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It's time to activate your fullest potential.
Become a Platinum Member of the
Brave Thinking Masters Program.

In Mary's BRAVE THINKING™ Masters Program you will learn to think bravely, act boldly, and accomplish brilliantly, in every aspect of your life.

You will learn the same BRAVE THINKING™ that Ford, Wanamaker, Firestone, Edison and many other Brave Thinkers exemplified to live their purpose, create extraordinary results, and make a significant difference in the lives of others. Joining this group of elite Brave Thinkers means that, like them, you will become a master at accomplishing more with less effort, and seeing abundance and success appear with greater frequency and ease!

Mary has supported and coached thousands of people worldwide in becoming masters of BRAVE THINKING™ and in creating a life they love living. No matter what obstacles you face, or how many times you've failed in the past, Mary knows first hand how to help you break through and create the results you most desire -- especially in your coaching business, where she has proven her own results are consistently among the top in the world.

If you truly desire to achieve new extraordinary results, research shows you need a consistent program of study with an experienced mentor, over a sustained period of time. Leveraging her four decades of mastery, and a track record of proven results, Mary has created the most cutting-edge program for breakthrough results you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Mary is both dedicated and highly invested in supporting you in creating an exponential leap in your results, at an accelerated rate, with extraordinary ease. She is ready to stand beside you and walk with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to step out and create your dream as you allow success to be simple, easy and fun?

During the Brave Thinking™ Masters Class, you join Mary Morrissey, LIVE, each week, for an interactive video cast. You have the unique opportunity to chat and interact directly with her and the other members of the class.

In Addition to the 12-Month Brave Thinking™ Masters Class with Mary, as a PLATINUM Member you also receive:

The Alpha Omega Experience

A 6-Day, Full-Immersion Business Builder. Mary brings to you the very experts, consultants, advisors, and go-to people that she relies on in growing her own multi-million-dollar businesses. Feel empowered, supported and more confident in your decisions and your direction.

At Alpha Omega, you are completely supported as you receive the resources you need to bring forth your brilliance and live more on purpose... and you prevent burnout and enjoy work-life harmony!

Learn from spiritually-minded, world-class experts in the areas of:

  • Product creation
  • High-end graphic design
  • Business systems
  • Effective leadership
  • Innovative marketing
  • Branding
  • Financial services
  • Ideal team building
  • And more

During the Alpha Omega Experience, You will:

  • Create a strategic, step-by-step plan to achieve the measurable results you desire.
  • Discover the power of using that plan to experience accelerated success.
  • Increase clarity and confidence through personalized, laser-focused coaching and breakthrough strategies from Mary.
The 4-Day "Concord Conversations" Transformational Retreat

Discover the inner tools that tap into your greatest possibilities
so you can achieve a higher level of spiritual, personal and professional growth.

Join Mary on a deeply personal journey through Concord to secret places most people don't have access to on their own. Open the doorways to soul and self by walking in the footsteps
of Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and others who revealed ways of thinking and being that inspire complete transformation.

PLATINUM-Level VIP Mondays with Mary

Experience a deeper connection with Mary and access her expertise in person.

On the Monday following DreamBuilder LIVE, you will remain at the hotel for a private, closed-door, Elite VIP Day with Mary and your fellow PLATINUM members.

Through a more powerful, personal connection with Mary, you take everything you've learned to a deeper level... and discover precisely what you need to know, and do, to experience a complete transformation.

Come away inspired to act, motivated to grow, and challenged to expand!

PLATINUM-Only Special Bonuses

Enjoy the full VIP experience, including:

1. Two VIP Upgrade Tickets to DreamBuilder LIVE
This 3-day, immersive experience guides you to bring your biggest dreams to life. Discover your true purpose and get on a proven path to deep fulfillment and meaning, thanks to the ancient truths of the greatest inventors and thinkers on earth.

With your VIP Upgrade tickets, you receive:

  • Access to the Private VIP Lounge for VIP Networking before doors open
  • Early Entrance and VIP Seating
  • 2 Wisdom Lunch Tickets and in-person, laser-coaching with Mary
  • A VIP Guest Ticket so you can bring your business partner, team member, colleague, family member or friend

2. Vision Blueprinting - VIP Upgrade Session with a Master Coach
Create a powerful blueprint for your big idea, dream or project. Mary and her certified Master Coaches will help you calibrate your vision for success as YOU define it - aligned with your core values and in tune with the highest possibility for your life.

3. Private Brave Thinking™ Masters Facebook Group
Enjoy exclusive access to a super-network of high achievers to receive the connection, support, resources and answers you need.

Platinum Membership Participation Is Limited

Because this intensive membership is the only way to experience hands-on, personalized connection and coaching in a private setting with Mary, participation is limited to an intimate number of dedicated individuals.

Your Platinum Membership also entitles you to:

Multi-Million-Dollar Business Results. Discover Mary's proven process for applying Brave Thinking™ Tools she's used to create multi-million-dollar business results for herself and her clients... and learn how you can use these same tools to up-level your results in life and in business.

Expert Advice on Removing Your Hidden Blocks to Success. Receive hands-on training from extraordinary industry experts who are passionate about helping you recognize your hidden blocks so you can get past them. Learn cutting-edge strategies, systems and solutions specifically designed to serve your greatest areas of need.

A Super Network of High Achievers with whom you can share key connections, resources, perspectives, feedback and moral support as you embark on this new, powerful journey.

One of the Best Investments You Can Make in Yourself

Mary message

We believe Brave Thinking™ Masters PLATINUM is one of the best investments in yourself, financially and spiritually, you could ever make.

Keep in mind that due to the intensive, personalized nature of this program, participation in Brave Thinking™ Masters PLATINUM is highly sought after, and extremely limited. Membership is considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

To be considered for Membership in the Brave Thinking™ Masters PLATINUM Program, complete the application and registration form, include your payment information and submit your forms to an Enrollment Mentor without delay. The Program registration will close as soon as all spots are filled.

Fill Out The Application Below To Apply For Platinum Membership: