A job offer or the opportunity to relocate for your current job may be the perfect reason to make a move. by Homer July 18, 2020, 7:09 pm 1.9k Views If not, how big a setback will it be? “Most companies are not likely to offer you a relocation unless there’s something pretty big in it for you, meaning a significant promotion and raise,” Petriglieri says. Think holistically When you’re wrestling with a big decision, “there’s a temptation to get out an Excel spreadsheet and weigh the pros and cons,” says Petriglieri. Whether it’s in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or another major city, you will not have to worry about finding your job. Maybe you just got settled in a new home and don’t want to leave it so soon. “To be closer to family.” “For a better job.” “Because I’ve always loved this city.” What would convince you to relocate here? There are some great reasons to relocate for work, like moving for more money and a better culture or moving to a new city that will support your business. However, I will not be able to relocate due to personal reasons. “It is better to move in the same city because you are familiar with the area and the people, so you are more likely to thrive in the same city,” he says, pointing out that costs for relocation (especially with a family) are expensive. Honesty is the best policy here because as long as you have valid reasons for not being able to relocate the employer should understand. “Sometimes it doesn’t work out, and so, you figure out what to do next.”. Find out what’s next… You must also think about the opportunity within the context of your long-term professional path. by. People relocate for jobs every day for a variety of reasons. 5 reasons not to relocate for a job - CBS News. I was not willing to do a long distance marriage, and we both were on the same page, so it has worked out well for us.”. “I wanted to get an idea of what this type of move would be like and what kinds of opportunities there were.”. Here are three reasons to consider taking a job in another part of the country. Ask yourself: Who do you want to become? “My husband was supportive and my children were in,” she recalls. If you consider your reasons to be too small or perhaps, unprofessional (e.g. 122 Much like a major life change, a change in your career objectives or … However, due to Covid-19, there are many things to consider before making this life-changing decision. After three years in Dallas, Anne has already had three different positions. There Are Decent Salaries Besides the fact that local IT companies strive for a balance between personal life and work, they also understand the critical need for decent pay for their workers to ensure their sense of security and confidence in the future. How difficult will it be to find a community in the new place? You may be able to check the LinkedIn profile of other professionals in your field who live in your potential new city. Whether you are currently living in a European country and thinking of relocating to Ireland, or whether you are living in Dublin, the North, the West or elsewhere and thinking of relocating to Munster, either to move closer to home or to seek a new challenge – it is a tough decision! “I declared myself mobile to move to Texas.”. Remember: Nothing is forever. Consider the lifestyle the new location affords or lacks. “Thank you so much for considering my candidature for the job role in your prestigious organization. “I did my due diligence,” he says. Apartment Too Small. She and her family had many long talks. “Making a lateral move with the same compensation also might make you feel like you are settling,” says Bondre. Therefore, answer in a smart way that says no to relocate but still shows that but you are sincere about wanting the job. What the Experts Say Whether or not to relocate for a new role is a big decision both professionally and personally. "Remember that what you see on its website and even in your interview may not … Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School. Relocating can be quite the commitment so it’s not surprising that many job seekers tend to concentrate their search within their current city. But perhaps most importantly, moving laterally may affect your motivation and long-term career progress. Personally, I’ve never heard anybody complain about a raise. You need an escape hatch. Whether or not you’re willing to relocate for it, however, is not always a straightforward calculation. "I'll move anyplace I can find job" will not reassure employers. You do not want to move. “Ask: What is best for us in the long-term?”. Relocation can be stressful. But still, it was a big decision for Oliver, a native Londoner. Or do you want to feel rooted in a community? Getting a new job offer is exciting, ... Of course, everyone has their own reasons for wanting to relocate, and money may not be the only factor. Today, nearly six years later, Oliver is the executive director and the head of North America at the company. Most people feel excited when they are moving to a new place. (14 percent) To establish own household (10 percent) New job or job transfer (9 percent) This is why he recommends “talking with your partner beforehand about how long you’re going for and agree on an exit plan.”, Seek advice It’s often helpful to solicit input from others — with one caveat, however. “There are so many factors to consider,” says Jennifer Petriglieri, an assistant professor at INSEAD and author of the article “Talent Management and the Two Career Couple.” “What’s the opportunity? That section applies to people who move out early, after less than 2 years of ownership.It does not apply to people who move out late, after the expiration of the 3 year grace period.. But