5 Important Lessons that are Often Learned Too Late in Life

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Apply These Lessons to Your Life Today, So That You Can Experience Greater Freedom, Happiness and Fulfillment in All the Days to Come

Do you ever wish, as I sometimes do, that you could go back and tell your younger self all the important life lessons that you know now?

After investing decades coaching and mentoring tens of thousands of people all around the world, I’ve met plenty of people who wish they could go back in time, pull their younger selves aside, and say…

“Hey, if you listen to me for a minute, I can save you years of trouble!”

My mother used to call life lessons “pearls on the great strand of a beautiful pearl necklace that we earn our way to over a life well lived.” I agree with this, and I also say that the lessons you’ve learned have the power to inspire you to live your best life!

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Five lessons learned too late

Here are five significant life lessons that I’ve learned – sometimes the hard way – that I think could easily be lessons learned too late if you don’t put them into practice today!

I share these five lessons with you so that you can incorporate them into your life, should you choose to, along with reasons why I think these lessons can actually help you open the door to a life you would absolutely LOVE living.

1. Dream big and take action.

lesson learned too late dreaming

It costs nothing to dream big. Most people make choices about what they think they can do, what others think they can do and what the economy tells them they can do.

But regardless of what others may say or what your current circumstances may dictate, what would you love? Allow yourself to dream big. Then think about some simple action steps you can take that help welcome that dream right into the life you’re living now!

2. Make friends with fear.

Fear is part of this life and is simply the border of the reality you know. That’s all it is.

Inside your comfort zone is everything you know. You’ve learned how to walk, but there was a time when walking was scary and you took very faltering steps. You weren’t good at walking and you were afraid at first, but you didn’t let your fear stop you. You kept walking until you improved.

Think about it – everything you’ve ever done for the first time was most likely somewhat scary. So go ahead and make friends with your fear, and always keep moving forward!

3. Live from a place of love.

lesson learned too late in life love

Did you know you can choose which frequency or feeling you’re going to live from each day? Knowing this, will the frequency you choose be anxiety, resentment, fear… or how about love?

If you choose to be in love with your life today, just as it is, this doesn’t mean you don’t want to grow or change. All it means is that you’re grateful and honored to have a day of life today and that you want to make the most of it.

You’ll never have this day of life again – not in eternity. So today, I highly recommend choosing to live from a place of love, because there are flowers to smell, hands to hold and love to give.

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4. Forgive daily.

One night, when my youngest son was three years old, I was helping him brush his teeth when he asked,

“How many times do I have to brush my teeth? Can’t we ever get it over with?”

I laughed and told him no, that we continue to brush our teeth, every day, over and over again. Our teeth get dirty every single day and so we brush them regularly, not just now and then.

This is the same with forgiveness! There’s a grit and grime on your psyche and spirit that collects from daily life. So, learning to bathe daily in forgiveness is actually a shift in perception that removes resentment, blame and criticism of others and yourself.

Forgiveness isn’t for anyone else, it’s for yourself. Forgiveness is an act of self-love that gives you a fresh start for the day and when you go to sleep at night, so you can live a life from a place of love.

5. Do what gives you life.

You most likely will be at a crossroads at some point in your life – a time when you’ll have to make a major decision.

life lesson learned too late

Any time you’re at a crossroads, ask yourself which choice would give you more life? Which choice makes you feel most alive? Which choice feels more expansive?

Many people have been trained to make decisions by what others think or what the world thinks they should be or do. By asking yourself the questions above, the best choice begins to become crystal clear.

Your spirit and your energy will never lie to you. When you pay attention, you can actually feel your spirit expand and your energy rise when you make decisions that are in alignment with what brings you alive.

Your spirit will contract when you’re making choices out of “shoulds,” “musts” and “have-tos.”

So there you have it! Five important lessons that I highly recommend you incorporate into your life before it’s too late.

I hope these five lessons will enhance your life experience in an expansive way.

You only get to live once, so choose to learn everything you can in order live a happy and healthy life that you love!

Now, here’s a question for you…

What’s one lesson you’ve learned that’s made a HUGE difference in your life when it comes to your happiness and fulfillment?

Go ahead and share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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Comments (26)

  • One lesson I’ve learned in life that has made a huge difference in my level of happiness: Attitude is everything. You can avoid something-or love the challenge it presents, and it’s exactly the same thing. Happiness is in my attitude :-)

  • Thanks for your advice im applying them to my life every day.

  • For having a purpose highly motivates me no matter what challenges may I encounter. Love your advice, very helpful.

  • Sandra Riddell

    Mary – Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom – and your mother’s. You impress me very much and always have! Last night I saw a movie with Emma Thompson (the Children Act) and throughout, I was reminded of you. It was notabout how the character approached life, but instead, the intelligence shining out of her eyes.

