What Independence Day Can Teach You About the Incredible Power Within You

When you think of July 4th in the United States, you probably think of barbecues and fireworks.

You most likely also know that we’re celebrating our country’s independence from Great Britain in 1776.

Our nation’s founders declared our country’s freedom through a document called the Declaration of Independence.

Two of the authors, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both went on to become the second and third President of the United States, respectively.

The Declaration of Independence indeed declared independence from Great Britain’s rule, but it also went much deeper than that…

The document declared an independence for all individuals and emboldened people in the United States (and frankly, people all around the world!) for centuries.

And inherent in the Declaration of Independence, which is what I really want to impart to you today, is that there’s a power inside every single one of us – a force that longs deeply for freedom, deserves freedom, and has a right to freedom.

mary morrissey united states flag

The words in the Declaration of Independence speak to a greater spiritual freedom that can be used to achieve your highest good…

The Declaration of Independence states:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

It is in our nature to want equality, a greater sense of aliveness and freedom and a truly joyful life. Our spirit longs for these freedoms and they are rights divinely granted to us.

Historically, however, it hasn’t always been easy for the United States. In fact, our country went to war to gain these rights and has since gone to war to protect them.

But what we all know is that there’s a deeply spiritual right that every last one of us possesses for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And when we live into this truth and honor it in others, we create a better, stronger, more evolved world.

mary morrissey thomas jefferson john adams

This story about John Adams and Thomas Jefferson can teach us a lot about understanding the spiritual power within ourselves

John Adams became the second president of the United States, and he desperately wanted to serve two terms. However, Thomas Jefferson came along and unseated him, becoming the next president.

And John Adams was very bitter about it!

He believed that Thomas Jefferson had used unfair and untruthful tactics to win the presidency, and he refused to talk to Jefferson for many decades, even though Jefferson made several attempts to connect with him.

Over time, the men grew older.

When John Adams’ wife Abigail died, Thomas Jefferson reached out one last time, by letter.

Eventually John Adams wrote Jefferson back, and they began a written exchange that lasted for years.

They discussed many deep spiritual truths and lessons they’d learned during their lives by trying to live into the principles they wrote about in the Declaration of Independence.

In these letters, they came to deep understandings about confession, forgiveness, the pursuit of power and the sincere desire to thrive.

They both cared so deeply about the new country and wanted to make a profound difference, though they had different methods.

As time passed, they not only forgave each other, but also became dear friends.

After some time, Thomas Jefferson heard that John Adams was falling ill.

He wrote him and asked, “How are you doing? How are you really doing?”

And in his very last letter to Jefferson, Adams replied, “You ask me how John Adams is. I will tell you…”

What Adams said perfectly revealed the spiritual independence he’d grown into over the course of his life. He answered:

“The house in which John Adams lives is crumbling. The foundation is crumbling. The door is falling off its hinges. The roof is cracking and leaking. Yes, soon John Adams will need to move out of this house, but John Adams? John Adams himself is quite well, quite well indeed. Thank you for asking.”

Now what was John Adams really speaking about?

He was speaking about his recognition that a force resided in him that was separate from his body.

John Adams knew that the spiritual part of him was stronger than any circumstance, and that he possessed a true spiritual independence – a spiritual independence that we can all find within ourselves, too.

And here’s the beautiful end to the story of these two founders’ friendship…

mary morrissey declaration of independence

Both men died within hours of one another, on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Their independence from their bodies in this realm was granted on the same day they penned the greatest treatise of individual independence in history.

Whatever country you reside in, remember that we are all dependent on the spirit that breathes us, and that spirit is independent of any physical circumstances…

We are dependent on the power breathing us – the very spirit that gives us life.

But when we embrace the idea that this spirit is independent of any external circumstances, we can grow into our most expansive, joyful lives.

Spiritual independence means being independent of others people’s opinions, our own histories, outside circumstances and so on.

Spiritual independence means rising above all of these limiting dependencies and asking ourselves, “What would I truly LOVE in this life?”

And the highest truth will always be answered back to us.

So ask yourself what you would most love for your health, your relationship and your career… and know that there’s a power within you to make those things happen.

That power – that spiritual independence – is available to us no matter our country or political system.

Today, take that power and live it.

And now, here’s a question for you…

What’s something that matters to you about being independent in spirit – independent of conditions or anything that’s been going on in your life?

What kind of independence would you love?

Go ahead and share your thoughts with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


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  • This was quite informative and powerful. Thank you so much for getting this information out. May the fireworks within us began and may we each defend and protect what Presidents Adam and Jefferson’s insight in how this country would succeed and be JUST to each countryman, woman and child. I Love US!

  • Debra Martinez

    I would love the “freedom” from self-limiting thoughts. These thoughts have been ingrained in my psyche for decades now and result from trusting and being hurt because of it. Now trust is shattered and my own insecurities that result from the abuse are an on-going struggle to overcome. I want the freedom of peace within my own skin, knowing that I am OK and that bad people hurt me but that does not make ME bad for trusting them in the first place.

