I Want to Be Rich! Is That Even Okay?

How Your Desire for Abundance Influences Your Success and Your Ability to Make a Difference in the World

If you’re like most people, you seek greater success and happiness in life. But have you ever thought, “I want to be rich!” and then immediately wondered if it’s wrong to love money… or if wanting to be rich makes you greedy or less spiritual?

Or maybe, on the other hand, you’ve wondered if it’s possible to become successful at all if you’re not money-motivated.

These are very common questions for people on a spiritual path to ask themselves.

i want to be rich spirituality

Why? Because society often sends the message that wanting more money and abundance somehow makes us a bad or selfish person.

But that’s simply not true!

The fact is that we live in a giving universe and more wealth means we can give more to others.

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i want to be rich wealthy

For them, it’s not enough to be wealthy in one area (like their relationships) but bankrupt in another (like their health).

Not long ago, we were discussing Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, which explores the proven mindsets and habits necessary for achieving abundance.

One Brave Thinking Master, Anette, asked an outstanding question:

“Mary, I know that studying and applying the principles of Think and Grow Rich is a part of being a Brave Thinking Master. But… I struggle with wanting to be rich! I really want to be more successful in my business, but not necessarily RICH. What should I do?”

So I answered by explaining to her that money is just a symbol for freedom

And it’s really only good for two things…

I told Anette that I imagined the reason she wanted to be successful was NOT because she wanted to just sit around all day with big stacks of money lying around.

But what if she wanted to send her child to the school of her dreams, or give a generous endowment to her Alma Mater? Or contribute to some innovation or development that could help humanity? She’d want the freedom to be able to do that, right?

That resonated with Anette. “I DO want that freedom,” she said.

Anette connected with the idea that being rich isn’t about having lots of cash… it’s about having complete freedom to do what you want to do, go where you want to go, and give what you want to give.

You see, spirit loves freedom. The power breathing you is ever-expansive and seeking to liberate you and increase your creativity, expression and expansion!

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So this is why I say money is only good for two things:

  1. To make you comfortable enough, so that…
  2. You can give more of your unique gifts to the world.

On the other hand, of course you can be successful and giving if you don’t actively seek to be financially wealthy. But you may not gain the same amount of freedom to be, do, have and most importantly GIVE as much as you’d really love.

So if you desire success, but feel uncomfortable viewing yourself as “money-minded,” then think of yourself as freedom-minded instead!

It’s truly okay to say “I want to be rich” if your heart is in the right place.

i want to be rich tithe

You have no idea the good that can happen through you, if you give yourself permission to have more space in your life…

The space to do what you’d most love to do and give what you’d most love to give starts inside of you.

Ask yourself what you’d want to accomplish and then ask, “What if I could? What if I had this freedom?”

Say to yourself,

“I want to be rich, and it’s not that I want a lot of money… it’s that I want a lot of freedom!”

See if that resonates with you. Say, “I would love to help those who need help. I would love to be comfortable enough to dedicate my creative energy to what matters most to me.”

If this concept of money as freedom – NOT as a material substance – resonates with you, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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  • I truly wanted to jot down a word to be able to express gratitude to
    you for the fabulous ways you are giving out at this site.
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    • This statement says it all, I feel I’m almost there giving space for my musical talents to explode but I don’t see the financial ripple effects yet, how can I make giant leap from today on… Here is the quote that is in my heart: “I would love to help those who need help. I would love to be comfortable enough to dedicate my creative energy to what matters most to me.” JohAnne freedom is being aligned with my musical purpose as a harpist, sent from Nova Scotia, Canada.

    • Mary I just love that. having the freedom to be able to create what I want and give freely when I want. Now that is what I want…

  • Elijah Jackson

    I have always resonated with the the idea of being comfortable enough financially to be creative enough to deliver my gifts, to travel and explore my world. I own Think and Grow Rich and I have been reinspired to begin studying it again as a result of your video.
    “Money cant buy you happiness but it can buy you freedom…and Freedom has the Power to make you Happy.”
    Thank you Mary.

  • My mental blocks have been sabotaging my success for years. I have so many tools and programs to help me…but if I willing choose to do something else with my time…it is on me. I believe I am destined for so much more, I just do not know when the pain of not living the life I deserve is going to bring about consistent action to move forward!

  • Thanks for this video. This made me realize I get a lot of joy from giving people things! It started some wheels turning in my head about charities I could volunteer for or how to make a career change (I am a cubicle rat)

  • HI enjoyed the video and yes it does resonate with me. I’m doing all the readings and videos i can feel myself getting closer and closer to something great but i think there is an obstacle i don’t know what it is i feel like i have soooo much to give and it feel like it’s bursting from the inside but i am stuck. I think i’m paranoid that i might run out of time and rather than push me that thought has me grounded. Can you offer any help

  • Yvette fleurjuste

    Mary thank you i can’t wait to see you face to face i dreamed of you the devil attact me on my phone you come and take my phone. and now is ok i need more from your soul we’re connected.

  • Olga Kuznetsova

    Wonderful ! With gratitude and appreciation !
    I used to have these ideas concerning
    having money Always !

    Olga from St Petersburg Russia

  • Suzanne Hefford

    I have just came across your videos mary they have been very helpful! Thank you :-) The story you shared made me think of how I’d like to contribute to the world by feeding kids in Africa. Have a wonderful day!xx

  • Cathy Burns-Schweig

    Little thoughts keep sneaking their way in when I am starting something new. I question if there will be enough money to do what I want to do, knowing full well that there is plenty.

    I love your thoughts on freedom. Thank you for the reminder. It is exactly what I needed to hear right now.

  • This sounds fun and interesting!!

  • Guys if you can, check my affiliated web site out!! Come join to make money or even to just get into the best shape of your lives!! I’m excited for you to go check it out! This seems truly GREAT!!

  • Donna Callahan

    Thank you Mary for this video. I’ve taken several classes with Rev. Maureen Hoyt and she frequently spoke of you and quoted you – now I see why.
    I had tears watching this because somehow I’ve not felt worthy of more, but I so want to help animals and people that suffer.
    This helped me see things in a different way. I will be reframing my Spiritual mind treatments differently because yes I DO WANT FREEDOM!!
    Thank you for explaining it in such a wonderful way.
    You are a blessing and I needed to see this.
    Love to you, Donna Callahan

    • Mark R Jones

      Perhaps a small point on this one but If we seek to help those that “we see” as suffering are we not seeking to find suffering rather than ENRICHING the lives of those that are not awakened to our innate ability to manifest abundance as we choose.
      I say it is more important to be an example of possibilities rather than a savior to those we see suffering. IF one looks for suffering you certainly will find it as we will project that which we seek.

  • We get paid MONEY for WHAT we do;
    We get paid from our HEART for WHY we do it!
    Hal Gullick

  • Sharon Clark

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