How to Increase Your Creativity and Generate Great Ideas That Can Turn Into Extraordinary Dreams


Great ideas don’t have to be “once in awhile” occurrences! You can actually increase your creativity and generate amazing ideas simply by tuning into the power that’s already within you.

Have you ever wanted to increase your creativity, so that you’re able to inject more inspiration, fun and flow into a dream you want to transform into reality, or something else you’ve set your mind to?

Many people believe that people are born super creative. Or that when we have good ideas, these are rare occurrences that “just happen,” like a rain shower, and that you have little to no control over when they will appear.

Some people even have the self-defeating belief, “I am not intelligent enough to come up with good ideas.”

But all of the above couldn’t be further from the truth!

Every single one of us has a power within us that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition we will ever find ourselves in.

The ability to think differently, generate new ideas, and increase your creativity is an important skill that will help you move toward your dreams with greater ease and speed.

Get creative, get unstuck, and start living the life of your dreams.

And, like any skill, it’s one that you can begin to learn and master simply by making the decision to!

Every one of us has the spirit-given ability to generate fresh, and even radical ideas when we start to learning how to tune into a very special part of what makes us human – our curiosity.

Take Albert Einstein for example, a man who many consider to be the smartest person who has ever lived…

Albert Einstein never considered himself a creative genius of any sort. He did, however, consider himself to be an incredibly curious person.

He once said,

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

Another one of my favorite Einstein quotes is, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Isn’t that wonderful?

What that means for you and I is that we can increase our level of creativity, and generate extraordinary and inspiring new ideas, simply by giving ourselves permission to follow our curiosity about what’s going on within us and around us.

Want to increase your creativity? Follow your curiosity!

Have you ever heard the song “26 Miles”? This classic hit was written by Bruce Belland, lead singer of The Four Preps. The record sold millions of copies in the 1950s and remains an enduring part of American pop culture.

My husband, Joe, was a member of the group for three years, and it’s through him that I first learned the story of how the song was born.

It all started when a young Bruce Belland decided to skip school with some of his friends for a day at the beach.

It was a beautiful day, and from the shore, they could see Catalina Island in the distance. One of his friends asked, “How far do you think that is?” Bruce replied, “Maybe 26 miles? I’m not sure.”

Over the course of the rest of the afternoon, as Bruce sat there staring out at Catalina Island, he continued to entertained his curiosity about the distance. And he soon found himself strumming his ukulele, singing softly, “26 miles across the sea…”

And just like that, there was the spark of one of the most popular songs of the 1950s and 60s. That group of friends skipping school went on to become one of the most popular bands of the decade.

Just allowing yourself to sit with curiosity can create a tiny spark of creativity and inspiration that grows into something great!

Creativity and great ideas spring from a desire to be curious about what’s going on – both within your own thoughts, and in the world around you.

When you give yourself permission to entertain and follow your curiosity, new ideas will come to you and doorways of opportunity will open for you that will propel you closer toward your dreams.

Then, the next step is to act on your curiosity, to begin transforming what’s in your mind and heart into reality.

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