  • enoch musonda chalenga

    I have been encouraged by this message.
    Rev. M.E.Chalenga

  • Hege Frøyen

    I am married and have five children. They are from 19 to 26 years old. I experience and have lived through living with him that he often requires a lot of space and has long thoughts that can not be interrupted when we talk to each other and when he talks with the children. If I try to comment then he will say I’m rude and lack respect. If I do not have enough knowledge he can become impatient and say I should keep my mouth. How can I meet such communication with a loving attitude. How can I communicate so he understands that I feel inferior and I see the children struggling to feel okay. I see that the children at multiple occasions are not seen by their father so I also experience that I’m not seen sometimes. I sometimes try to say now, more people must be heard but it is perceived as inappropriate interruption and disrespectful. I love my husband but struggling to live in an equal relationship with him. What can I do to make it better? and live the life I would love to live with him and the children. I can only change myself but how and how do I help the children to be seen by their father?

    • Dear Hege:

      I can sense the hurt and frustration in you words. I can’t give you the five steps to a happy marriage…because I myself am divorced. But I can assuredly tell you that God loves you and your children…and He will meet you right where you are.

      Trust that, believe that …He is faithful. With Love,

    • Turn to Scripture, read the Bible. Pray to God that he may touch and soften your husbands heart. A husband should love his wife as Jesus loved his church. The change starts in you and your husband can change. God works miracles.
      It will take time, but God answers on his time not ours. Give it to God and pray for your husband each and every time that he dismisses you and makes you feel beneath him. God will hear you, I promise.

    • Dear Hege, all external change begins with an internal change. I have found it very helpful to use the affirmation ‘the story I am telling myself about this situation is not true. It was just a misunderstanding and I am free to release it now”. As you do this, the negative beliefs will come to the surface of your awareness, and you can meet them with love and kindness and resolve them. EFT is good for helping with this.

      Often we suffer, not just because of how someone treats us, but because of deeply held subconscious beliefs that a) are negative ideas of self b) ideas that other people hold power over us c) we need the approval of others to feel whole c) we allow ourselves to be abused because of the ideas we hold such as self-dislike. Put simply, we believe in life-stories where we are a character who is not respected, interacting with characters who ‘disrespect’ or abuse us. It takes many hundreds, even thousands of positive affirmations in our thoughts and feelings to free ourselves, but it is truly worth it. Part of this process is focusing on gratitude – for example feeling gratitude for being you. Gratitude that you are realizing you don’t need/want to be treated in this way any more. This may be a big step in your personal process. You can feel gratitude that you are also seeing deeper into this situation via your children and their relationship with their father. After extending love and awareness to yourself, the other step is blessing in your thoughts the person who is behaving in a not-loving way. Saying in your thoughts and heart ‘thank you for showing me that I don’t need this any more. I give you permission to not play this hurtful role any more (remember negative behavior is how people create bad karma, and the person will have to meet the results of their attitudes now or in the future, when they are ready to). Things can change for the better when we realize that it is our own attitudes we most need to free ourselves from. This could be as simple as finally claiming the feeling/atmosphere of dignity for yourself in all situations (as an inner experience and orientation) as you do this repeatedly, opportunities for your dignity to express itself outwardly will come. A readiness to be this outwardly will come. sometimes in quite miraculous ways. Remember we are all in the process of changing very old habits in our mind/body field, and it can take months of repeating new habits to make a change become a permanent new foundation. Divine consciousness loves you, and will support you in your healing every time you ask for help. Wishing you many blessings!

  • Amy Kennedy
  • I have been codependent for almost all of my life. I am now 80 years old and I wonder if I’m just too old. Too old to be independent? Yet there are times when I don’t feel old at all.

  • cherril casey

    freedom to speak freedom not to be judged or controlled by others.freedom to love who you want to love.freedom to be ones own person .is what we strive for in life.independance day stands for much.. freedom to be your own person.

  • Josefina Romero

    Hi Mary,
    I’m Evie from Belize. I do really appreciate your words which you spiritually discern from your country’s Declaration of Independence. But like myself ,the discovery of that inner source, the presence of the Holy Spirit can lay hidden for years from ourselves.To discover it,leads to spiritual independence.How many of us are willing to use our lives as these two men did even after decades of spiritual imprisonment? I yearn for this :life,liberty and happiness.Today,we have made up our definition of what these words mean.The laws are being amended and distorted to accommodate feelings rather than the truth.I feel blessed to observe the abundance of everything here in your country and I am so eager to learn.I believe that the life,liberty and happiness is grounded in genuine Love for each other but only humility to accept a carpenter’s son to reveal the truth to us is the key.I really think that God, the Father and His Son are what will lead us to have a free’me’within.Until the ‘Truth,The Way and the Life’ is accepted then we will create a ‘new Kingdom come.”

