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Thoughts From the Dreamers Behind DreamBuilder LIVE

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An Inside Look at an Event That’s Changed Tens of Thousands of Lives, Including the Staff

As DreamBuilder LIVE Dallas quickly approaches, I find myself thinking about how each of these incredible events offers new and different experiences – for both me AND my staff.

From the amazing participants, to the kindness of the hotel staff, lessons, breakthroughs and even the mistakes, this event always surprises me – for the better.

If you’ve never attended DreamBuilder LIVE, then you’re in for a treat today!

We’ve asked our team members some questions to find out what their experiences have been like, so YOU can get an inside look. (more…)

What If I Have More Than One Dream? Which One Do I Follow?

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Many people talk about having dreams, but what does it truly mean to have a dream for yourself and your life?

By definition, a dream is the desire for a result that’s beyond the result you’re currently experiencing. From this perspective it is natural for us as human beings to have more than one dream.


Attending a Conference: 6 Ways to Gain Maximum Value

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Follow these simple but proven preparation tips for attending a conference and receive the most value out of your time and money.

Attending a conference or event is a fantastic opportunity to learn new ways to excel personally and professionally and to network with others in a live environment. (more…)

The DreamBuilder Program Has Transformed the Lives of Tens of Thousands of People Worldwide

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Here Are Some DreamBuilder Program Testimonials

“My life has changed in so many ways… My husband and I are on this wonderful path of being able to work in a field we really want to work in. My friendships have gone deeper. My health is incredible and vibrant and I bounce out of bed every morning… This is what the DreamBuilder Program has done for me and I’m sure it can do amazing things for you as well.”
– Andrea Brockbank

“The DreamBuilder Program has been amazing for me because it’s helped me to get more positive energy in my life and to accomplish things that I wasn’t quite sure I was going to do… It’s meant new people in my life. It’s meant new opportunities and I’m going for it.”
– Paul Dugas

“I really discovered a new freedom in my life. [The DreamBuilder Program] is priceless.”
– Josef Tichy


3 Travel Tips That Will Help You Reap the Full Benefits of Attending a Conference

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Traveling to a live event soon, and you want to make sure that you have everything you need to reap the full benefits of attending the conference? Read this!

Traveling to a live event or attending a conference, especially if it’s out of town, can bring a mixture of feelings – anticipation, excitement and also probably even a little fear of the unknown!

However, there are several things you can do to make sure you’re fully prepared to gain maximum benefits from a conference. The goal is that when you arrive, you have everything you need to walk into the room, be fully present, and soak up everything you can. (more…)

The Results You Currently Have in Your Life Didn’t Arrive There By Accident… You Created Them!

Many of us create our lives by default…


We allow our habitual ways of thinking, the circumstances and conditions that we find ourselves in, and the expectations of others, to dictate the choices we make and the results in our lives… without stopping to ask if what we are creating is what we would truly love.

Years, sometimes even decades, may pass by until one day, we hear that “still, small voice within” whispering to us that there’s so much more to life than what we’ve been experiencing.