How to Celebrate Your Summer Body – Without Losing a Pound

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3 Ways to Feel Confident, Radiant and Amazing in Your Own Skin, No Matter What the Scale Says

Summer is upon us, which means fun in the sun and swimsuit season. How did you feel the last time you tried on a swimsuit? Was it a fun, pleasant experience or did you experience a wave of body dissatisfaction – or even shame?

If you felt a bit down about yourself and your body, know this: You’re not alone.

This time of year often sends many people, especially women, into a downward spiral of body shame and self-criticism.

Body shame is powerful and often so deeply rooted in the psyches of women, that it can affect many other areas of our lives, including sexuality, motherhood, parenting, health, aging and self-expression.

So to help us cultivate a more loving and accepting self-image, I partnered with my daughter Jennifer Jimenez, who is the director of our health and wellbeing division.

One of her areas of expertise is helping women feel more confident in their bodies and alive in their lives!

You see, both my daughter and I have positive mindset tools and self-love practices that we use on a daily basis that make all the difference in our own personal self-confidence, energy, vitality and courageous action.

And today, we’d like to share three of our favorite tested and proven tools to dial down our negative thoughts and feelings about our bodies, and dial up the energy of self-love, self-confidence, celebration and radiance within ourselves so we can enjoy our lives – no matter the size of our jeans or the number on the scale.

woman in hat looking at tree

1. Dial down comparison.

You’ve most likely never looked at a tree and labeled it fat, skinny or ugly. But you probably HAVE noticed the beauty of a tree.

Unlike how we view trees, we’ve been trained to look at and compare our bodies to the media’s idea of beauty. Many of us have been taught to erase all signs of aging instead of embracing the changes within our bodies, and learning to accept and love ourselves at every stage of life.

In May 2019, I turned 70 years old. So when I see my daughter’s beautiful, toned arms, I celebrate the fact that she has arms that are appropriate for her age. At the same time, I also celebrate my own arms, even if my arms are a little jiggly!

I take a moment to thank God that my arms still work. My arms can reach out, embrace my grandchildren and hug the people I care about.

beautiful woman summer body eye sparkle

2. Dial up self-praise.

There’s a sparkle that can come through a person when they’re focused on loving life and when they enjoy simply being in this world.

Anyone can practice this kind of love and enjoyment whenever and wherever they’d like, whether at home, in the grocery store or driving to work. And one of the best ways to do this is to think about one particular thing that you love about your physical body.

If you find it challenging to find just one thing about your body that you love, try thinking about something small, such as the tip of your ear, your pinkie toe, the length of your fingernails or the twinkle in your eye.

Once you discover just one thing you love about your body, send love to that area and let that love expand and grow to encompass all of you. If you practice sending love to that area, particularly when looking at yourself in the mirror right after you get out of the shower, you’ll begin to experience more self-love.


3. Choose to enjoy your body and your life today.

As experts in coaching women, we’ve seen many clients who delay going after their goals and dreams until after they reach a magical number on the scale, get promoted, get married, etc. The list could go on and on.

However, it’s completely up to you to enjoy your life and your body as it is in the present moment. And this starts by changing your attitude about your body.

I highly encourage you to make a firm decision to fully enjoy life now, regardless of the number on your scale or on that little tag on the inside of your shirt.

Keep in mind that there are lots of people who would love to be able to celebrate and enjoy their lives and bodies today but aren’t able to.

A wellness motto to live by

My mother passed away in 2010 at 92 years old. She remained vibrant right to the end of her human life. About a decade before she died, she found a wonderful quote and shared it with me.

It goes like this:

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, ‘Wow! What a ride!’”
– Hunter S. Thompson

So, as the weather turns warmer, my hope for you is that you create and live a life that you absolutely love living.

Remember: There’s a power inside of you that’s far more powerful than any circumstance, situation or condition, including any old, limiting beliefs that you hold about your body.

You deserve to feel good in your skin.

You are loved, you are beautiful and you are enough, just the way you are right now!

Celebrate Your Summer Body – 28-Day Challenge

Would you love to create a new pattern of self-acceptance and self-love?

If you’re frustrated with extra weight, suffering from a negative body-image, feeling stressed about life, or irritated that your to-do list is never ending…

Join me and my daughter Jennifer for Project Lighten Up!

Project Lighten Up is a 28-day experiment to reclaim your most vibrant, confident self, in just 5 minutes a day. The best part? IT WORKS!

Discover fun, cutting-edge techniques, tools, and secrets that will rejuvenate and invigorate your mind-body & spirit while amplifying your well being.

Join us and start feeling:

  • Inspired with a new, positive body image
  • Energized, both lighter and healthier in your body
  • Rejuvenated, feeling more love in your relationships
  • Re-charged, feeling worthy of financial prosperity
  • Re-connected to overflowing joy and freedom!

So what are you waiting for? Learn more here!

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  • Hello from SA Mary I to turned 72 on the
    27 March Don’t quite my arms at times, but
    still fit and healthy. Retired Director of a Timber company 2010. The Universe sent me into Energy healing and coordinating for Dale Fox International MindScape IBA and Animal Communication. Thank you and your daughter for this great article shall be using this.

  • As a natural health care provider for over 17 years and a woman who has gone through several health challenges personally, I recommend to EVERYONE I counsel to try this 30 Day program called Health Made Simple (for 90 days as that is when many things start to work!) I have lost weight but more importantly, I FEEL so much better emotionally, physically and mentally! It is a GREAT way to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle all around! Try it here at loadedph . com under the Nutrition tab

  • Mary, You are awesome! I love that your Mom quoted Hunter S. Thompson. She must have been a really amazing lady. Thanks so much for the positive perspective. Keep doing what you do.

  • Love you Mary and Jennifer! You guys are such an inspiration, so full of wisdom. Greatly appreciate the Mother-Daughter team ❤️

  • Teresa Sheffer

    Hi Mary, I hope it’s ok if I do the 28 day project lighten up again. Repetition is good for me.

  • Sonjia Smethers

    Wow! Yes, I would love your advise. My history is long because I’m soon to be 75. My energy is something I work on everyday since I’m taking Tamoxifen from breast cancer in 2017. I weigh 147 & Im 5’1″. Pear shaped. My Ideal weight would be 130 if I were in shape. I’m carefully doing exercises these days to keep from hurting myself. I found out in 2012 that I had leaky gut, hashimotos & hypothyroid issues. Let me know what you think. Thanks

  • Mary – how so ever -n how much u may try but u ll nvr be able to connect to the higher power -u wana wake up early and sit for 5 mins wondering wt when you dont belive in a creator- u ll never connect -when u wana make a call u dial the right digits to d right person -n den the line gets thru -u ll nvr be able to fill this void-u might give it thousand different names

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