What Cats Can Teach Us About the Law of Attraction

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Is there someone or something in your life that’s just driving you crazy, but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get away from it?

If so, I’d like to introduce you to a strange pair of teachers – my friend’s two tabby cats, Spotted and Brandi!

cats law of attraction

How Spotted the tabby cat kept attracting her worst nightmare (and how you may be, too!)

The smaller of my friend’s two tabby cats, named Spotted, is painfully shy.

Spotted hates playing with the other cats. She disliked the other cats that lived in the home, but had a special loathing for one in particular, named Brandi, who is very playful and social.

In an effort to avoid interacting with Brandi, Spotted keeps tabs on her at all times.

She constantly has one eye fixed on Brandi’s movements, and if Brandi isn’t in eyesight, Spotted will roam the house looking for her until she can find and watch her.

Spotted is constantly anxious and stressed, worrying where Brandi is and what she may be doing.

When Brandi comes close to her, Spotted growls at her, warning her to stay away. But growling at Brandi only attracts her to approach even more – and Brandi soon runs over and gently pounces on Spotted, wanting to play.

By constantly focusing on what she does not want, Spotted keeps attracting more of that which she doesn’t want into her life

You may have heard the saying that “what you resist, persists.”

When you focus your attention on something you don’t love about your life, whether it’s a particular situation or a relationship of some kind, you stay in the vibration of that which you don’t love… which will only attract more of the the same into your life.

As you likely already know, like attracts like.

This is the core of the Law of Attraction.

To help you put this transformational principle into perspective, let’s take a look at what Brandi’s experience was in all of this…

When Brandi the tabby cat first arrived at her new home at just six months old, the home’s other feline residents were furious.

The other cats shunned the newcomer, growling and snarling whenever she tried to approach them.

Needless to say, the situation did not look good for the little kitten.

But Brandi dreamed of being friends with her new family, and she wasn’t about to give up so easily. She wanted a playmate, so she promptly started trying to play with Wailin, the family’s elderly tom.

At first, Wailin was irritated by Brandi’s advances. He growled, snapped, and tried to drive the kitten away.

But instead of returning his hostility, Brandi continued trying to play with him. In her mind, they were already playmates, and she acted accordingly.

A few days later, my friend stared in surprise as Wailin sat within inches of his food, calmly watching his new little sister eat his dinner out from under him.

Shortly afterward, the two cats were seen playfully wrestling and grooming each other, and they remained close friends for the rest of Wailin’s life.

What you can learn about the law of attraction from Brandi the tabby cat’s experience:

When Brandi’s circumstances made it look like making friends would be impossible, she didn’t give up and settle for what life had handed to her. But she also didn’t continually focus on, and thereby match, the vibrational frequency of her problem.

Brandi didn’t growl at the other cats, start fights with them, or display any hostile body language. She didn’t try to solve her problem with the kind of thinking and behavior that created it.

Instead, Brandi focused on her goal of having playmates, and consistently acted in a way that was aligned with that goal.

And so, the next time you find yourself facing circumstances that don’t seem conducive to your dreams…

Don’t complain about your problem, focus on how bad things are, or ask how you can get rid of the obstacle.

Instead, ask yourself,

“What would I love?”

When you’re answering this question, be completely honest with yourself, and don’t limit yourself by what currently seems possible. Don’t give yourself an answer that looks good on paper but doesn’t feel right, or that’s what you think you “should” do, even though you know in your heart that it won’t give you joy.

Once you’ve answered the question, ask,

“What’s a step I can take right now that will move me closer toward what it is that I would love?”

Determine what that first step is, then take it.

You’ll often be surprised by how the next step shows up when you take what steps you can with the resources you have now.

These two steps are also core tenants of Brave Thinking, so if you think you might want to become a Brave Thinking Master, I’d love for you to learn more.

And now, here’s a question for you

Are you a Spotted, a Brandi, or a Wailin? Share below in the Comments and let’s see how you stack up 😸

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Comments (3)

  • i am spotted….i have lost my girlfriend for more than some years but when i try to get her back things do not get along well,maybe am not doing it in a best way…infact i want her to realise that she is making a mistake trying to avoid me because i do know she loves me

  • I am neither of the three felines. I do not seek out friendships; people are drawn to me. If someone extends their hand in friendship, I will embrace it. Unfortunately, most of my female friends are clingy and needy. I have grown tired of it. Perhaps I should seek out friends. Maybe I could find friends who are stronger than I am.

  • Laura little

    Still struggle with this. When I focus on what I love, my husband believes that I will change my mind about having filed for divorce. When I slip and match his drag and weight energy we fight. The legal process is taking forever with no apparent next steps to take.

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