2 Incredibly Important Lessons My Mom Taught Me – Plus A Very Special Free Gift In Honor Of Mother’s Day

The Special Gift I Have For You Today Is Actually Something That’s Very Dear To My Heart That My Mom Created A Few Years Before She Passed. Apply It, And You’ll Experience More Fun, Joy And ALIVENESS Each Day!

Did you know that on Mother’s Day there are more phone calls being made around the world than on any other holiday?

That’s because deep down, so many of us naturally want to connect with the woman who gave us life.

The woman who brought you into this world may be a part of your life, or she may not be. She may have even passed on from this earthly realm.

My mother, for example, passed away a number of years ago, so I don’t get to call her on the phone anymore. But I do get to call her to mind, and recall all of the great gifts that she gave to me.

What’s more is that over the many years that I’ve been helping people all around the world create lives they love living, I’ve talked to plenty of people who just didn’t have the relationship they would have loved with their mother.

No matter what your relationship is with the woman who gave you life, there’s always something within that relationship that we can be grateful for

Every single one of us on the planet has this fact in common: A biological mother gave birth to us. She gave us life.

So no matter how you feel about your relationship with your mother, join me for a moment, right now, in sending a big wave of gratitude out into the Universe for the woman who gave you birth.

big wave of gratitude mary morrissey

This human being gave you the opportunity to live this beautiful life.

Even if your relationship isn’t what you’d love for it to be, you can still be grateful for the lessons this person may have taught you.

Perhaps your mother taught you a valuable skill, or maybe she even taught you how not to be, helping shape the wonderful person you are today

My mother taught me many things, but two of the most important values she gave on to me, that I would love to pass on to you, are those of courage and fun.

My mom lost her own mother when she was just three years old. And her father, my grandfather, passed when she was 20 years old.

But my mother did not let those very difficult losses prevent her from living and loving fully throughout her life.

My mother passed on to me a practice that she fondly called putting a “zip” in your day

She learned this practice when she was very young and poor, being raised by her father and grandparents.

The idea of putting a “zip” in your day is this…

No matter what’s going on in your life, even in the face of the most difficult circumstances, you can always choose to inject little pops of fun and spontaneity into your day – even if these pops of fun are driving a different way home, or eating a hamburger for breakfast and pancakes for dinner!

pancakes for dinner mary morrissey

The idea is to change up your normal everyday routine, so that you feel more engaged and ALIVE in your life.

By the time my mother was 85 and had lost her husband, she was going through a dark and difficult time…

But the practice of putting a “zip” in her day hadn’t ever left her.

So she started focusing on continuing to live fully, and she took up china painting, and actually became quite good at it!

And then on the occasion of her 90th birthday, she decided to start a foundation that helped support veterans injured in various wars, and one of the ways she funded the project was by writing, publishing and selling a book called… Put a Zip in Your Day!

My mother, despite countless hardships, chose to live a grateful and courageous life, and did so by insisting on having fun every day of her life.

So today, and everyday, I invite you to practice gratitude, courage and fun, no matter what circumstances, situations or conditions you may find yourself facing!

Would you like to discover more ways to put a ZIP in your day? Here’s my FREE gift to you!

Want a richer, fuller life full of more laughter and joy? Try smiling and waving at a stranger! Or train a blue jay to eat peanuts out of your hand!

Or try any of the other amazing ideas in your very own copy of my mother’s book, Put a Zip in Your Day, my gift to you this Mother’s Day.

live with courage and have fun mary morrissey

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  • Judith Fletcher

    Thank you very much for the ebook, and thank you to, that your Mum wrote it for us all.

  • Imelda Del Barrio

    Thank you, though we’ve never met, I feel that you are a very kind person, thank you for sharing your positive thoughts I always find comfort in it. :)

  • Kellie L Ricks

    Thank yopu so much for this extraordinary gift! I lost my Mother when I was 21, my Father when I was 43, and my brother just this past year- all three deaths were tragic and unexpected. It is always important for me to remeber them as they were and cherish the learnings and experiences that those relationships brought into my Life. I look forward to diving into this book with abandon! May your Mother be always smiling!

