Facts vs. Truth: How Understanding The Difference Can Empower You in Any Situation

Here’s How to Quickly and Easily Create a Paradigm Shift to Manifest Your Greatest Dreams into Reality Without All of the Hard Work and Struggle

You’ve probably heard the terms “truth” and “facts” thrown around a lot in common conversations. For example: You may have heard others say things like, “these are the cold, hard facts,” “the fact of the matter is…,” “to tell you truth…” and so on.

But what really is the difference between “facts” and “truth?”

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What if I told you that understanding this difference could be the key to overcoming paradigms that may be holding you back from achieving your biggest dreams?

First I want to take a moment and define “paradigm.”

Then I’ll explain the meaning of both “facts” and “truth,” and how you can use these definitions to tap into your greatest potential regardless of situation, circumstance or condition!

What is a “paradigm” and how it’s either helping you, or holding you back in life

A paradigm is any system of beliefs instilled in you, usually during childhood, about what kind of place the world is, what you think you’re capable of and what you think you deserve.

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You have paradigms in many areas of your life – for example, you have a paradigm about money and your earning potential, and another paradigm surrounding your health and wellbeing.

All paradigms can be either constrictive or expansive

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Your mindsets and thought patterns, which constitute your paradigms, directly impact the quality of your life and the results you generate in it.

If you have a constrictive paradigm about money, for example, you may constantly think to yourself thoughts like, “I’ll never make more than X amount of money per year,” or “I can’t seem to pay any of my bills on time.” This way of thinking will make it much harder to attract abundance into your life!

On the other hand, if you have an expansive paradigm surrounding money, you may think things like, “There is enough bounty in the world for everyone, myself included,” or “I plan to double my income this year.” It’s these type of thoughts that will generate far more abundance in your life, guaranteed.

So what you think, reflected in what you speak, will impact your life, either positively or negatively.

The good news is that you can control and change what you think, speak and believe. In other words, you can change your paradigms!

Knowing the difference between “facts” and “truth” can help you change your paradigms to change your life

Making big changes can seem overwhelming at first, but the first step is simply shifting your paradigms so that you’re in the right mindset to lay the foundations for change. Knowing and embracing the difference between “facts” and “truth” can help you do this.

So first of all, what are “facts?” Here are some about me: I am female, I weigh a certain amount of weight today, I live in California. Facts are the description of a certain slice of time and space. You can measure facts, and you can describe events by facts.

The most important and compelling thing about facts is that they can change.

“Truth,” on the other hand, never changes. Truth is immutable, eternal, unending, and non-convertible. Facts can’t change truth.

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So here’s why knowing the difference between facts and truth matters to you and your desire to live your greatest life…

Each one of us is a spiritual being having a human experience. This is a quintessential truth. There is a power within us that is greater than our bodies, that is breathing life through us at all times. This is the truth, and no matter your circumstance, it’s unchanging.

Your hair color, your city of residence, these are facts about your life at present, and you can change them.

Now, here’s how you can acknowledge truth and fact in your life in order to make sure you have expansive rather than constrictive paradigms in place…

First acknowledge that you – your truth, your life force in you greater than your body – are spirit and that your spiritual DNA is perfect. There is nothing that can happen in life that can ever taint, tarnish, or harm in any way the truth of who you are.

When you accept this truth, you are thinking expansively.

Next, acknowledge that there may be some facts in your life that pose challenges. Maybe you’ve suffered abuse or faced some difficulties. These are facts of your life, but when you accept that this abuse or these difficulties cannot harm the spirit in you, then these external facts or circumstances cease to have power over you.

Also, when you truly recognize that there is a power in you far greater than any facts – greater than any situation, circumstance or condition – then you are thinking expansively, and setting yourself up for both joy and success in life.

When you adopt expansive paradigms in any area of your life concerning health, relationships, money, and so on, you open yourself up to new opportunities and gifts from the Infinite.

And you come to know that despite any hurdles or fears or setbacks, despite any challenging facts of your life, you possess the power within to pursue and attain any dream, to reach any goal.

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Understanding facts vs truth puts YOU in control of your life

Remember that facts are not permanent, so if you are unsatisfied with the results you are generating in your life, you can make choices that change the facts in service of living more expansively.

You can change your job. You can live elsewhere. You can dye your hair. You can start working out. It’s not to say that these changes can always happen quickly and easily, but facts can always change!

And also remember that even when some facts from your past or present are difficult or painful (after all, life can be challenging at times) that the truth of your being is pristine and can’t be tarnished by them.

When you know that your spirit is infinite and pure, there’s nothing you can’t overcome or achieve!

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