How to Get Closure With Someone You Feel Has Let You Down

3 Powerful Steps You Can Follow to Release Pain, Anger or Resentment from the Past, and Move into a Happier, Freer and More Joy-Filled Future

Before I was a transformational life coach, I was a counseling psychologist for many years.

After counseling many individuals and couples from a psychological framework, I learned that most of us tend to rehearse the pain of our pasts over and over again, hoping that if we relive it enough, it will go away. (more…)

Is Your “Thermostatic Setting” Preventing You From Experiencing All of the Freedom, Success & Happy Relationships You Desire?

Here’s How I Almost Compromised My Own Happy Relationship…

…and One Simple Shift to Allow for Much More Joy in Life.

There’s a “thermostatic setting” within each of us that governs how much good, fun, love and life we allow ourselves to experience and enjoy.

In order to change our thermostatic setting, let’s first take a look at what a thermostat is. (more…)

Mentorship: The Leadership Behavior That Propels Highly Successful People to the Top

leadership behavior staircase

Discover the leadership behavior that will empower you to generate extraordinary results at home and at work.

Have you ever wondered what specific leadership behaviors allow highly successful people to achieve the seemingly impossible?

What is it that gives them that edge over others, and allows them to generate extraordinary results personally, professionally and in the world? (more…)

In Honor of Father’s Day, Here’s The Most Valuable Advice My Father Ever Gave Me

The Next Time You Feel You’re At A Crossroads In Life, This Simple But Powerful Advice Will Help You Choose The Right Path For You

This weekend in the United States, we celebrate Father’s Day – a day to honor the fathers and father figures that have been influential and meaningful to us.

Every single one of us on the planet has something in common…

A birth mother and birth father brought us into this world. (more…)

Am I Being Ungrateful By Wanting More From Life?

Instead Of Letting “Either, Or” Thinking Hold You Back In Life, Here’s How To Shift Into “Yes, And” Thinking So That You Can Accelerate Toward Your Dreams

After investing the last 40 years studying and mentoring others in transformational principles, I’ve been asked more than a few times…

“Mary, does wanting more abundance, freedom and flow in my life make me ungrateful for what I have now? Should I just be happy with what I’ve got, since it’s more than others in some parts of the world have?” (more…)

How To Criticize With Kindness (And Why You Should Never Publicly Criticize Anyone)

Why public criticism is rarely the loving option and how you can approach a conversation that actually brings you closer together

There was once a football great named Vince Lombardi who was not only an incredible football player, he also went on to become an extraordinary coach and eventually, an executive in the National Football League. (more…)

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  • Rosemary Byrne
  • mattie G. Williams

    How do I start a conversation with a stranger when I am very shy

  • Debbie Ambrose

    How do you respond to a manager who is always criticizing people in a group or team meeting situation. It is embarrassing to the person and makes everyone uncomfortable.

  • Susan Sage

    How do I heal when a DVM caused a fatal pneumothorax in a cat diagnosed with asthma?


    That was some much needed advise on how to handle or give criticism.
    I am a new sales manager of a team that has been allowed to do their own thing despite the requests of our owner and yet nothing happen when guidelines are broken. I’ve been given the task to inspire them to do what is required of them. How can I build healthy professional boundaries that do not look like I’m now the bad guy, but build a successful team? My instinct is to implement a write up system and create consequences, but I’m not sure this is the right way to step into this role? Can you create a video on healthy leadership that creates growth in the work place. I would love to be able to share it with my boss? Or perhaps an inspiring clip on honoring your role as part of a team that I can share with the staff? Thank you!!!

  • Thank you so much for your great insightful, uplifting talk. That helped a lot. If you’re ever inspired to offer a video on increasing one’s self-confidence, one’s self-worth- that would be wonderful!
    Have a most fantastic day!

  • David R. Reed

    Thank you, Mary, and Team!

    I am pleased to see you take up this topic. It is truly vital to us all. I know as learning to “stop short” of impulses to criticize has greatly enhanced my relationships and enriched my friendships.

    Learning to first quietly reflect upon what I am feeling and asking myself why has led me to many helpful insights. This has in turn empowered my communications vastly. That is no exaggeration, simply my experience and how I feel about it. This more recent, newer behavior has become a powerful practice of patience, mindfulness and compassion for me. I love it and look forward every day to the many opportunities I have to practice this.

    Your spot-on article and associated video, etc. remind and reinforce for me the importance and power of what I have learned and continue to learn more about! It helps to keep me in the practice of being patient, mindful and compassionate.

    Much Thanks, David R. Reed

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