Did You Know You Were Born To Dream Big?

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3 Proven Ways of Shifting Perspective in Order to Have the Life of Joy, Fulfillment & Abundance You Were Designed To Have

Throughout the course of your life, maybe you’ve heard the saying that you are a child of God. But what does that mean exactly?

What I believe it means is that we didn’t create ourselves. Not one of us has the higher intelligence to create our own bodies or organize our brains into the magnificent interfaces they are – complex systems that can communicate with both the finite and infinite sides of our nature.

Because I believe we didn’t create ourselves, because we are the offspring of a deathless spirit, of an infinite intelligence, we can access this mind of infinite intelligence.

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And here’s the amazing part: when we relate to our circumstances or conditions as spiritual beings having a human experience, we can tap into everything that the Universe has to offer us!

You were called into being to make a difference and to do extraordinary things.

You were built to live a life of joy, fulfillment and abundance, and your highest self knows this.

But often, we are conditioned to settle, to dream small, and to let outside circumstances dictate our lives.

So right now I’d like to share with you a few strategies for shifting your perspective from one of dreaming small to dreaming BIG.

Shifting perspective to consider all the possibilities for your life

Here’s how to tap into the power inside of you that knows you are destined for MORE and knows how to create a life you truly love living.

1. Create a vision for your life

The first step to dreaming big and creating the life you desire is to have a clear and specific vision of what the life you want looks like.

You see, in the absence of a specific vision, it doesn’t matter how much power you have within you, because you don’t know where to direct it. How can you know the directions to get somewhere if you don’t know where the destination is?

So think about the different areas of your life and start to bring into focus what you would love in each area.

  • What would you love for your health and well-being?
  • What would you love to do and give if you had more time and money freedom?
  • What would you love your relationships with other people to look like?
  • What would you love the area of career or business to look like for you?

The key here is shifting perspectives from one of a general longing for things to be a different way, to a specific vision of what you would love.

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Instead of saying, “I want to be healthy,” create a picture of what being healthy looks like for you.

  • Are you running a marathon?
  • Growing and eating your own vegetables?

See yourself full of energy and glowing with vitality and you’ll be on your way to incredible results.

You are going to have results in all areas of your life just by living and breathing, but you can use the power within you to generate the results you desire by creating a vision of your dream life.

shifting perspectives woman stargazing

2. Tune to possibilities

The reality is that the Universe is presenting amazing opportunities to us at all times, but because of our limiting beliefs, because we are taught to dream small and accept the status quo, we often miss these golden opportunities.

We simply aren’t looking for them or aren’t accustomed to recognizing them!

So the solution here is actually to start dreaming big – it costs you nothing! – because when you do, the Universe starts opening doors for you.

When we tune to the frequency of possibility instead of complacency, doors open that we never could have seen.

And once you start dreaming big, stay open-minded to all avenues and possibilities for achieving your dream – you might be surprised what types of opportunities, connections and experiences present themselves to you!

shifting perspectives heart drawing

3. Make decisions based on love

In a now famous commencement speech, actor Jim Carrey said that many of us often make decisions out of fear disguised as practicality.

Now being practical can be good, but the thing is, good is the enemy of great.

Decisions made from a place of fear put you in a contractive mindset, a mindset for dreaming small and accepting your current circumstances.

If you feel you’re making decisions based on fear, try shifting your perspective and making them based on love, and you’ll immediately begin to living more expansively.

Instead of asking yourself what you think you should do, or what you might be capable of, ask yourself the resounding and powerful question:

What would I LOVE?

Then allow yourself to imagine and try on the life you would love living, a great life, and call upon the power within you to take action towards making this dream life a reality.

Dream big and take action

No dream can come true if you don’t dream it. As Goethe said,

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.”

And that’s the key – taking action.

When you embrace that you a spiritual being having a human experience, an embodiment of the infinite, then you’ll know that no dream is too big to dream.

And when you tap into this power in you that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition you will ever find yourself in, you can begin taking action towards attaining your dream and living a life you love living.

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  • Thanks for this insight that my mind is a infinite provider in that what i dream I can bring into my life and nothing is impossible

  • Thank you Mary! Your discription of how to begin a better life sounds promising! I know something about it, and I know that I have to change my mindset. That is the problem; keeping my mind focused; when so many obstacles are in my view! Also, knowing how to clear them from my mind in order to obtain my dream! Thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your ebook! More blessings and love to you!

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