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Join a movement of like-minded BRAVE THINKING® Masters worldwide, and enjoy exclusive access to one of the world’s most influential master teachers!

Mary Morrissey's Brave Thinking Masters

In the BRAVE THINKING® Masters Program you will learn to think bravely, act boldly, and accomplish brilliantly in every aspect of your life.

You will learn the same BRAVE THINKING® technology that Ford, Wanamaker, Firestone, Edison and many other brave thinkers exemplified to live their purpose, create extraordinary results, and make a significant difference in the lives of others. Joining this group of elite Brave Thinkers means that, like them, you will become a master at accomplishing more with less effort, and seeing abundance and success appear with greater frequency and ease!

Mary has supported and coached thousands of people worldwide in becoming masters of BRAVE THINKING® and in creating a life they love living. No matter what obstacles you face, or how many times you’ve failed in the past, Mary knows first hand how to help you break through and create the results you most desire.

If you truly desire to achieve new extraordinary results, research shows you need a consistent program of study with an experienced mentor, over a sustained period of time. Leveraging her four decades of mastery, and a track record of proven results, Mary has created the most cutting edge program for breakthrough results you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Mary is both dedicated and highly invested in supporting you in creating an exponential leap in your results, at an accelerated rate, with extraordinary ease. She is ready to stand beside you and walk with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to step out, meet your destiny, and allow success to be simple, easy and fun?

It’s time to live the life of your dreams!


The BRAVE THINKING® Masters Program Includes:

A Weekly 60-minute BRAVE THINKING Master Class with Mary Morrissey
A Weekly 60-minute BRAVE THINKING® Master Class with Mary Morrissey

Each week gather with your Master Mentor and your BRAVE THINKING® community as you receive the highest level of teaching, coaching, connection and support. You will learn to release negative and limiting programming, master your own thinking and systematically attract and allow all things required for living the life you love. Each week you will be given simple, yet highly effective steps that will accelerate the pace and ease with which you create the results you desire.

BRAVE THINKING Master Class with Mary Morrissey and VIP guest speakers

Mary’s closest friends and colleagues are some of the most influential, powerful, and famous changeagents on the planet. Mary not only opens her heart, mind and spirit to give you everything she’s got to support your personal and professional transformation, she also opens her rolodex! Each quarter, one surprise guest master teacher will join Mary and you to share their leading edge practices for how to apply Brave Thinking® for achieving extraordinary results.

BRAVE THINKING with Mary Morrissey, Master Class Private Archive
BRAVE THINKING® Master Class Private Archive

For your convenience and freedom, enjoy 24/7 access to the complete library of The BRAVE THINKING® Masters Program call recordings. Deepen your study and expand your results through repetition by listening to these high value calls anytime day or night.


Mary Morrissey First Edition Autographed Copy, Brave Thinking Master book Bonus
Bonus 1: First Edition Autographed Copy of Mary’s new book, Brave Thinking

Thoughts of the great masters that are set down in a book become very valuable collector’s items. Delve into the highest level of consciousness for your own personal growth as you pour over the beautiful pages of your very own First Edition Autographed Copy of Mary’s new book, Brave Thinking. (Release Date – After Publication of Book)

Mary Morrissey Two VIP Tickets to DreamBuilder LIVE, bonus
Bonus 2: Two VIP Tickets to DreamBuilder™ LIVE

Mary’s 2-day advanced training in Los Angeles for heart-centered professionals who want to accelerate their results. This is the premiere event to get connected to your vision and befriend an entire community of like-minded, spiritual adventurers as you take your life to the next level.

Mary Morrissey 12 Months of My Morning Mentor Daily Video Teaching bonus
Bonus 3: 12 Months of My Morning Mentor Daily Video Teaching

One of Mary’s most popular programs, My Morning Mentor will keep you grounded in your vision, and tuned in to higher frequencies of awareness where manifestation of your dreams is inevitable. Break through limiting habit patterns and start building your dreams!

Mary Morrissey Brave Thinking Wisdom Library bonus
Bonus 4: Brave Thinking® Wisdom Library

You will receive a beautifully boxed set of the most powerful transformational books, hand selected by Mary, that are the cornerstone of her personal library. The wisdom in these books shape the focus of your study together and will continue to be a treasure for a lifetime.

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