Honoring The Extraordinary Life of Bill Harris, Who Recently Passed From This Earth

Bill Harris Was A Leader In The Fields Of Personal Development And Science… And Most Importantly, He Was A Dear And Beloved Friend

Today, I invite you to join me in celebrating the incredible life of Bill Harris, a leader in the personal development movement who passed from this earth on May 1 after a few months of illness.

I had the privilege of being at Bill’s bedside just a few days before he passed, and of conducting his final services ‒ but most importantly, I had the privilege and honor of calling him a friend and colleague.

A lifelong student of ancient and modern research into the nature of the mind, Bill founded the Centerpointe Research Institute in 1989, an organization dedicated to helping people all around the world experience personal growth through the power of meditation.

Bill created the groundbreaking Holosync™ audio technology, which incorporates subtle sound underneath and inside of music that induces deep, healing states of meditation.

He was a teacher, speaker, author, business owner and musician. He worked for many years as a jazz musician, playing the clarinet, flute and saxophone.

bill harris holosync memorial

During the course of his lifetime, over 19 million people in 190 countries were transformed by Bill’s work by means of his programs, talks, books and music – and he cared so deeply about each and every human being he served.

Bill was truly a spiritual being having a human experience, and he spent his whole life serving the Universal truth that there is a power in each of us that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition we will ever find ourselves in.

So while he has passed on from this earthly realm, the great news for you and me is that his work continues to live on, both through all of the people he’s helped, and through the Centerpointe Research Institute, which will continue to operate and thrive.

As someone who is committed to living their best life, I highly recommend you explore his work. I just know you will find it truly inspirational and life-changing!


Please join me in sending out a great prayer to the soul of Bill Harris, and a wave of gratitude for the philanthropic work he abundantly gave to the world with love and care.

Thank you for the impact you made and the things you gave, Bill. You are cherished and appreciated, and you will be missed!

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  • Even I didnt know that Bill is no more. I too purchased his initial Holosync CDs and they were great! May his soul RIP.

  • C. Gordon Moose

    Sorry to hear of his passing.

  • Jane Burnette

    I had no idea that Mr. Harris had passed. My mate and myself were fortunate to have benefited from completing the Holosync program. (it takes a while) I join you in mourning the passing of a great gentleman. And I join you in celebrating his great contributions that are still enriching us all.

  • Joe Dailey

    My son Brian has greatly benefited from Bill’s work even though we didn’t know his name.
    Happy Birthday Mary!

  • Carolyn Brack-Jackson

    A beautiful soul, thank you Bill Harris !

  • Edward Muchiimi

    Yes Mary!! I met Bill over last Christmas when I misteriously stumpled on Center Pionte Research Institute website and without hestation enroled on the Awakening Prologue program.
    I truly believe Bill’s spirit will continue to live in our hearts and spirit through his teachings that are highly transformative.
    I intend to continue using holosync for some years to come.
    I am thankful and really grateful for Bill for leaving our world better with his work.

  • millie mcswain


  • Erin McDonald

    A truly life changing pioneer, who courageously listened and followed an Inner Wisdom that is available to us all. I am so grateful for his work and his life.

  • Agbonson Julie

    Your service to humanity will forever be remembered. I have not stumbled on any of your books or written material but I believe in the testimonies of those who were part of your associates. We will always miss you

  • Susan Anderson-Seibert

    Mary was Bill at the Unstoppable Gala night? I rmember seeing the announcement of his death among my jazz friends but did not realize the extent of his work. I enjoyed listening thethe tape they offered.I actually thought it was rainng because it is suppose to rain today. Wow life is so interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us.When the time comes I would be honored to have you officiate my passing and I know for his family it was a blessing.Thanks Sue

  • Ruth Barker

    Thank you for telling me about Bill. I have his holosync program and it has changed my life. It never ceases to amaze me how people discover these things. But I am thankful they do.


    I have the fortune to be one of Bill’s pupils for the past 15 years and using his Centerpointe Holosynctechnology. I am deeply mourning his passing and at the same time I count myself blessed to have known him and will keep on using his fantastic teachings, Miri Roth

  • Barbara E Campbell

    Bill Harris, Your essence will live on in the thoughts and memories of those who revered and or loved you. The followers of your works will keep your contributions to humanity alive and well. May you reside in peace now.

