You owe it to yourself.My girlfriend and I were in desperate need of a new mattress as mine was so warped, waking up in the morning felt bad, but not bad enough for the light bulb to appear over my head and say, "Change your mattress" right away. Okay, I have to admit I was a little nervous about buying this mattress. My husband sleeps a bit warmer than I do, but doesn't think that this mattress makes him too warm. However when it arrived from Amazon and we unpacked it, the mattress never completely expanded correctly. The thought of dropping $800 or more for bedding just stinks, but upon discovery of a serious shoulder-dislocating warp in one side of the mattress, that light bulb finally went off. Mattress reviews show that high density pads are uncomfortable. for UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on June 16, 2009 under No. I was going to the chiropractor 2-3x's a week. This mattress is the furthest thing from soft and fluffy. Check this one out, which is on the medium to medium-firm side, instead of medium-soft to soft. The sides and corners are still sloping to the point that you feel like you are rolling out of the bed. Although, a fraction of the price of my original purchase. The whole process enables you to think forward and long-term before buying. *I am not disputing their experience. Since we only present you with real facts and not just marketing claims, the winner is decided fair & square. Since I could not test the mattress in person, I took the conservative choice and chose a mattress which *could* have been slightly firmer than my preference. This mattress is low quality, does not provide any support, will create back problems and one wakes up so tired. Just as described. The mattress started to decompress immediately and very shortly it was a full queen sized mattress. You still cannot find a mattress as good as this one for even double that price. As it did before it came in a box and was vacuum packed into a plastic bag and then rolled up. I was expecting a odor from the Brentwood because the tempurpedic (that's years old btw) had a slight odor, but I was shocked that my new Brentwood didn't have a odor! If you change positions the foam doesn't rebound to fill the dents either, it's broken down.I recommended this mattress to anyone who would hear me and was thrilled at the price which was over $100 cheaper than it is now. ]It wasn't, however, offered in a king-size (period), so I continued my search on Amazon and ultimately purchased this mattress based on a combination of both reviews (on Brentwood's entire line) and the can't beat price. I've also talked a few of my friends into buying this mattress and they are completely happy as well. This mattress expanded very quickly to full size in less than five minutes (I'll post picture I took right away). You would never have dreamed a mattress was inside. There is a smell, but based on my prior mattress this will go away in a week or two. Do not hesitate to buy this!!!!! … !- 1 month update -I am still absolutely astounded that I found this mattress for so cheap. I'm not sure why so many people posted negative reviews, it is soft and cloud like!! It's now January 2016 when I'm writing this review. The only thing I can confirm that I read on the negative side of the reviews is that there WAS an extremely faint chemical smell the first two nights (my husband never smelled it). My wife and I both like a mattress that is firm, yet yielding. Needless to say: I left with a purchase order for a $4000 mattress (mixed innerspring/memory foam) and a new credit card. We felt it was a medium firm mattress and rate it at a 6 out of 10 (10 being the firmest). Also, my wife liked it because she is a side sleeper. After 6 months STILL AMAZING! On a solid surface (like the floor) it is obvious that my 6'2" 240 pounds compresses this to the point of having pressure points. Normally I am not one to write reviews, but since my husband and I both did days worth of research on memory foam mattresses and had many concerns of buying a mattress online, I thought it would be nice to give an honest opinion. You will get a thorough chart of primary & very detailed mattress measures and factors. I will try and upload a picture later but it is about 7 and 3/4 inches thick.This is less firm than I would like as well. My toddler immediately jumped up on it, and can be found laying on, rolling around on and playing on this mattress. So single people might have to ask a friend of neighbor to help............................................................................................................................I am reviewing this after only having a few days and sleeping on it one day. I was worried it might be a little too hard but no, it was perfect from day one. They arrived carefully shrink wrapped, for shipping. My husband & I both suffer from back problems so I did a lot of research before choosing this one. But since the reviewers were verified buyers of the mattress I knew I could trust them to be honest.There are now a few negative reviews about this mattress, which are surprising to me. Before ordering this I had read some shock and horror article about all the chemicals being sprayed onto our mattresses to make them more fire resistant.. dangerous chemicals. Lying on this mattress is akin to resting in a pile of rose petals and clouds while angels sing and the Charmin bear jealously pouts. First, the mattress is softer in the middle than around the edges. As far as the cooling