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Miracles are Natural!

In A Course in Miracles it says, that if you and I are not experiencing miracles on a daily basis, it is we who are out of alignment with the Universe.  Miracles are natural!

What are miracles but the parting of the waters of our problems? What are miracles but the healing of our blindness, so that we can awaken and see?  What are miracles but the healing of where we are paralyzed, so that we can take the steps that are ours to take?

Miracles are natural to you and me because of our nature.  Our nature is to be one with life. If we are not experiencing miracles, it is we who need to shift our attention.

There are miracles all around us!  Will you see them?



Mary Morrissey

The Power Within You

Sitting on an airplane that was getting ready to take off, I looked out at the wings and thought how amazing it is, that we have always had the capacity to fly, but only about a hundred years ago did we understand how to employ that power.

You also have power and understanding within you that is yet untapped, just waiting to be released.  As you increase your willingness to let that power guide you, you will magnify your contributions to the world, and the sense of meaning in your life.

Today, I invite you to increase your capacity to surrender. To allow the power within you, to guide your life, by considering that the universe is eavesdropping on your every desire, wanting to give you the life you would love.

So what would you love?

To your Power Realized,


Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve created a special Thanksgiving video message for you. I’ve included a fun, 7-day experiment as well to make this season even brighter.

Enjoy the video.

Today is a day to celebrate family, friendship and life. Today is a wonderful day to be alive. It’s THE best day and can never be repeated again.

Let’s amp up the gratitude today, so we are creating a greater, grander, fuller expression of our Self.

I wish the best for you and your loved ones on this special day.

Mary Morrissey

Open To a Whole New Experience

Research has shown that we all have a learned voice of internal judgment, the inner critic. That internal voice can shut down your genius. When you realize that it doesn’t matter what happened in your upbringing, you are liberated.

As author Tom Robbins writes, It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. When you practice applying the right perception, that inner critic no longer has a hold on you and you open to a whole new experience.

Rather than wallowing in any stagnant negative feelings, find something that you can focus on that you feel passionate about and it will give you life.

Believing in You,


Share the Gift Inside Your Story

I was talking with a friend a little while ago who shared with me his story about a particularly tragic event in his life.  The story about this event – the version he was choosing to tell – was very sad.

 Over time he decided one day, I’m going to stop telling that version of the story.  I’m going to tell a new story.  It wasn’t that the tragedy hadn’t happened, it was just that he realized the gift inside it, and wanted to share a story from higher ground.

So today, I invite you to identify any story you’ve been telling about your life of limitation, lack, holding back – of a recurring theme of how things don’t work out for you, that keeps you limited or struggling.  I think every one of us has something like that.

What if you just decided that’s no longer your current story?  That’s the story of your past. I invite you to re-frame that old story as a new story about how you received a gift from life.

So what was the gift inside that particular struggle?  What new story will you tell to share that gift?

To Sharing your Gifts,


Become The Change

In 1998, I had the privilege of standing on the stage of the United Nations with Mahatma Gandhi’s and Martin Luther King’s children and grandchildren. We were launching a season for nonviolence, which was a 64 day period between the 50th anniversary of Gandhi’s death and the 30th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death, both of which were by assassination.

The quote that is most attributed to Mahatma Gandhi’s is: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi’s grandchildren said this was misquoted. Their grandfather was very specific in choosing his words. He understood how words can become reality. According to them, his quote was actually, “Become the change you wish to see in the world.”


A Story From the Buddha

Today I want to share with you a story from the Buddha … .

It is said that his most powerful teaching moment ever, was when he silently held up a rose before his students. The way he regarded that flower, and then his students, was a message to everyone there that the power and wonder of the aliveness, and his appreciation for it, his way of seeing and feeling it, was the deepest truth of life. It was an instruction in enlightened living.

Today, may Life itself be your greatest message, and everywhere you turn may you find your appreciation of life expanding in everything that you see.

Believing in You,


A Message From Your Inner Force

Here is a really important question to ask yourself every now and then:

What one thing am I not doing that if I did do would greatly improve my life six months from now?

Ask yourself and then tune in for the answer that comes. The wisdom within you might have a very important message for you! It might be to walk for 30 minutes a day.  It might be to lie down and listen to relaxing music for 5 minutes a day.  It might be a hundred other things, but the wisdom in you – the force that is breathing you – has a message for you.

Be prepared to receive the answer and be willing to put it into action.

Listen and Trust,


Your Love Made Visible

Liking yourself and feeling good about yourself, comes out of being in harmony, with who you really are.  That means having an inner alignment, with what you love, and what brings you most alive.

As you practice bringing yourself into greater harmony, by paying attention to what you love, you increase your self esteem, and feel more life energy coursing through you. This is the real fountain of youth!

My suggestion is this:  Do not allow yourself to stay in a situation that is less than life-giving.  Transform your circumstances through non-resistance, by focusing on what you would love.

The tiny stream knows in its nature, that it is being drawn to a river, and then to the ocean. There is a magnetic pull towards the greater, and that same pull is at work in you and me.

To your Love Made Visible,


A Channeled Talent

Every one of us needs an ideal.  We need an image of what’s possible in order to have a visceral experience that there really is a possibility for us to become more.

We all have opportunities and talent bestowed upon us in this life, and the way we make our choices can bring about greatness. We can harness our powers toward a desired end. For instance, human beings can channel water and it will turn a turbine and create electricity, but if the water spills everywhere with no direction there will be no power.

When we witness greatness we must remember that it is channeled talent, focused and disciplined over time.

Focus.  Channel your energy consistently and your greatness will emerge.

To Your Greatness,