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Ever Felt Betrayed? Here’s a Personal Development Lesson on How to Release Bitterness and Resentment

If you’ve ever felt betrayed by someone in your past, here’s a powerful forgiveness practice my mentor taught me that you can begin applying starting today.

Are you harboring any feelings of bitterness and resentment toward someone you feel may have wronged you in the past?

If you’re ready to finally clear these toxic feelings, so that you can move toward loving all aspects of your life, what you’re about to read will help you do this! (more…)

How to Practice Mindfulness


Have you ever had a day when you felt irritated, stressed and strained, and every little thing that happened seemed to make it worse?

People around the world, especially Americans, often report feeling overwhelmed by busy-ness. We’re surrounded by electronics, opportunities, choices and information, all coming at us at high speed, and sometimes our brains struggle to sort through the deluge.

People today have to make more decisions in 24 hours than our ancestors did in a year. Even little things, like buying a pair of athletic shoes, are more complicated than they used to be, with tens of thousands of options vying for our attention in this one small area of life alone.

Our conscious mind may not fully pick this up, but our subconscious does, and this constant stimulation leaves us overwhelmed, tired and stressed.


Your Wisdom Self

Let’s spend a moment really deeply contacting the real Self. The Self that is the I am that is breathing you. It is the I am that you are before you took on this human birth, and after you lay this human body down for the last time.

For a moment, take a deep breath with me. Inhale … exhale … as you breathe just notice your body. Feel the weight of your clothing and the air touching your exposed skin. Now for a moment, notice your thinking. What you were thinking before you opened your email? What are you thinking about now? Notice your thinking.

Now for a moment, notice your feelings … whether you’ve been feeling happy or sad, concerned or content, or something else. What is the feeling that has been the predominant feeling state you’ve been in today?

Now ask yourself this question, who is it in me that can notice my body, but is not my body? Who is it that can notice my thinking but is more than the thought itself? Who is it that can notice my feeling, but is not the emotion? That One is your real self, your wisdom self.

That One, is completely at peace right now. That One, knows your purpose, and the solutions to any challenge before you. You can make moments like these whenever you choose, by simply pausing for a moment, making contact with your real Self, and accessing that place of deep peace and wisdom.

Trust your Deep Wisdom Self,


Unfolding Your Good

Forgiveness is a shift in perception, which removes a block to the awareness of Love’s presence.  There’s a saying that goes, To hold a grudge is to drink a little poison each day and expect the other person to die.  It’s true!

Forgiveness is a cleansing of your mental field.  It cleanses mis-perceptions; it puts you in a higher vibration.  You and I have the power to charge every experience with an opinion, deciding this is good, or this is not good.  When you claim something is not good, you have just removed yourself from the opportunity, to transform that experience, claim the good within it, and use that good as a lever for your ever-upward movement in the spiral of your becoming.

Remove the negative charge, shift your perception, and the good that is ever-present in this life experience can make itself known to you.

To your Unfolding Good,



The Great Power of Forgiveness

Every one of us must walk the path of forgiveness.  We don’t get out of this life without that curriculum.  There’s not one person who doesn’t have the experience of betrayal.  It’s an experience that is unavoidable.

Here’s what to remember:  It doesn’t matter what the story is.  It’s your curriculum of becoming, the unveiling of the power and the authority within you that determines who you are, not what happened.

Step by step in your awareness – in your practice of forgiveness, look at where you are out of alignment.  Any place you are out of ease you know that your thoughts have been in separation from source.

But you can choose again!  When you are in harmony with Life, you feel better.  You are more alive.  Today, choose to release yourself from pain through the great power of forgiveness, and feel the fullness of your life.

In Gratitude,


Love Is What You Are

Love is what you are – in your essence, in your deepest core.  You are never separate from love.  But often, from living in fear, your body will close to the feelings of love; your heart will close in protection.

But closure is not a final state.  Love is like a rose, opening in bloom. The bud is tight, protected, contained – yet its destiny is to open and blossom, to unfold its fragrance for all to enjoy.

Today, be willing to feel the love in your heart.  You don’t need someone else in order to feel the love that you are.  Invite love to expand and to bloom in offering.  You are that love you long for!

To Unfolding Love,


Notice What You’re Grateful For

When you have a negative thought, treat it like an ash that has popped out of the fire and landed on your jacket — flick it off right away and it won’t burn you!

Thoughts of doubt, worry and fear are not something you want to take over your consciousness. The moment you spot them, flick them off and go back to noticing what you’re grateful for.

Celebrating You,

The Life Energy In You

You have Life energy in you.

Living — with all its attributes — is something that doesn’t just happen to touch a fortunate few. You have life energy in you. It is simply seeking your awareness and direction through intelligent use of the power of your thought, for the good you desire to experience and give.

Life, according to Spiritual Law, that patterns invisible substance into the outward pattern of your inward thinking, will manifest through you in a particular way that is uniquely suited to what you focus upon.

Let your imagination run free today in the realm of your great dreams. Think thoughts that feel good to you. Today will never happen again.

To Your Life Energy,

Mary Morrissey