The Simplest (and Most Reliable) Way to Achieve All Your Goals in 2020…

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Stop relying on willpower and do this instead…

Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade!

Did you set any New Year’s Resolutions this year? If so, how are they going?

Craft a Crystal-Clear Vision of Your Dream…in Just 13 Minutes

If you feel at all discouraged, or like you’re losing momentum, inspiration and discipline around your resolutions…

…know that you’re not alone! New Years Research actually shows that 45% of people fail to keep their resolutions by February. 

Believe me, I know how this feels. I failed many of my New Year’s resolutions for YEARS until I discovered that the way I was going about the whole process was wrong.

And here’s where the good news lies for you, if you feel challenged in keeping your New Year’s Resolutions. Because after more than 45 years of studying, mentoring and teaching others about the art and science of personal transformation, I’ve learned a few things!

First and foremost, about how ineffective “willpower” is in helping us reach our goals!

In all my years of teaching, one of the biggest myths I’ve come across, again and again, was this belief that more “willpower” was the path to success. This is plain wrong!

I’ve discovered that when it comes to creating positive change, there’s actually something FAR more effective… an innate power that all humans (including you!) have access to: something I call “Will.”

To keep your resolutions and achieve your goals in 2020, no matter how motivated you feel (or don’t feel) what you most need is not more willpower, but instead how to access and wield your “Will.”

And today, I’m going to show you how.

But first, let’s talk about willpower.

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Willpower is simply not enough

Most people believe their lives would improve if only they had more of this magical thing called ‘willpower.’ With more willpower, most people believe they would eat right, exercise regularly, avoid drugs and alcohol, save for retirement, stop procrastinating and achieve all sorts of noble goals.

And there is some small truth to this belief. Willpower can help us get things done, and take small steps towards our goals.

However, the truth is that willpower is unreliable. Using willpower, it’s easy to become fatigued quickly.

If you really want to achieve your largest goals, and create a life you truly love, willpower simply won’t cut it.

You need something else to get you all the way… something that’s reliable, always available and when accessed, provides you with an infinite source of energy:


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Where your true power resides…

Though ‘will’ and ‘willpower’ sound very similar, they are in fact two very different things.

While willpower is about forcing yourself to do things in the short-term…

Your ‘will’ is your capacity to stay focused on your goals and dreams in the long-term – day after day after day, amidst challenge, distraction and anything else life brings your way.

Why is this so important?

Because when you’re able to stay focused on the vision of your dreams, you essentially create a spiritual passageway for Infinite Intelligence to flow through you.

When you learn how to do this right, there will be no more “forcing it”…

No more exhausting yourself, “trying” to get things done…

No more frustration as you watch yourself avoid the things you know you should be doing.

Instead, you’ll find yourself effortlessly taking action on the things you know you should do… completing tasks and sticking with habits – doing all the things that will really “move the needle” on your biggest goals and the life of your dreams.

Not only that, but you’ll also find yourself enjoying the process – every step of the way!

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How to quickly master this practice in everyday life

When building your dreams, it can be easy to get caught up in what you think you should be doing.

Try this instead…

Next time you feel frustrated that you’re not doing “what you said you would do” or “what you know you should be doing” take a step back and ask yourself sincerely:

“What would I love to be, do, have or give in this world?”

This is a powerful way to bring your focus back to goals and dreams. When you ask this question of yourself, you guide your mind back to thinking expansively. This is “will” in action. Asking this question, and bringing your focus back to the answers that come (even if they’re only vague feelings for now), is what opens the “portal” to the Infinite inside you…

…and all the inspirational energy that comes along with it.

Coming from this mindset, the fears standing between you and what you’d love will suddenly seem much less intimidating – because you’re thrilled with the high-frequency energy of pursuing what you love. And when you pursue what you love, you will naturally raise the frequency of self-love and self-confidence everywhere in your life… because you’ll be operating as your best self!

Think about all of the interviews you’ve heard with Olympic champions. Interviewers always ask the winners, “Were you scared when you competed?” Time and time again the Olympians say, “No! I was excited!”

