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3 Powerful Steps to Release the Past & Move Forward Toward Your Dreams

Have you ever felt weighed down by your past?

As though no matter what you did, you can’t seem to shake the hurt, pain or the negative thought patterns borne of some past experience, and move forward to your dreams?

It can feel like you’re stuck in a pessimistic loop, unable to move forward toward greater happiness, joy and fulfillment. If your past is holding you back from creating a life you truly love living, remember that you are far more powerful than anything you may have faced or are currently are facing.

You have the power to design a life you love and turn your dreams into your reality!


Concentrate On What Matters

Are you constantly being distracted by tasks that need to be completed?

Sometimes, it’s easy to see the opportunities that have come into your life… but harder to act on them. You know that you need to do the things that move you closer to your dream, but you’re constantly dogged by thoughts of the tasks that you promised yourself you would complete, but haven’t yet accomplished.

These thoughts can drain your energy, focus and confidence, and leave you unable to move forward. So today, I’m giving you a simple exercise to get these things off your mind and to-do list, so you’re able to concentrate on the things that really matter. Press ‘play’ on the player above to discover the secret.

Here’s to what really matters,

Mary Morrissey

Three Tips to Goal Setting – Video by Mary Morrissey

A brand new year sparks new thoughts, desires and dreams!

What are your goals for living a bigger and better life in 2014?

To start you on the path towards living an expanded and more dream-filled life I’ve created this video with three tips to goal setting. You might be surprised by a few of them :-)

Here’s to living your best life!

Mary Morrissey

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