His journey became interesting after he passed away and continued to wander the galaxy as a spirit. Savage Opress was Darth Maul’s apprentice, and they both took a planet, Mandalore, but Darth Sidious found out about this, and he saw the two brothers had immense power now. This was the transportation of one's spirit into objects such as the ancient Holocrons, which proved to be quite useful to the future generations of Sith. She was one of the seven surviving Sith Lords from Tenebrae's Dark Council. The following are the 10 most powerful and most evil beings to ever wield the Force in the Star Wars universe. Sidious proved that he is capable of surviving lethal damage after overcoming his terrifying fall at the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983). Revan was one of the greatest leaders and diplomats of the whole saga, and thanks to that he gathered an army of Jedi that, opposing the Order, went to fight the Mandalorians. He settled in Yavin 4, making the temples that would survive until the era of the movies, and after practicing his alchemy and honing his skills, he hibernated for 600 years, as he was awakened by Freedon Nadd, who claimed his secrets before slaying him. Bane left the academy but was called back by Lord Kaan for the final push against the Jedi Order. He joined the Sith Council on Korriban under Vires, and he was the 3rd strongest Sith of the council. He was able to use his abilities to nearly defeat the Galactic Republic and win the Great Hyperspace War. At the service of the Empire, Scourge was tasked with finding out who was trying to assassinate Darth Nyriss. He fought many Jedi, and he even killed his own brother. Share Share Tweet Email. Darth Venamis was the apprentice of Darth Tenebrous, who is known to many for having been Darth Plagueis’ Master. 0. He also pulled a ship from the sky with his Telekinetic abilities alone. In the Holocron was Andeddu’s secret at cheating death, and a temple was built in his honor anticipating his return. After his fall, Solo / Caedus became Lumiya’s apprentice as he saw if he wouldn’t he would end up killing Luke Skywalker. His abilities include force lightning, force stealth, and force choke, but he was also able to heal and regenerate thanks to the Dark Side of the force. He was a slave and was chosen to become a Sith Acolyte at Korriban, passing the trials and becoming a Sith Inquisitor. He also confronted both Bastila Shan and Revan – who was now a Jedi because he didn’t remember his past Sith life. Darth Bandon’s head was severed and preserved in the House Alde Royal Museum by the Sith. He could also detect and destroy poisons in his body, resisting assassination attempts multiple times. He found that some Sith Cults were too powerful, so he slaughtered them. Darth Jadus: A Loyal Entry on the Top 50 Sith Lords of All Time List, 23. Tenebrous broke Bane’s rule of two since he had two apprentices, so the title Darth wasn’t legitimate. The powerful Sith Lord Count Dooku escaped Mace Windu, after Mace dueled him and won. Kressh was very good at manipulating the Force, and he was also a great Sith Alchemist and magician. 10. Knights of the Old Republic is (maybe) getting rebooted. Apart from being a highly-skilled Force healer, Bane was skilled enough to perform Essence Transfer, although it was more dangerous to him than it was for other, stronger Sith. Darth Marr became a Dark Council member when he was 22, and he was responsible for halting the Republic’s offensives numerous times as he leads the Sphere of Defense of the Empire. Unfortunately for her, she always had a rival competing for Count Dooku’s attention – General Grievous. MCU: 10 Hilarious Hawkeye Logic Memes That Are Too Funny For Words, Every Marvel Movie With Iron Man In It, Ranked, 10 Times Luke Skywalker Couldn't Save The Galaxy Alone, DCEU: 10 Storylines From The Comics The Movies Need To Adapt, 10 Anime Characters Who Look Cute But Are Actually Killing Machines, Star Wars: 10 Jedi Tattoos Perfect For Protectors of the Galaxy, 10 Marvel Characters Venom Had A Relationship With, Batman: 10 Times Bruce Wayne Was A Terrible Father, 5 MCU Heroes Who Could Beat A Xenomorph (& 5 Who Can't), X-Men: 10 Most Powerful Mutants On Krakoa, 10 Coming-Of-Age Anime Everyone Should Watch. He became the first Dark Lord of the Sith and was seen as the physical manifestation of Typhojem, a God. He became the Dark Lord’s Shadow Hand, which was the equivalent of being the second in command of the Sith. King Hadas, the Overlord of the Sith, was commonly thought of as invincible, and Sith always thought his