your goals and dreams on a regular basis, and they still haven’t manifested in your life? If so, there’s an important step that you may be missing.

Have you ever wondered, “Does the Law of Attraction really work?” If so, you’re not alone!

Made popular by “The Secret,” the Law of Attraction has been touted as the positive thinking approach to easily manifesting your dream life. (more…)