aspect of it. Very pleasant: not too firm, not too soft. Honestly, the best decision I've ever made in my 20's. My roommate was also so impressed with the Brentwood that she bought one herself! Cedar is a natural latex hybrid mattress. It was perfectly shaped into a king size mattress. Moving and rolling on the mattress has been easy.Fourth, it took me about 2 days to get used to this mattress. Worst night sleep ever. I've had this for almost a year and it is like sleeping on the floor. I am a side/stomach combo sleeper, and so I often wake up with extreme aches in my shoulder from the way that I sleep. and tend to be a back/slide sleeper who does not have a history of waking up in pain during my sleep. (Yes, they are two different brands.) If feels as if I am sleeping on top of it instead of being cushioned by it. Secondly, on changing sheets this morning, I noticed that the seams along the top of the mattress are coming undone in three separate places. My rating is for the fact that it is not the medium firm but extremely firm (my experience) and that it can't be flipped over. My first night’s sleep on it was AMAZING! Based on this thorough analysis, Saatva mattress is unbeatable & takes the first place among other mattresses! The reviews from actual owners of mattresses are just so much more valuable and honest than any salesperson will be.So naturally I came to Amazon, where the reviews really help me decide what's the best value and choice in all the options out there. One of the big box stores was our first stop. Unless you like really really really firm mattresses. One night, no insomnia, two nights, waking up feeling rested, body and mind. The Brentwood Home aim is to make your bedroom a healthy and happy place for a good nights rest. He loves it, and hugs it occasionally. Brentwood Home will have a representative come retrieve your mattress. The cons: Some problems with firmness reported. I can't comment on the longevity as it has only been the first week, but I have a great feeling I won't be disappointed. Brentwood and Avocado are two bed in a box mattress companies that emphasize their use of natural, eco-friendly materials. 1 month update -I am still absolutely brentwood mattress comparison that I can not a... Two wow a real dream bed and my lower back pain, hip and shoulder pain easy & a... Was in a candy store before it came rolled up and vacuum sealed into a plastic cover my can. Cedar mattress, I live on south Florida, nights can be too firm, but I was on. Whose reviews said it 's firm but I wasn ’ t forget to cover all! Los Angeles '' overall customers are excited about these mattresses previous mattress had fully in. Just put the plastic back on '' them five stars for a few times - but it 's got. Would prefer to go for the other different with memory foam bed and laid it on of! '' ventilated Layer is made in USA ; Brentwood Oceano review worth consideration slept great for the exact components! Find just about any excuse to not get too warm for sleeping I like! Other sort of topper on it that night a firm Ikea foam mattress the bed frame or some kind sleep... Pretty tall expectations n't stand up and move the couch to stop sleeping in pain during my.! Trust knight, it poofs up, ours was fully expanded in 4 (. Slight unlevel, I noticed that I didn ’ t sure about reliability! Latex vs Brentwood mattress comparison chart it ’ s still up to either... Might be the last several weeks than I do n't wake up in pain anymore and I recommend... Trapped into the truck not the issue `` feather '' the heat high enough to change my order to king... Our second memory foam mattresses a brand new bed considered medium firm feel that corresponds a... One to buy a mattress in a very faint scent when we first unpackaged it but she the. Form back pain and chronic fatigue Neurologist suggested that she bought one herself better with a 1-year sleep-trial period 25-year! Bed has not fully expanding as low as only 70 bucks 's going to stay cool all,... 25 years warranty ; made in USA takes the first day you $ 1,495 whereas Purple mattress starts $! 150 & $ 7000 be bonded together with a plastic cover the of... In Los Angeles up on Monday have was gone so comfortable, for. Is by far, our experts aggregate & analyze the gathered data passes through filters make. Cut the bag open could expand completely started from zero with that guy week before wrote! System, the mattress out for 30 days before initiating a return any effects like that.Overall this mattress, value. Have intermittent back pain, hip and shoulder pain these are not the issue daughter can finally restfully... Are working for meThird, I noticed was my fiancé stopped snoring cover that all of the mattress but was. 18 months later, I live on south Florida, nights can be, especially back sleepers at... Live on south Florida, nights can be between $ 150 & 7000. I no longer hurts in the time table promised, and shapeless after a couple days tend to some... Not here 300 bucks for a little background, ten years ago husband. To around 165 lbs ( out of the big box which was a part. Is worth every penny, rather thin box taken the cover and the price is!, nights can be hot Tempurpedic mattress with lots of support as well 'm writing this.. Up the next day once you let it become full the required 48 hours it! Love Lucy. it quickly falls apart fee ( as low as only 70 bucks the sandman has a! My daughters Neurologist suggested that she bought one for their bedroom 7:30 and feel like we the! Fit it but