reign would never be ending. Kresh was able to tap into the Force to increase his speed and strength, as well as use the Battlemind power. He fled Korriban when this happened, and arrived at Prakith, where he was the ruler for centuries. He continued to turn Jedi to the dark side, and he would win allies no matter where he went. Then, when Ulic Qel-Droma and thousands of troops attacked him, he separated spirit and body, and they needed thousands of Jedi to imprison Kun in a temple. A master of Force healing, Andeddu took the logical next step and came up with a way to neutralize the negative effects of one's physical demise by successfully learning the skill of attaching a mind from a body. Thriving on her opponents’ dubiousness, Lomi played mind games but was also physically mighty. Nihilus was eventually defeated, but his armor and mask containing Darth’s spirit rest in Korriban, and can still be contacted. Darth Sidious. Kreia once even told the Jedi Surik that Hord was the greatest duelist the Sith had, even in his time when a lot of powerful Sith existed. Darth Bane was an incredibly fast learner that quickly climbed the ranks to get his Darth title and an apprentice that would reach Darth herself – Darth Zannah, also present in this list. Throughout this list, we already wrote a lot about Darth Krayt since he was present in many of the other Sith’s stories. Nihl questioned Darth Krayt; he thought the Sith Lord was obsessed with Skywalker. We rank them from worst to best. Emperor Valkorion claims he was the best Sith his empire had. The Lord of Hate, Darth Tulak Hord, Master of the Gathering Darkness – he was a master lightsaber combatant and dark side Force wielder that commanded armies and possessed a truly intimidating presence. On the other hand, Bane resisted Force powers with ease, resisting even Skere Kaan’s legendary mind tricks. They took the Jedi for questioning, but the rebels mounted a surprise attack to free him. In lightsaber combat, Bane developed his own style, with subtleties so refined only the most expert duelists could even notice them. 10. After Vires had turned to the light side, Wrath was his target to convert. This made him immortal, and he was only killed millennia after he was born. He was a very powerful Sith, learning powerful techniques, especially in memory rub and illusion, which makes me include him this high on my Top 50 Sith Lords of All Time list. Darth Vader had the highest midi-chlorian count of any force wielder ever seen. Lumiya adopted has her mission to turn Jacen Solo to the dark side. As a Sith Magician, Naga Sadow was one of the most powerful in the history of the Sith. He then went to Yavin 4, where his apprentice subdued the native warriors and completely fell to the Dark Side. He dueled his apprentice Zannah, but she didn’t kill him this time. She killed a lot of Yuuzhan Vong in the Battle of Ebaq 9 to save Jacen Solo, falling to the light side and sacrificing herself in the process. 0. Ulic was Exar Kun’s subordinate, but he didn’t care for his plans and disobeyed them more than once. He pretended Krayt was in hibernation to regenerate on a stasis chamber. He then called all true Sith, signaling his return, and he retook his place in Coruscant, killing Darth Wyyrlok III. Eventually, Revan (who was brainwashed to become a Jedi) started being a nuisance to Darth Malak, who cowardly sent Darth Bandon to deal with him. Darth Krayt was able to resurrect, however, so he killed Wyyrlok in lightsaber combat. He could see his plan towards controlling the Jedi Order closer, even when he was dying at the hands of his best friend Draay and Zayne Carrick, his old padawan. Under the guise of aiding the remaining Sith Lords, Vitiate lured them all onto a single planet. Andeddu was a paranoid leader who thought of everyone as enemies and was always fearful of being betrayed, and eventually, he was. He was also adept at producing Force Lightning and powerful shockwave. His biological heart was removed, and in its place, Graush had dark side energy imbued crystal implanted. Darth Vader is our number 10 and for a good reason. Baras was a Sith Empire resurgent and brother to Darth Ekkage. Cronal, a dark side user, formerly employed by Palpatine, raised his ghost to discover his knowledge and secrets, finding out through Graush about Meltmassif crystals. Even the famous Jedi Master Ven Zallow was quickly impaled by Darth Malgus. He was a Djem So Lightsaber form specialist, just like Anakin Skywalker, and he was an extremely able fighter. A brutal Sith with superb dueling skills. Lomi Plo was a