What is a Vocation? Is It Just a Way to Earn Money, Or Is It Also a Way to Fulfill Your Calling In Life?

Most people tend to think of the term “vocation” to mean what you do to earn money – but the true meaning of the word actually runs much deeper than that…

A vocation is a job, but it’s one performed because of a deep, sincere feeling of being called to do that job.

Understanding the root of the word, “vocare,” helps illuminate what a vocation is, and helps you identify and pursue the right vocation for you. So let’s dig in and answer, “What is a vocation?”

what is a vocation calling

“Vocare” is a Latin word, meaning to call, name or invoke

That means that when you’re doing your true vocation, you’re doing so as a response to a calling you have within you.

A vocation increases your sense of aliveness as you do it, and the work you’re doing is love made visible.

Now, you definitely have a job, but is your job your vocation? How can you tell the difference?

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The truth is that your belief system, what I call your “paradigm” has a lot to do with whether you are just “doing a job,” or truly living into your calling – your vocation.

When we define paradigms, it’s a collection of thought patterns that produce habits, that produce results… that may or may not be in harmony with what you would really love.

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We have paradigms in all areas of our lives…

And typically we have them in place because we inherited them early in life from our parents, teachers and culture. We have paradigms for how we think about money, relationships, health… and you guessed it, vocation.

Most of have been trained to believe that a job is simply where we trade time for money, instead of seeing our vocation as action taken in alignment with something we truly love doing – something that makes us feel ALIVE!

Some of us even go as far as checking our soul at the door of our jobs in service of a paycheck.

So having a job is reflective of a paradigm that simply sees work as an exchange for money, and doing work we have to do. On the other hand, having a vocation reflects a paradigm that celebrates doing work that we love and feel called to do.

So what is a vocation and how can you find your true vocare?

Perhaps you have a job you dislike going to, but you feel obligated to stay. Or maybe you have a job you really enjoy, but you long for more ‒ to be, do, have, and give more in the world. And so you want to find your true vocation.

Consider the following question…

What if this next year, you could actually live a life you love living inside this wonderful, powerful area of your life called your vocation?

What would your life look like then? Visualize it.

what is a vocation love

And then go more specific, and ask yourself…

“If I could, what would I LOVE to create? What would I LOVE to invoke with my time and talent? How would I absolutely LOVE to spend my days? How would I LOVE to serve others and make the world a better place?”

Notice that the root of all these questions is love.

And when you find your inner voice of doubt, fear or criticism chiming in, tune it out, and tune only to possibilities.

Avoid asking yourself what you would do if circumstances were different, and allow yourself to really explore the truth of what you’d love to do.

Answer these questions from a place where there are no limiting circumstances – where time, money, and so on are not factors. In the answers to these questions, you will find your vocare.

what is a vocation vocare

Your vocare comes from within

Above all, remember that your vocation is what you would love to do, not what you believe you can or should do.

Other people may have a lot of ideas for how they believe you should be investing your time, energy and talent, but only you know the right vocation for you.

And remember, the right vocation for you is the one that gives you life.

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