  • Clara Mosley

    I read the “Declaration of Independence” many years ago; also the “Willie Lynch Papers”

    The endowed “Spirit Within” of “Non whiteness” folks, was, and is, the Salvation and Strength from those who would deny the “created equality of every race, creed, color, and orientation, to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    Founding Authors of the “Declaration of Independence, purchased, owned and sold people as slaves, while yet writing ✍️ this document. As well, “ME TOO” Raping of people and owing them as property, was a privileged practice, and not a crime!

    Grateful that later generations of Thomas
    Jefferson, would not be denied the recognition that they too, were his lineage by a woman, subjected to the will of her “Plantation” circumstance. Yet, the Power of her Spiritual Strength emerged, within her future generations

    Yes! Spiritual Power is all Powerful, to include zero tolerance, for shades and shadows of horrors that deflect, elude, and Spiritually wash over “whiteness,” all encompassing bigotry” and dark deeds by anyone.

    • Yes Clara, every generation has its moral blind spots’; things that are considered normal at the time, but appear horrific in hindsight. Most cultures around the world, not just ‘white’ ones, have kept slaves. It is a karma that has ‘come around and gone around’ endlessly. At least the Declaration was an affirmation in the right direction, though it took more generations to accomplish it (and it is still a work in progress). We still today turn a blind eyes to things we believe we cannot function without, and pollute the planet, kill the wildlife, and support slave labor in the developing world. We also accept the ‘necessity’ of large numbers of low-wage workers, and homeless people as part of how our society works. Still a long way to go, but gradually improving, and a bit less barbaric.

  • So many things!
    Independance to continue studying, continue my community work, help Venezuela on this caos circinstance is on now!
    Contribute to my house financially.
    Fix my mothers actual passport :)
    Have a great JOB!

  • Thank you Mary that was great!

  • I enjoyed this look back in history and our founding fathers’ Declaration of Independence including the intense principals upon which they wrote this timeless, historical document! My wish for our country is that all people’s, especially our politicians, remember these principles and provide their efforts towards maintaining them in all words and deeds! Let no harm to our spirits be done by anyone for their own rightousness! Let our freedom ring!

  • Lori Sunshine

    Thank you Mary, for sending out a friendship healing message today. It shall vibrate love in our world and continue to be shared with others…

  • really the great achievement got

  • Nia-Sue Mitchum

    Freedom from self hate, sabotage and procrastination – I am plagued by feelings that I’m “bad” when someone is angry at me or I make a mistake. I often turn to food to soothe this pain and it’s accompanying depression. I would love to feel fully alive, self-confident and whole.

  • I would love to have the Independence of all conditioned habits and beliefs!!! Spiritual Freedom!!

  • Ms. Morrissey,

    Thanks so much for putting this video together and sharing this insight. It’s powerful and timely for me.

    In terms of independence:

    I would love to have short term financial independence or resources so I could thoughtfully launch my new bookkeeping business choosing clients instead of the pressure I feel to network and market my newest company.

    I would love to have short term financial independence and resources so I could create more flower of life paintings and murals and artwork. I just love and feel so connected to that particular sacred geometry symbol. The paintings and crafting projects I have done and given to people are done with an intent that each time they look at that symbol it connects them with their higher self and they at least for a few moments feel that it’s possible that they are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spirit beings having a human experience. I’ve had people tell me that they feel incredible peace when looking at or touching the symbol and artwork I’ve created.

    I would love to have short term financial independence and resources so I could begin to develop a company to speak to and teach methods to business owners about the new business paradigm where decisions are made from a place of what is for the highest and greatest good for everyone involved at every level. Where decisions are more heart-centered and not just bottom line driven. There is so much data both in numbers and other value to support this concept now, that I think it would snowball. It’s time.

    That would be independence for me.

    Thanks for asking and remember the light that you are and the love you have always been. Many blessings to you and those you love,


  • I am an immortal god being.
    I am not freightened nor offended by anyone or anything.
    I receive love, I am love, I am that I am,
    I give love and compassion to all.

  • Callie Judd

    The independence found in working for others independence along with my own (especially within healthcare settings)-always keeping in mind and heart and spirit the sanctity of life! Independence from debilitation is the greatest of all.

  • Mary, thank you for your inspiration. It looks like we are free in such a vast country, but we are not really. we are slaves of the money. If, for starters you cannot find an affordable house to keep you safe, if, guns are every where and if healthy foods or a doctor are not within your reach it means a man cannot be free. Social consciousness of the American people should be high on the list instead of fear of poverty.

  • Meg Gray-Wittler

    This is beautiful. A reminder of history for sure. Today the 4th of July is a day for Spirit to show up all the ways it does, just as any other day. Love Peace and Joy always.

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