  • Lucie Rosa-Stagi

    Thank you Mary for those heartfelt words for Bill Harris. Bill’s work at the Centerpointe with his Holosync technology helped me tremendously improve my disposition. By level 2 of using Holosync, I no longer found myself so reactive to situations. I became calmer and more cheerful.

    I’m still a student/client of Holosync. I just started my fourth level and always know and feel that there’s more work to be done as I start with each new level. My concentration, meditation practice, and focus have improved tremendously, and I always look forward every day to my time with my great audiophones to my Dives and Immersion sessions.

    Thank you Bill. You have made a great difference in my life and for that I will be eternally grateful to you, to Centerpointe, and to Holosync.

  • I am really impressed by your effort, immortalizing Bii and his achievements while here on earth. That was very nice of you. We all know we shall depart this world sometimes too. To be able to say about us that we have contributed our own quota is worth it. Therefore I greet you, I salute you and congratulate you for helping to broadcast the work of bill. I am very sure that when your time ropes too, we shall all be there for you.
    May the good soul of Bill rest in perfect peace until the final day when we shall all meet in the bosom of our savior, Jesus Christ the only son of God who died and rose because of our sins.
    We all cheer the death of a nice man, Bill who has gone to rest, waiting for the rest of us.
    I thank you for sharing your experience with wit all of us.
    May the almighty God bless you. Amen.

  • Vernie Williams

    Thank you for your email Mary you always inspire me.⭐️

  • Shonnie

    Thank you for introducing me to Bill’s work long ago. I admire the many years of work you have both contributed and the impact which is infinite.

    With gratitude,
    Shonnie Scheer

  • David Panton

    So sorry to hear about Bill’s passing. I did actually have some of his CD’s but I’m not sure if I still have them. I wish I could have met him in person.

  • So sorry that you lost your good friend, Mary. Sending love and prayers

  • GOD Validates!;Man Credentials.

  • I feel deeply sad to know that Mr Bill Harris has passed on.
    He was indeed a great mind,inspirer and motivator.I recall with gratitude,the feelings ,reading many of his emails which usually end with,”Be well “.
    May God grant his soul eternal repose,and to his family,the fortitude to accept the will of the Almighty God.

  • Artie Stone

    Thank you, Bill Harris. Your legacy will be cherished by many throughout the world. You are wished eternal peace and comfort.

  • Charlotte

    Hi Mary.
    So sorry to hear of Bill’s passing. I have used holosync. I ordered his recordings about twenty years ago!
    Love, Charlotte

  • I’d just like to thank you for sharing Bill’s story!!! It is so inspirational and it deeply touches my heart…I would like to touch as many hearts as he did some day!!

  • Gangadhara rao

    Great man, Great service.tq Bill Harris.

  • Kathy Young

    I am 1of the 19 million lives he touched through his work, & have been nourished & blessed by its impact since 1992. Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry for the physical loss of your friend, and have been holding you in Compassion & Consciousness during this time of transition since you shared in Dearborn. Blessing & celebrating Bill in the next phase of his ever expanding Life experience! ?

  • What an inspirational and kind-hearted man he was. Thank you for sharing his story with us and condolences on the passing of a dear friend.

  • Thank you both, Mary Morrissey and Bill Harris. You both had great impact on my life in Beaverton Oregon beginning in 1988. Bill taught me meditation and chaos theory, a hand in hand understanding of how to grow safely and confidently. I use his teaching still as I facilitate the learning of new students to New Thought. Namaste’ Bill, you are an eternal friend in Spirit, Donald Fouts

  • Craig Ivory

    Part of my growth has come from completing Bill Harris’s Holosync program. During long lonely years while working in the Middle East I had the opportunity to use my spare time doing the program and internalizing the new group of values I was able to integrate into my personality and become closer to being the person I want to be. Thank You Bill Harris

  • Tina Bassi

    For at least a spell I hope that you are able to relax and be taken care of by those you have helped that have gone before you. What greater honor could be bestowed upon them. What a worthy gesture to bestow upon a man who gave of himself selflessly.

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