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Why Hanukkah Proves that Miracles Do Exist

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What Hanukkah Can Teach Us About How to More Fully Open Ourselves to Opportunity

Regardless of your religious beliefs or spiritual practices, the centuries-old tradition of Hanukkah contains a powerful message that I believe speaks to each and every one of us. (more…)

In Honor of My Mother’s 100th Birthday

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In Celebration of What Would Have Been My Mother’s 100th Birthday, Here are Some of the Most Valuable Lessons She Taught Me – Plus a Free Gift I Know You’re Going to Love!

My mother, Dorothy Manin, passed away in 2010 and today marks what would have been her 100th birthday. (more…)

In Honor of Father’s Day, Here’s The Most Valuable Advice My Father Ever Gave Me

The Next Time You Feel You’re At A Crossroads In Life, This Simple But Powerful Advice Will Help You Choose The Right Path For You

This weekend in the United States, we celebrate Father’s Day – a day to honor the fathers and father figures that have been influential and meaningful to us.

Every single one of us on the planet has something in common…

A birth mother and birth father brought us into this world. (more…)