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Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions: Have You Lost Your Inspiration?

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Here Are 3 Piece-of-Cake Practices to Re-Ignite Your Motivation, Gain Momentum and Live Into Your Vision

With 2019 here, this is a great time to hit the refresh button your New Year’s resolutions!

Are you absolutely full steam ahead or have you lost some of your inspiration? Are you making progress or do you already find yourself underperforming and not producing the results you’d really love? (more…)

Setting Your Goal and Protecting Yourself From Drift

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Goal-setting is a drag for most people.

It’s very easy to daydream about something we would like; finding the love of our life, having the money that can afford us the freedom we desire, having the career that matters to us, enjoying better, vibrant health, but it’s hard to actually set a goal and then even more challenging to achieve it. (more…)

Did You Know You Were Born To Dream Big?

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3 Proven Ways of Shifting Perspective in Order to Have the Life of Joy, Fulfillment & Abundance You Were Designed To Have

Throughout the course of your life, maybe you’ve heard the saying that you are a child of God. But what does that mean exactly? (more…)

An Important Step to Achieving Your Goals and Dreams

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One of the most important steps to achieve your goals and dreams this year is to kick fear out of the driver’s seat of life!

Here’s a short story of how I did precisely that.

As we launch into a new year, many of us are looking for inspiration and opportunities to take the necessary steps to achieve our goals. Many of us also set New Years resolutions in hopes of fulfilling our dreams.

Would you love to turn around a year from now and say that this year was actually the very best year of your life? (more…)

A Simple 5-Step Process For Evaluating Your Goals for 2018

Evaluating Your Goals 2018 Mary Morrissey contemplative woman coffee

Here’s how to evaluate your goals and dreams for 2018, and make sure they are worthy of your time, attention and energy

The end of each year is a very special time – a chance to reflect back on the progress you made on the goals you set for yourself, on all of the opportunities that came your way, and the challenges you may have faced over the past year.

Most importantly, the New Year is also a time to create a clear and compelling vision for what’s next for you! (more…)