  • Thank you for this wonderful ebook. God Bless.

  • Oh Mary what a beautiful Soul you are :).
    Thank you for the very special gift of your wonderful Mother’s book. I shall treasure it always, and make sure we certainly do PutaZipinourday. Your Mother’s Pure beautiful light continues to shine.
    Love, and blessings to you.
    Jo X.

  • Maureen Landry

    Thank you so much for the book Mary it is so appreciated .I all ready do some of the things mentioned. Groing up with very little we learned to make the best out nothing .And do even more when you couldn’t afford to do anything. Very creative minds to entertain ourselves.Wish kids these days were more like that. Thank again much love Maureen Landry

  • Ann Seprodi

    Thank you so much.

  • Adeniyi

    Thanks for this grate inspiring and educative manual. More grace ma.

  • Although I did no get on the computer yesterdayI was welcomed with an an email l containing this message today. My Mom passed 2 years ago and today it felt like the bandaid was ripped off again. Your message and the book from your Mom has strengthened me Thank you.

  • Thank you so much for this fun way to kick start the day, and send the blues packing! I’ve gotten to dislike Mother’s Day, since my Mom passed, not because I wish she was still here, because she’s always in my heart, but because I’m constantly reminded that I have no children, so I’m left out of family gatherings at this time. I know I should be bigger than this, but it still hurts. Time to put a zip in it!

  • Preety Ahluwalia

    Zip zip and zip away looking forward to a good read and some laughs

  • Valerie Vance

    Thank you for a copy of your Mother’s book, I need a little zip in my life. I appreciate your words and ways of encouragement in life. Have a blessed life, and awesome way of carrying your Mother’s memories on.


  • My mother passed away a number of years ago at the age of 89,a feisty strong woman.Thank you for thinking of me on Mothers day.

  • Lelle Taffyn

    thank you so much for a perfect and heart warming Mother’sDay talk and the amazing book – I had suh wonderful memories of my mother and AUnty as you spoke and your mum’s book – just deighted me as cleary one can do anything at any age – love and much joy and gratitude and Happy mother’s day to you too Mary and to your family

  • Thank you, Mary, for passing on the vibration-lifting practice of your mother through her book. I always love hearing you tell her story
    at DreamBuilderLive.

    Your mothering is manifest through your awesome children. Each of them is vibrant and unique.

  • Debbie Brungard

    Thanks can’t wait!! Thank you so much!¡!!

  • Mary, what an amazing and fun book to look at and read. thank you so very much for your generosity! May God bless you for giving to others.

  • Thank you so much for this special Mother’s Day Gift! Love all the suggestions! I will put more ‘zip’ in my life!

  • Felicia Winston

    Thank you so much Mary for the postive information your mom used to stay happy and alive. I lost my mom 3 years ago and i miss her terribly. I try to think about all the things i love about her. I appreciate you sharing your mom’s book with your readers. Ive been going through quite a bit for the past 3 years. Due to a car accident ive had 3 back surgeries and had to retire earlier due to the chronic pain. I suffer with mutiple health problems and suffer greatly each day. I work hard at trying to keep a positive outlook on life. I will try applying your mom’s suggestions on being happy by trying different things.

  • Teresa Tyler

    I look forward to reading the book, thank you. Maybe, like your Mother I’ll find my way out of my depression & find something that brings me happiness & joy, besides my love for plants & animals. I spend so much time signing petitions to right the wrongs done to animals, it is a sad time for animals. People keep coming up with horrific acts on animals.

  • Rolande Angrignon

    Thank yo so much, it shows that I don’t have to be so serious all the time although I have been a care giver for 10 years, this is just what I need a little Zip in my day.

  • Malinda Antwine

    I absolutely do want more smiles . Would love to have a sense of humor. Too serious for sure.

  • I want to say thank you! Daily I’m taking leaps and bounds to manifest abundance in my life!

