Feeling Adrift? Here’s Advice from Ancient Roman Philosopher, Seneca, on How to Create a Life You Love


Advice that has been around for this long has to be great! From Ancient Roman Philosopher, Seneca, you can learn to create the life you want and shift your thoughts toward success!

Do you feel adrift like you don’t know which way your life is going?  

Wouldn’t you love to know how you to find your direction… but perhaps you are not sure of which course you should take?  

One of the ancient Roman philosophers, Seneca, delivered some sage advice in his day that we can apply to our lives today.

Seneca once said, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

What did he mean, and why is it important when it comes to you creating a life you love living?

Many of us feel dissatisfied with our lives. We know what we don’t want and we tend to often speak about the things we dislike.  

But if you ask someone what they do want, many people will say, “Well, I don’t know. I’ve never really thought so much about what I want. I just know what I don’t want.”

How to expand your ability to be creative, happy and successful.

It’s vital to have a clear, specific vision for your life.

I’ve found that if you don’t have a clear vision for what you would really love to have, to be and to do, then you have no clear destination.  

You end up living by default instead of by design – just accepting and reacting to what comes to you, instead of choosing to do and create the things you love.

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Seneca’s quote says that not knowing your destination will lead to unfavorable winds. In this state of unknowing, it doesn’t really matter where you go or what comes to you because none of it will get you closer to where you want to go…

You’re just being tossed and turned by everything that’s coming at you, and in today’s world, there’s a lot coming at you.

You have a short, precious span of time called “life.” What will you do with it?

Imagine leaving your house today and getting in your car. You have all the power and resources you need in that car…

You have the keys, there’s air in your tires and gas in your tank, you have plenty of time, and there are roads going everywhere you could possibly want to go.

live the life you want car driving

But even with all of this at your disposal, all those roads, that power, and the time you have to devote to this trip simply cannot produce a result you really want, unless you have a clear goal in mind to create the life you want.

You’ll produce results no matter what… the question is, what kinds of results would you truly love?

If you are just breathing, you will produce results in the four key areas of your life. Not “you might produce results,” you absolutely 100% will.

In your health, your relationships, your vocation, and your time and money freedom, you can measure your results right now, and you will have measurable results one year from now.

But if you’re unclear on where you want to end up in a year, two years, or three years from now, then you’ll find yourself drifting around in the sea of possibility.

You won’t be creating the results you desire – not because you don’t have the capability and potential – but because you didn’t have a goal in mind.

You couldn’t harness your potential, your abilities, and the laws of success in order to reach your chosen destination.

So being clear on what you want to create for yourself means you know which direction to go.

You know what your dreams are and you can actually end up in the place you would really love to reach!

How do you determine what you’d really love?

If you don’t know what it is that you would really love, start looking at the areas in your life where you notice some longing or discontent.

What are you longing for? What do you wish could be another way? What are you frustrated with or tired of?

Notice those feelings and thoughts. They’re actually signals from the power breathing in you, from life itself, designed to wake you up and say:

“Hey, you were meant for more than this. Don’t settle here, but get a clear picture of what you want. I gave you an intelligence that empowers you to do that.”

Where would you love to end up? What results do you want to create and experience?

Let’s start with the “what.” The important question is:

What would I love in my life?”

When you know what you would love, this helps you design an end point. You’ll no longer be the sailor without a destination, to whom no wind is favorable. Instead, you’ll be on your way to realizing your dream, and a life that you will truly love living.

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