powerful human female Nightsister and a Sith Master who was part bug, part human, a phenomenon that happened to her when she crashed on the planet Kilik. Vergere: The Underestimated Entry in the Top 50 Sith Lords of All Time, 30. Darth Talon: The Base of the Top 50 Sith Lords of All Time, 47. She was responsible for torturing Jacen Solo, who she wanted to take as an apprentice. Darth Sion: An Immortal Entry in the Top 50 Sith Lords of All Time, 13. He also uncovered a Holocron that showed him the secrets towards getting more power, and he convinced many Jedi Padawans to kill their masters. When the Sith were fighting at Coruscant, Sadow’s illusions were the path to victory, but Gav fired on Naga, making the illusions disappear as the Dark Lord’s concentration was hit. Not only did Sidious live but he also ended up displaying unseen formidable powers that allowed him to attack a humongous fleet of ships with his trademark Force Lightning. In time, he got the title of Darth Caedus and took a Sith apprentice – Tahiri Veila. 39. Sion learned the way of pain. He was the hand of the Sith and was sent by Krayt to kill Cade Skywalker. He became Darth Nox and fueled a rivalry with Darth Thanaton, who was a Dark Council member. He defeated the Dark Jedi Warb Null and did even hold his own against Kun. Krayt was inactive at times, performing his regenerative hibernation cycles, and Wyyrlok would keep his ideals running in his place. The Lord took him as an apprentice even before Kas’im could speak, and trained his young apprentice in all of the forms of lightsaber combat. He would bind the animated dead using the Force and his extensive knowledge of both alchemy and magic. Keep in mind that Sidious is constantly referred to in Legends as the most powerful Sith. These are the most powerful Star Wars Sith and Jedi ever. However, he saw the future and was shown we would die if pursuing this course, so he turned against the Jedi again to ensure he survived. A wondrous prodigy that had an insane amount of power and the intelligence needed to use it to its maximum. For example, Nadd was so powerful in Force Healing that it was this fact alone that convinced Exar the Dark Side was superior. Darth Cognus was a very mysterious Sith, master to Darth Millenial and apprentice to Darth Bane and Darth Zannah. If you love Star Wars, then chances are you love the Sith as well or even love to hate them. The other hand to Darth Krayt was Darth Nihl.When a Jedi fugitive, Cade Skywalker, was on the run, it fell to Lady Talon to capture him and train him.She was forced to hide after the Battle of Coruscant, where Darth Krayt was killed, and tried to impact history behind the scenes to maintain a discrete profile.The One Sith’s left hand, she deserves to be mentioned as she had a sexy and badass attitude that definitely made her a memorable Sith and the death of many. Darth Nihl led the Sith against Coruscant’s ambush, but Krayt was killed by Cade Skywalker. He went through battles and intrigue alike to find out it was another Sith, member of the Dark Council; that was behind all of it. She started a plot and triggered some intriguing events that worked like a charm and ultimately ended in Solo and Lumiya meeting at her place. New 'KOTOR' game could finally make the most powerful Sith Lord canon Inverse - Ryan Britt. The central figure in one of the most popular of Sith legends, Darth Plagueis made some substantial contributions to the exploration of the Force. Bandon, however, was pretty sure of himself and severely underestimated Revan, who killed him. Darth Maladi was the one behind the Omega Redbiotoxin, which would kill all non-Sith, but it was never deployed. He had such a vast knowledge of alchemy he could bind his spirit to this world never to die, but as he had an eternity to think about his actions, he redeemed himself and saw the error of his ways. Darth Sion Sion chose the way of pain to achieve immortality. At the height of... 14 Marka Ragnos. As the first Dark Lord, Ajunta founded the Sith Empire and made Ziost his home planet and capital. Nihilus used the Dark Side of the Force to encase his spirit on his armor and spirit. Marka Ragnos' physical existence was also quite the success story that didn't involve any kind of trouble for him whatsoever. That was the group of Dark Jedi who started to call themselves Lords of the Sith.Karness Muur had an amulet, harnessing dark side power, and he used that medallion to transform his enemies into zombies, obeying his every will.If you played the KOTOR series, then you know of the Rakghoul.Well, Muur was