How to Get and STAY Motivated So You Can Stop “Going After” Your Dreams and Actually Build Them in 2020

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Join Me and 13 of the World’s Greatest Motivators, Including Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Jack Canfield and More on January 25th!

In more than 40 years of studying, teaching and mentoring others in the art and science of transformation, I’ve found that NOTHING motivates me more than seeing the light shine in someone’s eyes when they discover that they have a power within themselves to achieve any dream.

Which is why I am so proud and honored to announce that I’ve been featured on World’s Greatest Motivators!

The World’s Greatest Motivators is a television platform created by Lynn Kitchen and Julie Hamilton, with a mission to bring the greatest motivators of our generation together to bring a higher level of awareness, positivity and achievement to the world.

This amazing platform is full of influencers and celebrities who shine their unique lights on how to overcome fear, master your mindset and go after your biggest, deepest dreams.

If you would love to discover what it takes to get and STAY motivated for 2020, so you can go for your dreams, see amazing results and truly change your life for the better in this next decade, then you won’t want to miss out on my own upcoming, EXCLUSIVE episode of World’s Greatest Motivators, airing on national television on January 25, 2020.

During this 20-minute episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to use the “code” of transformation, which will help you quickly and easily transform your thoughts and dreams into your reality
  • A fundamental transformational tool that you can access anytime you want and apply to feel vibrant and ALIVE every day
  • How to notice the many signals of possibility and opportunity that the universe sends you each day, opening doors for you to step into a life you love

For a sneak peak access of never-before-seen content, behind the scenes footage & photos, trailers & snippets of each episode, AND to find out exactly when and on what channel this episode airs on your local cable television, go to

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