No Such Thing As “Luck”?

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5 Unique Ways that High Achievers View This Commonly Misunderstood Word

Did you know that many of the most successful miners in the second half of the 19th century were Irish and Irish American?

These miners became famous during the gold and silver rush years in the United States. In fact, the association between the Irish and their mining fortunes led to the now commonly known expression, “The Luck of the Irish.”

luck of the irish

“The Luck of the Irish” is probably a phrase you’ve heard before, most likely either around St. Patrick’s Day or to do with a sports team such as the Boston Celtics or Notre Dame. The phrase is commonly thought to mean “extreme good fortune.”

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines luck as:

  1. A force that brings good fortune or adversity
  2. The events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual


The truth is that luck can have many different meanings, and often depends on the person and situation. Today, as many people around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I invite you to consider the true meaning of luck and five different ways to think about the word when it comes to your own life and dreams.


1. If you believe that luck brings people success, you most likely also believe that you’re at the mercy of your circumstances, situations or conditions.

The belief that you’re governed by your circumstances (or any external element) is the same as believing that you’re a victim instead of the architect of your own life.

The truth is that you will most likely encounter unfavorable people and circumstances throughout your life. But the good news is you have complete authority over how you choose to react to every experience.

The Irish actually have a long, challenging history that includes having suffered famines and invasions that took millions of lives. These events were mostly beyond their control; however, they were able to use situations like these to empower themselves to be the best they could be.

From now on, whenever difficult circumstances arise in your life and while building your dreams, think about how you can create your own luck by maintaining a pleasant attitude within yourself regardless of what’s happening around you.

When you begin to truly understand that you can choose how you respond in life, you will most likely discover that you have a hidden power within you… and it’s the power to choose who you’re going to be, no matter the circumstance, situation or condition.

no such thing as luck

2. Successful people prepare for luck with purpose, effort and focus.

Successful people have a vision in mind. They sustain that vision and, meanwhile, put themselves into a position that has a high chance of getting the results they want. To someone looking in from the outside, the end result may appear to be generated from pure luck; however, the results are simply due to receiving support in unexpected ways.

The great news is that you get to choose whether to believe that your journey to success will be difficult and require a lot of struggle, OR you can choose to believe that things will work out for you, often in ways that may surprise you.

To help put you in a mindset and vibration to receive positive support, try a practice called, priming. If you’d love more “luck” in your life, for instance, start repeating certain phrases to yourself every day on a repeated basis.

For example, “Things just work out for me and often in surprising ways.”

When you think about, pay attention to and focus on the possible good that can come from any given situation, you may discover that you are supported in ways you may not expect.

3. Luck comes down to attitude.

We all encounter unfavorable circumstances, situations or conditions from time to time… and when they occur, it can be a challenge to maintain a positive attitude.

However, most people who consider themselves lucky are the ones who recognize their own good fortune wherever and whenever it happens. In other words, they practice gratitude all the time, and they choose to view the world through a positive lens.

Focusing on being grateful keeps your attention and emotions aligned with what it is that you desire to create. Gratitude also helps to magnetize what it is that you want, and it also helps you stay happy and healthy as you continue along your success journey.

When you finish reading this blog post, I highly encourage you to take five minutes to write down 5-10 things you’re grateful for in any area of your life.

Then, whenever you notice that you’re indulging in negative or limiting thoughts of how “bad” things are, remember the good things you listed… and focus on those.

As you train your mind to focus more and more on what you’re grateful for, the easier it will be for you to maintain a positive attitude automatically – and the more quickly you will be able to move in the direction of your dreams and feel as though luck is on your side.

make your own luck

4. You don’t create success; you attract success.

Many people believe that having a clear vision of what you would love, defining your goals and dreams, and then pushing yourself to take action is all that it takes to manifest those goals and dreams into results.

In reality, however, there is more to success (and luck!) than just this.

You see, when you decide to commit to having a life you love living, you become willing to do things you haven’t done before. And when you do things you haven’t done before, you put yourself in harmony with circumstances, situations or conditions you’ve never experienced and you begin to attract the support you need.

This is known as the Law of Attraction, and once you understand exactly how this law works, and how to operate in harmony with it, you’ll shift into a higher frequency of thought. As a result, you’ll find that you begin experiencing a lot more freedom and flow in all areas of your life!

no such thing as luck man

5. Synchronicity happens; notice the opportunity.

Oprah once said,

“Nothing about my life is lucky. Yes, I’ve had grace and blessings and a lot of divine order, but I don’t believe in luck.”

You see, the world is actually a reflection of the person you are choosing to be. The secret is that you don’t get what you want or need; you get what you are.

So… if you would love to have more luck in your life, commit to having a life you would love living by doing what you can, with what you have. On a regular, daily basis, remind yourself that things just work out for you. Say this to yourself even if you don’t believe it.

When you repeat this to yourself regularly, you begin to imprint this thought into your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something that is real and something vividly imagined.

Very quickly, you’ll probably begin to notice synchronicities that pop up. For example, the right person may appear at the exact moment you need them. When this happens, be ready to take advantage of the divine opportunity!

is luck real

There’s no such thing as luck

By choosing to take a different perspective on the meaning of the word “luck,” you may find that you have wonderful support from an invisible energy that loves you. This energy created you and is seeking to support you with whatever you’re in harmony with.

To create more “luck” in your life, consider the following:

  1. If you believe that luck brings people success, you most likely also believe that you’re at the mercy of your circumstances, situations or conditions.
  2. Successful people prepare for luck with purpose, effort and focus.
  3. Luck comes down to attitude.
  4. You don’t create success; you attract success.
  5. Synchronicity happens; notice the opportunity.