  • My life lesson is to listen to your inner self and take notice. Don’t waste anymore time. Act or wait but recognise what you need and do and do it. Take time to make decisions for yourself and don’t just be swept along. Make a conscious decision. Live with love, forgive others and yourself x.

  • Ida Johansson

    Thank you for sharing! Very valuable lessons to always remember!

  • Dennis Cobb

    Learned that love is from God. The 5 steps are Christian principles. Written book ‘Miracles Of Simple People’ Play guitar at nursing homes, and forgive myself as well as others. To obey the commandments is to love God and neighbor. We are born to make others happy, not our self. That is selfish, not selfless

  • Its great advice but i am seperated with three children who rely on me as they are still young, makes it had to know whether to follow my dreams or sacrifice my children.

    • Perhaps you can live for your children in this season, with a view to living your big dream when they fly the nest. Perhaps it is a time to wait; with a great expectation for your future.

    • Simone,
      Please don’t sacrifice your children, they are a gift from God. No dream is worth peer-suing if it means walking away from your children. I too was in your position and God found a way for me to have my children and follow my dreams. My dreams were modified so I could have both. I met a wonderful man and together we have raised beautiful, productive children and I was able to continue my education once my children were in school. Once you turn your life over to the Lord and everything is possible

  • The one thing that has made all the difference for me is gratitude. I am grateful for so much and when I focus on the gifts rather then the hits of life I am a better me. Thank you for letting me share.

  • So applicable considering that I has brain tumor surgery two weeks ago. I don’t know for sure yet, but I think working from a love and forgiveness platform is the way to go.

  • Yes, I agree I am 62 years young and just left my “secure” job because it was killing me! I took a chance but it feels so much better than being in prison!
    Also, I am going back to school because I was tired of thinking I had stopped learning.
    Then, I met a man who loves me like crazy and he is so great for me and after being married for 3 terrible times due to bad choices for me, it feels wonderful.
    After helping / caring for my mother from age 81 until she was 94 and finally passed over, it was difficult to watch her because she had SO MUCH regret!
    Yes, I am choosing LIFE.
    And I hate the “should” word!
    I am learning the lessons you mention before it TOO LATE….
    Thank you Mary.

  • Susana Hacopian

    Thank you for sharing, I am excited to make these lessons a part of my daily ritual.

  • I learned one lesson with 4 parts! Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements!
    1. Be impeccable with your word
    2. Don’t make assumptions
    3. Don’t judge others
    4. Always do your best!

  • Johanna Red Neck

    I want to live my life from a place of love. Just recently I was able to forgive the people that traumatized me. I’m 65. 30 years of my life I lived in depression, not being able to see,feel,touch,hear,taste the blessings this life had for me.Today is the day that I will need to change that. Thank you for the pearls you shared with me

  • Gary Burnside

    God always has a better plan for are lives than ourselves.

  • Smile and say Thank you.
    I learned this during a very difficult time of my life and when friends or family extended a helping hand I found it difficult to accept their gift and would try and decline or assure them it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t realize I was robbing them of a blessing. Someone was doing or giving because they wanted to and I was being too hard headed and proud to receive it. When I changed my perception and was able to literally smile and say Thank you both parties won and that is a wonderful feeling.

  • I am a senior journalist, writer, peace activist and a dreamer. I dream of a world devoid of hate and I think my dream has come true. The second edition of my first book, “Khawab Lay Lo Khawab” (Take Away my Dreams), based on my memoirs was received well and is now out of print. A second edition is in printing press. This time I hope to make savings.

  • Brenda White

    As a cancer survivor, I learned to give each day my best. What can get done, complete it and do it quickly. If I cannot do it, then either delegate, or just let it go. Never stress over anything. It’s the stress that made me ill. Never again.

    Scripture reads “Fret not thyself.” “Cast all your cares upon Him for He careth for you.” I now accept those, not as kind and passing words, but as commandments. He only expects us to do the best we can and then simply leave the rest up to Him.

    That lesson alone has been a game changer for me.

  • That we can override our belief systems, choose what to think and change our neurology

  • shelia middelton

    I needed this right now in my life because l’ve decided to go back to school. At my age l know it will be challenging but l am ready for the task. Thank You of the 5 important lessons. They encourage me!

  • I have learned to be kind to myself. It seems I used to be very hard on myself, especially if my goals and work on projects dud not work out. I do not need to be perfect. That was a hard one.

  • Love, everyone, especially yourself.

  • Julia A Bowen

    My daily struggle is to let go of the pass and not let others opinions make me who I am. And to forgive them for the hurt the impose.

  • Ronie Larmore Shackelford

    Awesomeness Mary! 💜 All great great lessons! Glad I’m knowing these even at 55!👍

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