How to Stick to Your Decisions, No Matter What

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If You’ve Ever Wished That You Had More Willpower, Follow This 5-Step Formula

How often do you stick to decisions you’ve committed to, even in the face of challenging circumstances?

During the last 40+ years of studying, teaching and mentoring others in the art and science of transformation, I’ve discovered that there are two very different ways to approach life: Conditioned-based living or vision-based living.

Condition-based living means to live by default. Vision-based living means to live by design.

People who live condition-based lives are those who don’t believe that they can create their lives into ones they love living. They believe that their results are dictated by their circumstances. And because they believe this, they tend to live their entire lives fighting their circumstances instead of using that energy to focus on creating lives they’d love.

People who live vision-based lives believe that it’s possible to consciously create their lives, to shape them into lives they truly love living – and then they tend to create them.

Let’s pause here for a moment to note that living a life you love living doesn’t mean every single area of your life is perfect!

It means that numerous times a day, you have a feeling or a thought that rises up inside of you that goes something like this:

“I love my life. It’s not a perfect life, but I love it!”

Thoughts such as these are natural, however, they’re not normal.

You see, most people live lives of struggle because they’re constantly fighting their circumstances, instead of sticking to their decisions that lead them to create lives they love living.

However, when you live a life that’s vision-driven – you’re going to find that you’re way more likely to make the right decisions for your life – and stick to them!

Sticking To Your Decisions Despite Challenges and Obstacles

If you’d LOVE to create a life you absolutely love living, follow the five-step formula below to find out how to stick to your decisions, regardless of your circumstances, situations or conditions.

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1. Create a vision of the life you’d love living.

This may be easier said than done, but no dream can come true if we don’t dream it.

So, what kind of life would you love? What would be going on in your life you if you could have it your way – in the areas of your health, relationships, vocation, on your calendar and in your bank account?

Regardless of your circumstances at this very moment, begin to create a vision of a life you’d really love.

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2. Take a baby step in the direction of your dream.

Even baby steps will take you all the way up Mount Everest if you just keep taking them! The important thing to remember is to keep your vision of the life you’d love living in mind.

By taking at least one baby step every day, you’re going to start to see momentum building.

Once you see that you’re making headway, your own self-image will start to change. You’ll start realizing that you are someone who’s making changes, who CAN stick to your decisions, and that improvement and growth are happening.

Your spirit will feel that growth, and spirit LOVES progress. You’ll start to feel more productive, more alive and more energized, which will help you take even bigger steps!

3. Build bridges.

Your current circumstances and your vision are most likely different, so know this: It’s VERY easy to give in to your circumstances OR fight and resist them.

If you find yourself thinking thoughts like, “Oh, this is just how it’s going to be. Dreams work out for other people, but they don’t work out for me,” then your next step is to build bridges in your mind.

The first way to build bridges in your mind is to shift your contractive, limiting thoughts to ones that are more positive and expansive. For example:

“If anybody can live a life they love living, then I can be that person.”

Here’s the truth: You can’t build a life you’d love by thinking about all your problems, everybody who hurt you, what you’re lacking and the things that have gone (or are going) wrong.

You can’t think LACK and have ABUNDANCE.

So, make an effort to start saying kinder words to yourself. Begin focusing on what you’re grateful for.

If this is challenging, you can start by giving thanks that you’re able to breathe, and that you’re alive.

Building bridges will lead to a more abundant mindset, as well as the ability to stick to your decisions, which is what you need if you’re going to attract more abundance into your life.

sticking to your decisions

4. Ask yourself, “Do I believe I can live a life I love living?”

As you go through this process, continue to look for the places inside yourself where you don’t believe that you deserve to have a life you love.

Because here’s another universal truth:

If you actually believed it, you would have it.

If your vision for a life you’d love doesn’t match your current circumstances, this means that you’ve made subtle or unconscious agreements with yourself that circumstances are going to win out over you.

I’ve worked with people from all backgrounds, all walks of life and with all kinds of circumstances. And one thing I know to be true is this: Every single one of us can absolutely live lives we love living, but not with limited thinking.

So, if you don’t believe what I’m saying to be true, then believe in my belief, and you’ll start to build your own.

5. Start now.

No one is perfect when it comes to making decisions and sticking to them. But you can start today by creating a vision of what you’d love, taking a baby step, building bridges and shifting your limiting beliefs to more expansive ones.

There’s a popular Chinese proverb that says,

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

This is your moment! NOW is your time to plant whatever it is you’d love to enjoy the harvest in your life.

Whatever you do, you’re going to create results – not maybe, but absolutely. Just keep breathing, and you’re going to have results in your life. You don’t get to NOT create results. The question is, what kind of results would you love? What kind of results are you committed to creating?

You can start now with these five steps.

Now, here’s a question for you…
In your own life, where have you ever been challenged to make a decision and stick to it? What was the outcome? Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments section below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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  • This is an awesome, well-written and extremely informative blog post, Mary. I learned a lot from reading it. Thanks so much! Beth xo

  • If this is something like wishful thinking.. well.. I have done plenty. My circumstances are beyond bad…. I have worked and worked and worked to try and get back on my feet following my husbands bankruptcy… theft… fraud and lies…. leaving me holding the bag.. hopelessly in debt…. and I just can’t get there no matter how hard I work… no matter how many hours I work… I know there is nothing but opportunity out there… but it’s not free… the only thing I haven’t tried is just not eating anymore…. but I’m close.

    • Sounds like you need a support-group, or just keep encouraged by reading (public library has so much for free!) and following Mary’s positive thoughts. Sometimes we need to re-program our brains after such sabotage and overwhelming negatives…you can do this! “A Happy Life is the Best Revenge”

  • Thank you ever so much Mary! It sounds so easy, and probably is, to let go of old limiting beliefs! I wish I had someone telling me these wise words every day!
    Big hug to you and thank you again!

  • Beverly

    It is hard to make a decision to go ahead and start my online clothing boutique. Every time I make a decision to step out and do it I get sick and then I get discouraged and frustrated.I just don’t know how to get past this obstacle.

  • Elizabeth Hemingway

    I am in the process of getting a book published and there seems to be so many roadblocks in the way especially financial ones.

    • There are several no-money-up-front options to publishing…you can do this! check out Amazon’s CreateSpace or other similar ones, or try Freedom Through Writing info for submitting manuscripts. Been there…stay positive! Make your own luck!

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