Get these and … Consumers snapped up cleaning products seconds after they arrived on store shelves, if they arrived at all. The Homewyse house cleaning calculator … google_ad_client="pub-7904342850592281"; ft. Calculated Clean will help you with pricing any cleaning related job including but not limited to: commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, stip and waxing, pressure washing, deep clean disinfecting, and more! Cleaning Cost Calculator. Founded in 1907, we are a leading manufacturer and distributor of cleaning and hygiene solutions. Maintenance and Janitorial Supplies View all categories . Have the lists handy when … Home > CleanBid Bidding > Features > Consumables Calculator. When you use any CleanGuru software you’ll get our Consumable Product Calculator absolutely FREE. Cleaning Calculators Use the calculators below to determine RTU costs, compare labor costs, estimate the amount of materials needed to complete your project and more. Getting and keeping your janitorial jobs profitable is the name of the game. How to Calculate Cleaning Times Categories: Bidding & Workloading, Cleaning Applications | March 20, 2018 << Back to Articles. And the Roadmap to Hiring Success is helping cleaning companies improve their employee turnover rates! ,