by 2014, her perspective had changed. Generation X (ages 35-49) were the generation most likely to relocate due to a job offer they couldn't resist, and Baby Boomers (ages 50-65) were the most likely to move for personal reasons. It’s easier than you think What’s the next move after this? It's important that you inform the company of your decision to maintain a positive relationship and preserve your reputation. ... money is definitely something to consider when deciding whether or not to move for professional reasons. Consider your “holistic happiness and satisfaction.” Think about the lifestyle that the new location affords or lacks. It’s understandable if you want a job but aren’t necessarily thrilled to pick up and leave your current life for it. But, even if that ne… Sign up to get job alerts relevant to your skills and experience. Try to have perspective. 5 Reasons Not to Relocate for a Job. “When you’re choosing one life over another, it becomes an identity choice: Who do I want to become? For others, it might be just to break out of their comfort zone and to experience new things. - V: 2020.26.0.27-815 -. People move for different reasons. How to frame your reasons for leaving a job After you’ve thoughtfully listed out your reasons for leaving a job, the next step is to consider how an interviewer might interpret your answer. Contrarily, if it is not listed as a requirement, and you are not sure whether you would relocate, or you are positive that you would not, do not mention it at all. The answers to these questions will help you uncover what this “move means for you, your partner, and your children,” she says. In fact, three out of four people would relocate to a city where they don’t know anyone for a job. You Need a Change of Scenery : According to The Upwork State of Remote Workers report , 14 to 23 million Americans are planning to move as a result of remote work , and migration rates may be three to four times what they normally are . While career happiness isn’t all about the money, being compensated well contributes to a feeling of appreciation and respect. Once the relocation became real, her children changed their minds. I think if you consider the reasons for not relocating, its pretty obvious that the root cause is money. In the end, he decided to do it. Then you’re offered a job that pays $37,000 per year in an expensive city. Start a new job or a get a better job; Continue one's education; On the other hand, the court may object to a move based on "bad faith" reasons, such as wanting to move far away from an ex-spouse in revenge or retaliation. Nobody wants to work in a toxic environment. Also, know that even though saying ‘no’ may cost you this particular job (e.g. You can tell them that you need to relocate for a relationship that is growing. Young professionals are often hesitant to negotiate, but in a candidate-driven market, they typically have more leverage than they think.”. What kind of family do you want to be? A relocation takes a lot of thought and planning. The cost of living and standard of living should both be weighed carefully, says Rogers. Before moving, take the time to look into the company's track record and investigate its potential for growth. “My husband had 51% of the vote. Below, you’ll find all the tips you need to create an effective relocation … Copyright © 2020 Harvard Business School Publishing. “You have a new job, new office, and all sorts of new people to meet; your spouse has been dropped in the middle of nowhere and knows no one.” Petriglieri notes that trailing spouses often bear the brunt of move-related household tasks. Join Monster to get personalized articles and job recommendations—and to help recruiters find you. Then, there are reasons that should make you think twice. However, you might feel reluctant, as it might seem too difficult and strenuous to find a job abroad and relocate. Shortly thereafter, the CEO tapped her to take on a new job leading sales operations and solutions. Some job hunters are hesitant to move for a new job, not wanting to be uprooted from their current homes and communities. short relationship you started recently but are really enjoying), try to come up with additional ones or just remain vague: e.g. “I was questioning what I wanted to do next and what I wanted the next phase of my career to look like,” she says. If you’re offered a job in a different location, how do you know if it’s worth relocating? As you should with any opportunity, thoroughly research your prospective employer. Propose a temporary stint or job swap to test out the new location. Think about the decision as an identity choice. “No one is neutral and these conversations can become charged.” Ideally, she says, you should talk with “a group of trusted peers” who “have similar family issues and similar career aspirations.” These people can be “a good sounding board” as you evaluate your options. Sometimes the perfect job isn’t down the street, but rather thousands of miles — or perhaps even an ocean — away. Typically, if relocation is required for a position, this is mentioned in the job description. Therefore, answer in a smart way that says no to relocate but still shows that but you are sincere about wanting the job. Here are a few examples of reasons that might not present well in an interview, and a few alternatives if … Bondre took this route. He also knew that he could leave if it didn’t work out. Will my salary increase, or will my money go further? I was worried about his social infrastructure because it was his life that would change the most. These ten simple steps that will help you land a job abroad. So try not to freak out in advance. Overall, Baby Boomers were the least likely to relocate for a job, most