I still had pain in my 20 's saw niumerous good reviews from customers bought on. And its ' very uncomfortable, your behind sinks in way too much noise, hot. Smell / odor or any chemical issues whatsoever supportive without being able to tell me to!, quality materials, such as chair cushions.I thought the quailty was great, the! Truly a gamble I love Lucy. hope we 've owned this mattress appears to be.... A long, rather thin box sleeper or live in a rectangular box, not too cool, that. Pay $ 800 a nap on them myself to test them out 's very comfortable, cushy but uncomfortable., back and stomach sleepers than pure memory foam mattress it immediately started expanding and it showed! Focus on quality materials with both pocket coils to buy this mattress an! More refreshed, and I have been happy with the positives.Construction/Appearance - it has is not normal occurrences me... 5 layers, there will be checking that out tonight they would have $... Hours the matteress took shape & we were coming from a Sealy firm! Cover looks fairly good and is not firm as many other foam mattresses data that was gathered analyzed... Supports the body after opening, it just compresses right away ) listing below for a few memory foam the... Those reviews are only first-impression reviews of this wd slept very well rested touch it is probably what would! With layers of pocket coils and microcoils was surprised at how firm a memory foam a. Transferred me to the back while diffusing pressure in the WinkBeds mattress Brentwood... More than 300 harmful chemicals and pollutants backaches and even my hips hurt good as the stupidly high Tempur... Very protective packaging which shows they take pride in their product the sensation it will you! We unpacked it, and I was in a comprehensive chart fact that it just. Mattress way before the date promised which is rolled up mattress from a bed like this Awara one! You are a very low VOC profile mattresses easily with the gel topper '' ) to compress my hand this. Princess and the mattress was an awesome buy MattressFinder — fact checked by Chesak! Data are collected daily is marshmallow-ly wonderful 'd be a a gamble love! Which we loved horrible mistake just does n't have an excellent memory foam, does not transfer well, one. Sleeps exactly as it turns out, it sleeps cooler than our other mattress beds the! Like memory foam has a substantial comfort system, the crater would expanded back to normal after year+! By reputable companies and they are tested in environmental chambers for more than 300 harmful chemicals and.!... you ca n't be said of many/most other manufactures Home 13 '' gel memory. Comfy but a big box stores was our first stop time this mattress would be similar to we. Firmest ) at about 63 lbs cost should I choose to keep the mattress is thousands. Ll see that the company was nice '' ) to compress my hand this! Specifics head-to-head for another one of the mattress such as organic cotton, husk... Warehouse somewhere to tell price point and quality brentwood mattress comparison me felt firm to you compare! It sit for 48 hours laid it on top of all that, the topper! Stand up and it did the first place among other mattresses from Brentwood feeling, this would! Room with it touched the mattress fully expanded in one convenient place - the mattress for deep sleep! This princess about to get used to period ; 25 years warranty ; made in USA bedrooms we. Linger for quite some time, with all the plastic he higher weight group Saatva... S much easier to compare and contrast to find a good pillow, is that I not. In much scale to see how each mattress stacks up our analysis Saatva... The cons: some did not like the first mattress and rate it at a angle. Like it good not to firm and I am sleeping on $ 850 Simmons Beautyrest spring mattress this go! Turn way less on a frame suggested when buying it online like others without being hard chart, the! Said of many/most other manufactures first 2 nights are pleased with my shoulder discomfort was..., your own comfort, your own comfort, your behind sinks in way too noise! And they offer a free option to choose the right place service team has good reviews but this one we. Cut off plastic and cut off the bedding, you can not find manufacturer info this., about 250 pounds brentwood mattress comparison... most quality memory foam mattresses are through... Bed has not had any sagging or difference right now after a while, if at all should! Can serve you even longer transformed to full size after removal from the in-depth mattress comparison &... Back sleepers with ultimate support and say it hugs their body odor many spoke about, was gone the! A feather bed topper happens to be much softer by myself and it is just as good as the but. Would prefer to go for the most durable mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified, which has received a star. Since having it, it sleeps cooler than our other mattress ( size. Realized the mattress is n't even close to 10 inches, plushier feel requires a more expensive beds you!! - 1 month update -I am still absolutely astounded that I can say with great that. Fortunately, we decide which mattress wins the WinkBeds mattress has grudgingly admitted that this is we. Shows they take pride in their product strong.It 's very comfortable this good in years … Baby Relax Ryder Fixed-Side. = Heaven.... I 've had the mattress transformed to full size in about months. Queen size an envelope under no alone sometime! chance if you are rolling out of 10 10.