  • Jennie Garrett

    Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you so much for sharing this choice gift with me. I will cherish it, read from it often, and experiment to put a Zip in our lives!

  • Thank you Mary Morrissey for sharing you mum’s book with me.

  • Tish Hartwell

    God bless you! Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all you share and the genuine love and care you send out to us all! I am so grateful for you!

  • Mary People's

    God bless you Mary Morrissey,I’m crying as I’m writing this to you, I needed the encouraging words today,I thank you from the bottom of my heart,

  • Donna Wright


  • Alison McWilliams

    Dear Mary,
    This is such a thoughtful and heartfelt message for mother’s to receive today.
    Reading what your Mother valued the most was from a kindred soul.
    I could not agree more how essential these two factors are in life!
    Courage and Fun
    The food and drink of a life worth living.
    Absolutely outstanding message to share, which I will also do.
    Thank you for lighting up this day.
    Very sincerely,

  • Sanders

    I think I need this book!!!!

  • Judy May Conway

    I am a widower and need a new way to look at thing in life

  • Elizabeth Devecka

    Thank You so much Mary, i will try putting a little “Zip” in my day and ill thank your Mom when i do ??

  • Thank you I needed this today

  • pamela Glover

    Happy mother’s day jesus loves all

  • Deborah Triolo

    Thank you, that is perfect timing for me, and gracious of you.

  • Anita Wold

    I miss your mother every day. Every day when I see my hummingbirds, I say hi to her. She was the only mother I ever knew.

  • Wonderful joy! Thank you

  • Thank You for generosity, Mary!

  • Your mother sounds like a very resilient & accomplished woman. Thank you for your kind & generous gift.

  • Priscilla Gantt

    Thank you an an Happy Mothers Day To You.

  • Thank you for the gift, I truly enjoyed your mom’s book. Just in time to lift my spirits.

  • thanks for sharing.
    God bless!

  • Wanda Brown

    Thank you fir sharing the HOPE= H=helping, O=other, p=, people, e=evolve

  • Thank you! I needed this today….
    Blessings to you and a hug in Heaven to your mom.


  • Yvonne Pitt

    Thank you. Great advice.

  • Robert YARO

    Hi, Mary.
    Thank you very much for evening so deep emotions in me. True, a Mother is the one person whom with our relationships are particular and dear. Mine has passed away,and her souvenir is my medication against daily turmoils.
    Thank you for sharing. I do appreciate.

  • Thank you for thinking of me. I sure will enjoy reading this.
    Catherine Hassell

  • this is really a beautiful moving gift. i have a mama of 90 and i m also so proud of her. thank you Mary, and your mama. greetings from Amsterdam

  • Tami Greene

    Thank you Mary. You’re amazing;-)!

  • Charlotte McNamara

    Thank you so much. Due to work and other obligations I didn’t get to work your program but I intend to get back to it soon. I just received a message that says, LIFE ISN’T FAIR SO IF YOU WANT SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. I plan to improve my health and regain energy so I can get down to the business of being truly happy. Thanks again for your insight.

  • Cheryl Rotkovich

    Thank you for this wonderful gift! I work at my own business & more often than I want to admit, I sit at my computer working on other people’s work all day & often into the evening. Putting zip into your life is a great gift to remind me to take a little time to enjoy life no matter how small. Many thanks!

  • Rosemary Byrne

    Once again I find myself reacting with incredible emotion when Mary speaks. Thank you for this beautiful gift this mother’s day where I honour my mother who passed on in 1990. I am incredibly grateful to my mother for the lessons she taught me. I look forward to learning from your mother too.❤

  • Margaret Brice

    Thank you very much for this wonderful gift. Really appreciated.

    Wishing you all the best, not only today, instead every day, that we celebrate Mother’s Day.

  • Pat Brewer

    Thank you so much!!!! Love you bunches!!! I feel like we are sisters!!!! Pat

  • Alan Simberg

    YOU are very kind and thoughtful Mary. I deeply appreciate you and your energetic presence.

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