How to Stop Procrastinating When It Comes to Your Dreams and Goals

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3 “Dream Stealers” That Chip Away at Enthusiasm, Resolve and Momentum

There’s a common scenario played out in the lives of so many of us: We become clear on a dream or goal, and then set out to achieve it. We start out strong… but weeks or maybe even months later, we realize we’re no longer committed, and therefore don’t accomplish what we wanted to accomplish.

Why do we procrastinate on the goals and dreams that are so important to us? And how do we stop?

In over 40 years of helping myself and others turn dreams into results, I’ve discovered that there are three major “dream stealers” (as I choose to call them) that lead so many of us to procrastinate on the things we want the most.

When these dream stealers start to operate inside of us, it’s very difficult to see what’s going on, until we turn around weeks or months later.

If this scenario sounds even slightly familiar to you, make sure you keep reading so that when these three dream stealers start to knock on your door, you’ll be able to see them and send them on their way!

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Why do we procrastinate on our goals and dreams even when we really want to achieve them?

We’re all spiritual beings having human experiences. The spiritual side of our nature is always seeking to expand, grow and become more of who we’re capable of being.

The human side of our nature deals with polarity. This means that when it comes to pursuing our dreams, there are often two parts of us at work – the part that wants to move forward toward what we desire, and the part of us that argues for why we can’t.

dissuasion procrastination factor

The part that argues for complacency, for not rocking the boat is meant to keep us safe and firmly in our comfort zone – it’s a survival mechanism. But it prevents thriving.

The part of you that argues for why you can’t is what I like to call a “dream stealer,” and there are three sneaky strategies it likes to use to encourage you to procrastinate on taking action to move yourself closer to your dreams.

The good news is that you have the ability to choose which side you listen to and therefore, respond by taking action (or not).

Here are the three main dream stealers to watch out for in order to avoid procrastinating on your dreams

The first dream stealer tells you that there will be time to work on your goals later.

The voice of delay goes something like this:

  • “Don’t do it today. Do it tomorrow.”
  • “You said you were going to eat this way, but you didn’t eat this way at breakfast, so you might as well just wait until next Monday.”
  • “Since you can’t do it all today, don’t do anything today.”

The voice of delay tries to keep things exactly as they are, so watch out!

Just as you’re about to take the action required to achieve your dream, you may hear a voice pop into your head with tantalizing alternative courses of action.

The voice of distraction sounds like this:

  • “I would probably be more creative if I just do the laundry.”
  • “I should probably check my email or Facebook first.”
  • “You know what I’ve not done in awhile? Read Moby Dick. Now’s probably the best time to start.”

Just know this: these types of distractions create a delay in taking the necessary action to move forward with your life.

Dissuasion will seek to derail you from taking action by telling you the reasons why you won’t succeed so that you’ll abandon your pursuit of what it is that you’d love.

You may be familiar with the voice of dissuasion:

  • “I didn’t really want this anyway.”
  • “I don’t really deserve this.”
  • “Who am I to think that I can have what I want?”

Dissuasion comes as an unexpected breeze that blows with just enough force to snuff out the fledgling flames of progress. Protect the fire of your desire.

how to stop procrastinating woman

To stop procrastinating, say NO to delay, distraction and dissuasion!

The secret to stopping procrastination (3 secret reasons people procrastinate on their biggest dreams: is to notice when the voices of delay, distraction and dissuasion are telling you to stay behind instead of encouraging you to stick with it. Then, recognize that there’s another part of you that wants you to pursue your goals and dreams!

Turn down the volume on the part of you arguing to stay stuck, and turn up the volume of the part of you that wants to move forward.

If these dream stealers begin making a compelling case as to why you shouldn’t or can’t take action toward creating a life you love living, let the other side of you stand tall against it.

Tell these dream stealers that today, you are going to pursue your goals and dreams. Don’t believe them when they try to convince you that tomorrow, next month or next year may be better – take action, no matter how big or small, TODAY.

procrastination gears

Stand up for your dreams!

When you refuse to give in to delay, distraction and dissuasion, you begin to instill new patterns of thoughts and beliefs that will support you in moving forward on your success journey, instead of listening to dream stealers that seek to keep you from moving forward.

And now I have a question for you…

What are some of the tools you’ve found (or strategies you use) to help you to overcome procrastination when it comes knocking on your door?

Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments section below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


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  • Yvette Fleurjuste

    Thank you for all you done Mary.

  • Beverly Bradford

    Excellant, so true!!!!

    Beverly Bradford

  • Frederick Ray Copeland

    Action is always the cure for me. I have a lofty business goal. When procrastination starts to knock on my door I just do something small toward my goal. This usually gets things going again. Then that wonderful emotion of hope sets in and im off working on my dreams again.

  • I have come to realize, that when it comes to the higher levels of greater life experiences.. that no one was born not to reach them. That the mind is not a tangible part of our physiological make-up, and that we can always choose (our most powerful freedom) to learn what we have never known so, that we can do what we have never done to get to where we have never been!… I keep the aforementioned in mind. No max point!…

  • You certainly know that “things” come to us when we need them. So you came to me today. Thanks. :)


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