Gardening is a Great Metaphor for Life and Here’s How You Can Grow Great Dreams!

Updated August 8, 2017

life plan grow dreams in garden

A garden is the ultimate metaphor for your life plan and with the right seeds, your dreams can be planted, tended, and cared for, giving you a life you would love living!

The power to manifest great dreams is available to everyone since it lies in the power of your own thoughts to shape your reality.

You don’t need a green thumb or magic garden shears, you just need to understand the importance of creating and focusing on the right thoughts (or seeds).

Since your thoughts control your circumstances, you can use them to shift your circumstances.

You have the ability to design your life plan much like a gardener plotting out their landscape and plant the seeds of your thoughts to create the life of your dreams!

Here’s how your thoughts create your circumstances…

Look at the device that you’re using to read this blog post. What was the first step in creating it?

It wasn’t assembling the pieces, creating the components, or even mining the materials.

The first step in creating the device was forming the idea of how such a machine would work, look, and feel. The same is true for every circumstance in your life.

When I was a teenager, I thought toxic, painful thoughts for so long that I developed a toxic, painful disease in my body. But when I started thinking about healing, and about the life plan I was going to live after I got well, I began to recover.

So it follows that when you think about how poor you are your mind is focused on poverty. You don’t see opportunities for wealth because you’re focused on your lack.

On the other hand, I’ve had clients who’ve stopped themselves from thinking about how they were struggling to pay their bills, and began to think about how grateful they were making $10,000 a month. This money hadn’t actually manifested yet, but they started planting the seeds through their words and thoughts.

To their astonishment, their income increased, even though they weren’t working any harder than before.

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Nature doesn’t distinguish between which seeds are sown. The earth nourishes whatever seed is planted in it, provided that seed is tended to with the water and nutrients it requires.

In the same way, your subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction don’t distinguish between productive thoughts and limiting ones. What you plant is what you harvest, so let’s explore which seeds will bring you failure, and which will bring you success.

4 seeds of doubt that sprout failure (and how to plant confidence instead)

Seed #1: I can’t.

How many times have you said “I can’t” to a dream or a chance to build your dream?

“I can’t afford that.”

“I can’t ask that person on a date.” or

“I can’t make a life plan where I could do something I would love.”

When you say “I can’t”, it closes a door in your mind. There’s no longer an opening for your dream or opportunity to become part of your life plan, or for possibilities and ideas to come to you.

So here’s what seeds to plant instead…

Instead of saying “I can’t”, ask, “How can I?

For example, instead of saying “I can’t afford that”, ask, “How can I afford that?” Instead of closing your mind to the possibility of having what you want, you open yourself to ideas to attract the money you need, or how to get what you desire.

Here’s a great story about my son who once thought that he couldn’t afford a tuxedo for the prom. Instead of simply saying “I can’t have the tuxedo”, he went to the rental store, explained his situation, and asked about their prices.

mary morrissey tuxedo story

In response, they offered him a deal.  If he wore one of their tuxedos to school every day that week, at the end of the week, he could rent a tux for the prom at no cost. They got free advertising, and my son got his tuxedo.

Seed #2: I’m not enough.

Sometimes, these thoughts are conscious ideas that we believe on an intellectual level.

Other times, they’re feelings that we wish we could stop, yet can’t seem to avoid.

These thoughts and feelings can take many forms, like “I’m not attractive enough to find a good mate”, or “I’m not brave or interesting enough to speak on stage”, or “I’m not rich enough to make a difference in the causes I care about”.

They can hold you back from creating the impact and the life that you desire.

Here’s what to plant instead…

Every time one of these thoughts or feelings comes up, your first step is to notice it and consciously counter with its opposite.

“No, I am beautiful in body and soul, and amazing love comes to me easily.”

“No, I am brave and interesting, and people want to hear my message.”

“I am creating all the resources I need to make a difference in my life plan, and I can start to make a difference now, with the abilities and resources I have.”

Seed #3: I’ll just fail again.

When you’ve failed in the past, it can be a challenge to try again. But you haven’t truly failed until you allow your failure to become the final word on your potential.

Here’s what to plant instead…

The next time you feel like you can’t try again because your last attempt didn’t work, remind yourself what Henry Ford said, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”

Seed #4: I don’t deserve it.

Whether it’s our childhood upbringing that told us we weren’t special or worthy, or we are only doing something worthwhile because it makes money but it’s not work we love, we feel like we’ve disqualified ourselves for having a happy life, many people have fear that they don’t deserve the success they desire.

If success doesn’t fit with your image of yourself or your life plan, you’ll reflexively find a way to sabotage it, so it’s vital to uproot the seeds of unworthiness from the soil of your mind.

Here’s what to plant instead…

No matter what you’ve done or what you’ve been told, don’t procrastinate.  Go ahead and take action, because every single minute is an opportunity to start anew.

So the next time you start to think about your mistakes, or to feel guilty about success, stop and tell yourself:

“That was then, this is now. Even though I (made this mistake, believed this message, or otherwise faltered) in the past, right now I choose to know that I am a person of value and worth, and I deserve to have (the dream you desire).”

The universe is on your side, but you have to work in partnership with it every day.

The Universe is also generous and loving, but it can only grow the things we are giving our attention to. Harry Truman once said, “Actions are the seed of fate, deeds grow into destiny.

You can live your life by default or by design so now it’s time to design!

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  • Alisa K Davidson

    Hi Mary! As I reread some of your blocks about increasing wealth,”up until now!” A good deal of it was about “Not feeling worthy “, but I wanted to share something else I realized in terms of a myth, that I am not so sure you mentioned or at least not directly. I was the youngest in my family, my oldest brother was in the army. He had money, he thought he could buy everything with it, including me. Many people I observed that had money, seemed unhappy, or conceited,so I felt as though I created a subconscious belief, that having money isn’t a good thing. Even though I know differently now that I could do wonderful things and be and have what I deserve,I am not so sure I have completely weeded out the old thoughts. I am working hard at seeing it differently, I just feel I could use a little more insight in this matter. Thanks, you are an endless source of wisdom, and you have tremendously helped me to transform some areas in my life.I am so happy and grateful for for all your help. Love and prayers, Alisa K Davidson

  • I am truly thankful for every single word as it helped me to see clearly how to reach my happiness

  • Very good blog. I enjoyed it. Very informative and true.

  • Fleur Ayres

    Thank you Mary, that is so profound. I take inspiration from this. It is so easy to focus on the negative.

    You are awesome.

  • thanks you for great article.

  • The message of this blog is great! Thank you.

  • Geraldine Renee' Walker

    Mary as always your words of inspiration are what bring a smile to my day. Thank you for all of the gifts that you continue to shower into our lives one sprinkle at a time. Blessings of love and light to you my dear.

  • Dorin-Ionel Focsa

    You have created the life all around the word.
    Thank you for the 4th seeds.

  • Jan Chadwick

    this was so helpful to me toady! Thank you, Mary! <3

  • Thank you for this info Ms. Mary. There were a few messages I needed to be reminded of. I appreciate you and I hope you enjoy each moment of this day. Peace and Love :)

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