A Labor Day Message About Opportunity

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Yes, the Warm Weather Is Winding Down and Vacations Are Coming to a Close… But There Are Amazing Things Ahead

In the United States, we celebrate a wonderful holiday we call Labor Day.

Labor Day is held each year on the first Monday in September. This holiday is meant to honor the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. We pay tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country.

In addition, many people think of this day as the end of the summer; however, there are many other great things about Labor Day.

This day falls during a time of year when the warm weather begins its retreat, vacations come to a close and students go back to school.

back to school 2019 mary morrissey

Personally, as a child, I can vividly remember that feeling of not wanting to go back to school. I thought that a glorious chapter of my life had closed – my summer life! Looking back, of course, I realize that I was only thinking about what was coming to an end, rather than choosing to pay attention to all the amazing things that lie ahead.

Over time, I came to see that Labor Day can serve as a great reminder that even though great things come to an end, there are still so many great things to come.

So… whether you’re suffering from the end-of-summer blues, or feeling a sense of loss or uncertainty now that a certain chapter of your life has closed, there’s a simple way to re-pattern your mindset, energy and attitude from one of lack or scarcity to one of growth and opportunity.

Do you have circumstances or do your circumstances have you?

It can be tempting to look at what’s gone when your job ends, your marriage dissolves or someone you love passes away.

And although it’s okay to allow yourself to mourn the loss for a while, there comes a point when it’s important to begin to turn your attention away from the past and toward the present and the future.

Labor Day comes at the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year.

And guess what? Football games are either won or lost in the fourth quarter.

In other words, YOU get to decide what kind of mindset you’d like to have during the last quarter of the year.

Will you decide,

“Oh well, three quarters of the year is gone, I guess I’ll start fresh in January?”

OR will you set an intention to make this the very best fourth quarter you’ve ever had in your life?

end of summer blues man

The truth is that your circumstances don’t have to dictate how you feel.

You can either ALLOW your circumstances to dictate how you feel OR you can have a circumstance without a circumstance having you.

You see, scarcity and lack are contractive, limiting mindsets. By focusing on what’s missing or wrong, you will create contraction, closing yourself off to all of the wonderful opportunities that are always around you. And you won’t have the expansive life you’d love to have if you remain in a contractive vibration.

There’s a real, tremendous power to positive thinking and looking through a lens with gratitude and appreciation.

So, if you’d love to have a powerful fourth quarter, your first step is to turn up the volume on your gratitude. Look for the good in your circumstances and acknowledge it.

The universe seeks greater expansion and expression through each and every one of us.

When my mother was 84 years old, my father (her husband of 63 years and the man of her dreams) passed away.

Not surprisingly, she went through a period of great pain.

Then, six months after he had passed, my mother called me.

She said:

You know, I realized that I’ve been focusing only on what’s gone. I look at all the pictures on the walls in the living room and in our bedroom, and I feel a deep, dark pain. So I made a decision. I took down every single picture in my living room and our bedroom, the places where we spent most of our time together, and I just simply wrapped them up and I put them in the garage for now.

This all happened because I went to the pharmacy and saw a postcard that had a picture of an open door. I bought that postcard, took it home and thumb-tacked it to the wall. And I decided I’m going to fill my walls with pictures of open doors instead.

At that point, my mother started taking and collecting pictures of open doors from all over the world, and began to build a gallery of open doors in her living room and bedroom.

mary morrissey open doors story labor day

Those pictures of open doors led her to think about what sort of open doors she might walk through. And the next seven years, up until she passed away, were the most creative period of my mother’s life.

You see, the universe is always seeking greater expansion and expression through each and every one of us.

You’re in a fourth quarter of the year now.

Will you decide to look through the open doors you find and make this fourth quarter the very best quarter of your whole life? If so, what’s one step you can take today to get started? Go ahead and leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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  • Ninfa G Losoya

    Wow! I see this email and I decided to read it after having seen it at least a couple of times. And how inspiring it is and what perfect timing. I have been struggling with the idea of good intentions but yet when I get home from my work I accomplish nothing. And that’s not a good feeling at all. I’m a widow of almost 10 years, I have recently been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and sciatica, very frustrating especially since I am head of household and I live by myself and I have to get things done. But sometimes it’s really painful and very frustrating. I also realize that even when you have family, everybody is busy, too busy. I needed to read this today. And I pray that I can get moving, that I can quiet my mind of all the negative stuff and that I can fill my head up with good stuff, open doors! What perfect timing to read this.

  • Susan Hutchison

    Endings and New Beginnings … the joyful ebbs and flows of life … thank you for your belief and neverending support Mary.

  • Sometimes it only takes a very small key to unlock and open a large door and unlimited opportunities await. Peeping through the key hole restricts the view.

  • This is fabulous, Mary !,

  • Hello Mary,

    I am 72, an Artist, and a recent widow. I married my wonderful husband Bill in 1965 when I was 18, and I moved to his hometown, Detroit. I got a BFA in painting and sculpture at Wayne State University, and then we took off with his job as automotive CAD designer living all around the world in Australia, Germany, Sweden, England, Belgium and Holland. When we got back to Detroit, I got a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy and worked as a therapist for several years. I got into CAD later and I’ve been working in the architectural field. I’ve been dealing with major Depression since Bill died last October. I truly believe I’m still here for a reason, but I sure can’t figure it out.
    I have 2 wonderful children, both married to wonderful spouses, and 4 awesome grandchildren. I met you while I was a member at Renaissance Unity church while Marianne Williamson was there. Keep up the great work, Mary. You are a blessing to us all.

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