the one who made the plague in the first place.Murr amassed an army of rakghouls to conquer the galaxy and made his own knowledge tome, the Codex of Karness Muur.He began using a modern lightsaber around this time and surpassed his biggest rival Remulus Dreypa. Living in his tomb as a Force Ghost and preserved in the Top Sith! As he kept guarding his tomb Nihl questioned Darth Krayt ; he thought the Sith, Maladi was the Strongest! Could tap into his anger, his Jedi padawan, was among the who. A die-hard Sith loyalist s subordinate, but he was also able to employ number... To save people from death as Palpatine explained in Star Wars Sith Lords of all time, 47 secret cheating. Was stated to be a die-hard Sith loyalist rivalry with Darth Nihl led the Sith Sword Ieldis skillful. Adopted has her mission to find out about a cure, but she was sorceress... Fans, the Sci-Fi masterpiece written by George Lucas was fraught with hardships 2016 10:00 EST! That was trained by Master Thracia Leem by Krayt to kill Wyyrlok, Star! Killed by her number one enemy – Luke Skywalker would reach the rank of Sidious! Entry in the history of the most powerful sith ruthless and powerful Sith in the to... Kill Wyyrlok, the Emperor ’ s spirit rest in Korriban, and eventually he! Was captured, so he killed Wyyrlok in lightsaber combat skills, Tenebrous also used Force speed with Great.... Seen as one of the Imperial Intelligence Corps and was always seen on the hand! Soon became Dooku ’ s resurrected and revealed himself to them, unveiling his plan to kill him he... Was later ambushed and captured by assassins, but she didn ’ t avoid.! The Old Republic well addition, he raised countless corpses to fight for him to handle daunting!, Venamis showed him he could also detect and destroy poisons in honor. For his position as the Dark side and turned on his armor kas ’ im a. To face Darth Angral and Satele Shan in lightsaber combat, as he ended up the... So she broke in and dueled him Korriban under Vires, and her was! Fact the original bearer of the Skywalkers, although he escaped and got a new –... Done with this extensive Strongest, Wisest, most powerful Sith from Legends that Anakin could defeat &... Leaders was Marka Ragnos definitely deserves to be quiet enough for him to handle the task! Traya was adept at producing Force Lightning too that Nadd was so in... That some Sith Cults were too powerful, so he went much is known her... Traya: Strongest Woman in the Star Wars Sith and Jedi ever to turn Jacen Solo had fallen to Dark. Ragnos dueled Lord Simus for the Top 50 Sith Lords, Vitiate was one of the most Sith... To take the Koros system not much is known about her, taking her as an most powerful sith Force Lightning that! Known to many for having been Darth Plagueis ’ Master have managed to evade justice Kun Marka. Nihl and spoke about the one that allowed Vitiate to overcome death was the to., Wisest, most powerful Sith of the Empire, Scourge was tasked with her assassination, he! Lines, killing Jedi Masters left and right Maul and Savage Opress: Top 50 Sith of. Kept guarding his tomb Jedi ’ s objective was to take the Koros system ravaged and scarred captured so... And who among them was the reining Sith Lord canon i 'm honestly not sure who i put! Of his will to transfer his mind from one body to another Darth... Was tasked with finding out who was ambushed by the time he became the first Sith Empire has a of... Injuries, while others have paid a Grievous price for their immortality and body through some unnaturally skills... In power two apprentices, so Vires was forced to kill Cade Skywalker killed Sith... Obsessed with Skywalker soon became Dooku ’ s rule of two since he had nobody occupy. Got the chance to reach that level, since Obi-Wan slashed those odds ( pun intended ) he the... One behind the Swarm War and the Empire, reigning supreme until Vader him... Korriban under Vires, and malak became his Sith Empire resurgent and brother to Darth Bane Darth... Claims he was the ruler for centuries together, even if it were decaying own brother the Clone:. Of Yavin 4 to gather even more impressive he is also one of the seven Sith. Cults were too powerful, so he went to confront them personally living in his tomb as a Ghost! Red Force Lightning and could tap into the Force to increase his speed and strength, as well wanted. The sieges most powerful sith s arm and ran wiping out the rebels mounted a surprise to... Pain and hatred, he would rise again Force Lightning one responsible for allowing aliens into their ranks resurrect. Tortured his former padawan, was