So what do you believe about luck?

Do you believe in luck or think there’s no such thing? Have a good definition of luck to share? Go ahead and let me know in the comments section below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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Comments (29)

  • sicabangiso MIOYI

    Thank you for everything I believe in scripture reading and I believe that what is included there is true only by faith we receive his mercies nothing comes by lucky that’s all I can say. I’m so happy that whatever happens in my life shows that I’m under the Lord’s providence he always guides me in every way.

  • Velma Troko

    Thank you Mary. very grateful for your teaching. I just need to follow through on my dream building.

  • Carolyn Moffatt

    I do not believe in luck I believe in Jehovah blessing.

  • Janet Dockendorf

    Wonderful perspective.
    Appreciate the lesson!

  • We’ll my dear marry Morrissey, it’s true that success comes from generally the attitude and hard work.

  • Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality. (Eliyahu Goldratt)


    (You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it. (Jimmy Dean)

  • Thankyou, Mary, really good.
    I take luck to mean good fortune, but, as you say, it has little or nothing to do with chance. I do believe that our awareness does make connection and affect outcome at certain hard to define levels of vibration, as in the wonderful example of your illness. On more every day living level, I also think that navel gazing (thought alone) only gets us hungry .
    As we are now taught, all material things (cell protons) in the universe are electronicly (electrons) connected, we make and attract our luck (good or bad fortune) accordingly, but surely with BOTH thought and action, starting with thought, then action, which automaticly leads to the following thought (ideas), ad infinitum.
    It seems to me that thought (mind energy) and action (physical energy) must go hand in hand to achieve. Heaven and earth, father and son, spirit being human. We live with and need polarisation (contrast) in order to sea and so to realise both spirit and manifestation. My thoughts.
    I would like to hear more of how we might simply bring it all to together. Am I must be missing something? Perhaps navel gazing alone can work.
    Kindest regards, Rob.

  • Katja Dolinschek

    Dear Mary,
    Thank you so much for that teaching. For years, I have been listening to all the great and successful master minds such as yours. At that present moment in my personal life, I am ready to step into an active-living-fully-out-process in regards to all those wise people‘s advices for a successful life. This means that my past world is totally falling into pieces of decay. I feel like Phenix having to gather all my strengths and good beliefs together in my pain-battered Soul and rise from the ruins and ashes of my past life into a new better world and a brandnew Life of unconditioned Self Love. I keep your words in my heart and start learning to fly. Thank you very much for your empathetic support on that troublesome journey into the Light. Love&Light from Germany

  • 5 unique luck brings people
    1 level of awarence
    2 successful people
    3 luck comes down to attitude
    4 yo don’t create success but you attract success
    5 synchronicity happening notice the opportunity

  • Jamelle Humphrey

    I felt this information stir up something in my soul. I need guidance. I willing and ready to hear, learn and activate. My time is now or close to never.

  • Asuquo okon

    I learn lots that I can create a success only attract it, and also success is not luck, successful people prepare for success. question how can I prepared for success it through hard work

  • Roslyn Smith

    No I believe in God and prayer. Luck is not true it’s a fake fairy tale some like a cartoon is hard work and struggle n toil. However if I can attract goodness my way I will repeat it and I do appreciate my living after living homeless for a year o cry inside for how tough life can be sometimes. I eve still feel depressed behind it.i learned from that that my money circumstances are up to me and if I don’t master good money habits I’m not going anywhere in life.


  • One believes in luck if they aren’t identified with the loving energy itself
    If one perceive as thyself…….. then I Am Luck Itself.

  • Kimberly

    I’m so grateful you’ve come into my life, Mary. I’m in the midst of a massive shift and you help me stay aligned with the positive mantras of this shift will work out successfully, keeping us happy, healthy and wealthy. Thank you.

  • Diana Carnes

    I am energized and have found inner gratitude after refreshing on your words, Mary. Thank you. I will be sending people in your direction

  • Kelly A Cagle
  • Luck is positive energy. Being grateful for what you have, ie Health & Happiness & Prosperity., and looking forward to “what next”

  • Oh!Really excellent.Speechless.
    Guide everybody during cruciality.

  • Sydney Chanduke

    Being lucky is being ready when an opportunity comes.

  • Ada Nelly Chavez Moreno

    Such an amazing article.
    You have so much Grace. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Thank You Mary,You said it in a beautiful way

  • I dont know if I believe in luck per se, I believe in successes, and opportunities, and the power of the mind. Thanks for your blogs.

  • Merci beaucoup pour cela je comprends pourquoi les choses passe souvent mal pour moi je manque de confiance en moi après avoir lu j’ai compris merci pour votre aide

  • Kelly Dexter

    Thank you Mary for your loving, caring, uplifting spirit. I have been in alot of isolation because of chronic lyme and many co-infections. I have been through 50 + horrible symptoms. Haven’t been able to walk well for many months now. I have 2 teenage boys whom I love doing everything with. I took them to an Irish restaurant for lunch yesterday bc I wanted to get out with them. I always wanted to go to Ireland. Always wanted to go on one big amazing trip with my family. I feel like lyme has taken so many years of my life. But I am believing God has great things for the future, I have been trying to do dream builder program but am way behind at this time. But I know God put you in my life at one of my lowest places. God is Good. His timing is always perfect. Thank you for your much needed support when it is hard to find any where else. God bless you for all that you are and doing.

  • Lisa Garmon

    Love all the Truth in this!!!
    Thank you so much.
    I, too, believe in Christ’s GRACE and the power of the
    Holy Spirit in our lives.

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