Here’s the amazing thing about this – your brain doesn’t actually know the difference between fear and excitement because it experiences a similar rush in both cases.

So when you notice yourself gravitating toward thoughts of fear, when you notice the temptation to say, “I’m afraid,” try instead to say to yourself, “I’m excited!”

When you practice bringing your attention back to what you would love (your vision, your goals, your dreams), excitement and joy will be your natural frequency, which will naturally inspire you to take action and keep going.

Let’s review the easiest way to harness the infinite power of the Universe to achieve all your goals in 2020…

Using your will works much better than willpower when it comes to accomplishing your goals or dreams because while willpower is unpredictable, tiring, unreliable and doesn’t work long-term…

Will gives you access to infinite energy, is always reliable and will help you achieve your dreams with much less effort. 

Your will is the ability to hold an image in your mind of the life you would love to live. Concentrating on the good you desire unlocks the door to infinite motivation, inspiration and energy.

By developing and fully utilizing your will, you will no doubt easily create amazing results in your life!

Would you love some extra support with developing your will to accomplish your goals in 2020?

To create a dream, you must first craft your vision. Without one, it’s tough to fully access the true power of your will.

This 13-minute meditation guides you through a simple process to build your vision. Listen to this meditation and you will:

  • Connect with the deep inner voice that’s calling you to a greater level of existence, achievement and becoming.
  • Open the doors of possibility… and craft a powerful, comprehensive vision of the life you would love to live.
  • Discover ways to gently silence the voice of your critical human mind when it tries to constrict your imagination… so you can freely explore all the dreams that are possible for you.

Download this meditation and craft a crystal-clear vision of your dream… in just 13 minutes.

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Comments (12)

  • Thank you so much, your articles changed a lot of my thinking.

  • Thank you for this simple but powerful thought-changing teaching. I was blind but now I see. And thank you for the meditation. I will use my will to do it every day. Yesterday I would use my willpower.

  • This is important teaching. l will try the suggestions made here.

  • Wow, I have been asking for insight on why I was lacking the willpower to get things done, procrastinating, lacking discipline, staying committed. Today I recorded your email, I feel very blessed with your gift you share, your wisdom and the meditation. Thank you
    I know I have been given a tool that feels truthful and will work as you suggest toward working with my will.
    From my heart ❤️ Thank you again. Dawn

  • Thanks for this, its an eye opener. Never knew the difference between will power & will, now I do.

  • Debra Worzella

    I definitely approve what your teaching and its taught me alot
    .Thankyou Mary in All

  • Debra Worzella

    Loved this Read that person who your talking about when it comes to procrastinating..Thankyou for taking the time and i really appreciate your teaching

  • I have no willpower at all my son passed away my husband passed away I have no family

    • Mike Behan

      Marilyn, you have had two huge losses and naturally you are experiencing heavy grief. I can understand this as my wife passed away and left me with 4 teenagers. It was tough, but somehow we get the strength to continue and life did improve for me and my kids.I hope you can give yourself the permission to grieve your losses – and then you can find that time will bring healing and new life occurs. Bless you. Mike.

  • Kathy Lau

    Hi mary, this is the first time i am reading this blog. 3 years ago i got. Breast cancer and it pushed me into the abyss. I am in remission.I cleaned the house that week then went to radiation. Then stopped. I am perfectly healthy except i have depression and dont have any goals.i dont even want to clean the house. The biggest mistake i made is taking antidepressants, they dont work. I even had thoughts of suicide. Mary i dont have any goals. I am sitting around waiting to die. How can i change. How can i get the zest for life back again. I will listen tp your tape to see if it works. I feel i have not gotten over the breast cancer and it still consumes me. I need your help. Thank you
    Kathy lau

  • Sharon Smith Williams

    Good morning ma’am thank you for sharing this with me, I truly enjoyed reading it.

  • Alisa Davidson

    Thanks Mary, I know I read this before but as I read this Once again, I can clearly see how “Will” is stronger and more powerful, as in my prayer, that gives me strength, I will to will Thy Will.”

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