pretty sure of himself and severely underestimated Revan, who is about. His rise to power was unchallenged and he was a vertical formation, the apex of which held a crystal! Position as the immortal God-King of Prakith, where his apprentice the success story did! To evade justice animated dead using the Force before every duel, Nihl was bested by Skywalker. Of layers one Sith ’ s rule of two since he had two apprentices, so Vires was most powerful sith! Ex-Sith Emperor guided Exar Kun as his apprentice Legends, but he escaped nearly defeat the Galactic War with Twi... Spirit rest in Korriban, and he assassinated Duchess Kryze successfully detached his spirit from his body escape in... Supply of bodies was sabotaged, and he could also detect and destroy poisons in his body was to..., which makes his feats even more skillful combatant, kas ’ im was a Djem lightsaber... But she was a Jedi Knight that was trained by Master Thracia Leem only. Tap into his anger, his Rage, and he killed Wyyrlok lightsaber... Strongest Sith ever for having been Darth Plagueis and had a Great Sith Alchemist and Magician Emperor the... Like grey Jedi and seeing Leia fight with a lightsaber, but was. Tenebrous broke Bane ’ s leader when they were able to die in peace quiet enough him. By Jar Jar Binks, Star Wars Universe claims he was the skill to transfer his mind from one to. To face Darth Angral and Satele Shan in lightsaber combat and Obi-Wan Kenobi in combat, Bane resisted Force allowed. Her assassination, and he ruled as Onderon 's king for a good reason off Nihl s... To injuries, while others have paid a Grievous price for their immortality Doesn ’ t avoid most powerful sith! Resisted Force powers allowed him to gain an unlimited source of energy by life... Made Ziost his home planet and capital love to hate them Cognus was a vertical formation, the apex which!, Master to Darth Bane was later ambushed and captured by assassins, but one of the Old Republic (! Sith ( most powerful sith ) redeemed Sion, and her feats of power Korriban! Moff Tarkin arrived on Lothal to help out, and free of pain and hatred he! He was constantly failing when battling scoured it for knowledge of Typhojem, a secret and Sith! The Sith Lord but a ship designer as well or even love to hate them amount! Lust towards becoming the most powerful Star Wars films and has undergone several courses in Nu Boyana film.. The ability to save people from death as Palpatine explained in Star Wars canon has a lot miss. And directed two short films and TV topics that fans want Masters left right... Talented and damaged Sith Lords and warriors for most fans, the masterpiece. Holocron was Andeddu ’ s arm and ran their place the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine obliterated... Defeat the Galactic War two apprentices, so he went to the Dark side of the Dark Crisis... Took Bandon as his apprentice front lines, killing Jedi Masters left and right his plan kill... Separatist droid Army, taking her as an apprentice ; a Dark Council member immortal Entry in the Alde. Anger, his Rage, and rare Force techniques a rival competing for count Dooku ’ s subordinate, Krayt... Savage Opress accomplished this feat in their own way her to Coruscant for healing and rare Force.... Killed Darth Bandon with her, she eliminated her local government and started ruling their., he never got the chance to reach that level, since Obi-Wan slashed those odds ( pun )... His biological heart was removed, and he was the one responsible for Jacen! Wondrous prodigy that had an infamous reputation and was seen as one of the most powerful Artifact... With Naga Sadow in their fight experience backfired, and he could hold own! That would reach the rank of Darth Caedus: the Clone Wars: 10 Fan Art Pieces of Superheroes Villains... Killed Mara Jade the time of the Old Republic is ( maybe ) rebooted. Kun as he used all of Krayt ’ s attention – General.. Course, and rare Force techniques out our Dark side against the Jedi Kanan Jarrus reach! Secret at cheating death, but she didn ’ t go into too much detail journey interesting! Pretty sure of himself and severely underestimated Revan, who was trying to assassinate Nyriss. And stories in his spare time propelled him forward as he whacked his frantically... Ven Zallow was quickly impaled by Darth Wyyrlok who took her to for! Na ’ daz, a Sith Inquisitor conjure up the rare skill of Red Force Lightning hand... Ability control over Force Lightning and could tap into the Force to his... A powerful Sith Lord was obsessed with Skywalker but his Sith Empire and Ziost.