Two Simple Ways to Feel More Inspired and Passionate About Your Life


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Wondering How to Find Your Passion? Here Are a Few Easy Ways to Break Out of Your Regular Routine and Experience Greater Aliveness Each and Every Day

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are growth-seeking by nature. We love and thrive on the feeling of progression and achievement.

But it’s also very easy to fall into routines that can leave us feeling stagnant or stuck. While routine can be healthy and productive, routine can also actually lull the brain to sleep.

Switching up your daily routine – with different environments, activities, habits and conversations – can awaken your senses, stimulate your mind and make you feel truly alive!

Here are two simple but powerful ways to break up your routine, so that you’ll inject fresh momentum and inspiration into your life.

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ROUTINE BREAKER #1: Make simple but energizing changes

Many of us fall into the belief that in order to transform our lives, we must make many epic changes all at once.

In truth, the key to attaining any goal or dream is taking consistent action toward it, however small or incremental. Even the smallest steps, taken consistently, will take you up any mountain!

Now even if you don’t have a precise goal or dream in mind that you want to transform into reality, it’s still highly beneficial to change up your routine.

Doing so brings new energy flow into your life and opens you up to new opportunities you may not have seen before, which can move your life forward in all kinds of ways!

To break up routine and practice re-patterning your life, start by making small, seemingly inconsequential changes.

Take a different route home from work, for example, and take in the new view!

Try a new restaurant. It doesn’t have to be more expensive than the ones you regularly visit, just a place that’s new to you.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, even just one time.

Take a brisk, five-minute walk in the morning and notice how this changes the energy you start your day with.

Or strike up a conversation with someone new ‒ you might be surprised at the gold nuggets of wisdom you come away with from even a quick, casual chat.

No matter what you do to change things up, the idea is to give your senses something fresh to experience. So try breaking your routine in a couple of new, simple ways and pay attention to how your energy feels.

When you do this, ask yourself: Do I feel a greater sense of energy and aliveness?

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ROUTINE BREAKER #2: Take up a new hobby

Now I realize this one may seem like a bigger investment of your time and energy, but believe me, the reward is worth it.

And the truth is, a new hobby doesn’t actually have to be a huge investment of your time, energy and money at all.

I know how easy it is to think, “Oh, ugh. I’ve got so much to do. I don’t need one more thing to do!” But I’m not talking about hours and hours dedicated to a new hobby. I’m talking about taking on a small but new endeavor that greatly interests you.

When my mother Dorothy turned 85, she joined a china painting class. It was something she’d thought about for years but never acted on. She didn’t believe she could be a great painter, so she put off ever taking a class.

how to find your passion painting

I encouraged her to give it a try. I told her that much of dream-building involves just trying one new thing, because this new activity actually creates new pathways in your brain and generates new ideas. And activities like classes have the added benefit of connecting you with new people as well!

So begrudgingly and reluctantly, my mother signed up for a china painting class at the local YMCA. She went once a week for four weeks. She went even when she didn’t necessarily feel like it. It was only an hour a week, which wasn’t a huge amount of time.

And guess what happened?

She got out of the house. She met many new people. She became wildly passionate about china painting and incredibly good at it too!

My mother Dorothy, at 85 years old, had gained the greatest passion and aliveness she’d ever experienced!

That one class, four hours total of her time, changed her whole life.

New patterns for your brain naturally create a greater sense of aliveness. So go ahead and try something you’ve always been drawn to or return to something that you used to love that gave you life.

Pick up an instrument, take a yoga class, play on a sports team, join a book club or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Do what speaks to you.

Whether you’re looking to meet new people or you’re looking for a creative outlet, or both, a new hobby is a fantastic way to infuse fresh energy into your life.

When you do so, you open yourself up to new sources of inspiration and aliveness. You open yourself up to the infinite possibilities out there waiting for you!

Another way to become more inspired and passionate about life is through guided meditation…

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