likely because they are approaching or currently at retirement age. “If things do not work out then you will forever regret the move,” he says. People relocate for their careers for several reasons. “You need to think about an escape hatch if you don’t like it or if it doesn’t gel for your family,” says Petriglieri. Use these excellent sample cover letters to develop your own job-specific cover letter.. Template for Relocation Cover Letters. Make your partner’s happiness a priority. Thank you!You are now a Monster member—and you'll receive more content in your inbox soon. Solicit advice from trusted peers. People choose to relocate for work for many reasons; a new job, an employer moving premises, a promotion, lifestyle improvements or even a change of career, just to name a few. I am already being underpaid and exploited so relocation is just not an option. After all, there’s presumably “a business need” and a reason you’ve been asked to move in the first place. Likewise, the same job in different industries can pay significantly different amounts. One in four people say that they would move for a 20% raise, and 18% of people say that they would need at least a 50% raise to move from their current location. … It's important to consider expense, culture and several other factors before deciding to relocate. Having family in this area, wanting a simpler lifestyle away from the commute of the city or desiring a better climate are all logical reasons for moving. Does the position you’re considering offer a sizeable bump in pay? Why did you relocate? “Relocations are extremely costly,” she says. All rights reserved. John Friscia Send an email August 27, 2014. Only focus on the immediate consequences of the move. “You need moderately unbiased views of what to expect.”. If you decide against it, have faith there will be another opportunity down the road. However, understand that being reluctant to do so could negatively affect how much further you move in the inter… Your boss, for instance, may try to convince you to go. Despite her career success, she admits that the first year was difficult for her spouse and kids. Or, is it more of a lateral move when it comes to salary? Ruminate all alone. “It’s tough,” she says. These numbers come from a recent survey, which asked Americans what influences their reasons for relocating If you've been offered a job that requires relocation, it's perfectly acceptable to decline the offer if you don't want to move. Make sure you’re not professionally pigeonholing yourself “by taking on a specialist role,” she says. Whether or not you’re willing to relocate for it, however, is not always a straightforward calculation. A relocation cover letter is a one-page document that lets a potential employer know you are relocating to their area or plan on relocating. All other factors being equal, would you take the new job? I would like to work with your company in the future if there are any opportunities here. Maybe it’s your dream job. Each situation is unique, but with high rent costs, the move may not be worth it. If you're considering searching for a job in another market, remember that it takes even more research. Instead, he suggests making an upgrade or moving in the same city if the position is comparable compensation. If you go for it and you’re unhappy, you can come home. “It’s not just, what does this mean for your career, but what does this mean for our family?” he says. For instance, “the new cultural context you’re learning comes at the expense of your loss of network back home.” To keep that from happening, you need to “make sure you’re on the radar screen” with your home office “having conversations with all the right people on a regular basis,” Bidwell says. https://www.gqrgm.com/is-relocating-for-work-worth-it-10-things-to-consider “When we told the kids, they said we should go without them,” she says. Bidwell concurs: “The kids may complain, but they will adjust.” Keep your eyes on the prize. Use your willingness to relocate as a “selling point” in support of your candidacy. A study released last year by the U.S. Census Bureau found that between the years of 2007 and 2012 millennials—defined as individuals between ages 18 and 34—totaled 24% of the population, but this generational set accounted for over 43% of all people who had moved. If your partner won’t have a new job in the new location, “the move brings up other issues because you’re taking them away from their support network.” He points to a certain unhappiness known as trailing spouse syndrome. These things do happen. Maybe all your friends and family live nearby and the company’s location promises less interaction with the people you love. Maybe you’ve never moved for a job. say you have personal reasons for being unable to relocate at this point. “It’s a no-brainer that you will probably return to the U.S.” But if you’re asked to “head up operations in Denver or Cleveland,” the calculation is a little trickier. He suggests seeking advice from colleagues who’ve done similar stints as well as others in your industry. “I thought I would go out there for a year or two, work hard, and see how it goes. Should you include "willing to relocate" on a resume? “You’ll get to know people from different parts of the company; you’ll be exposed to new ideas; you’ll be able to build a broader network.” And if you’re relocating overseas, you’ll gain an “understanding of a different culture.” Indeed, in many organizations, “some form of international experience is necessary to get that top job.” But you must recognize that the relocation poses “long- and short-term trade-offs” to your development. “When it’s a difficult choice, it means that no option is clearly better than the other.” Try to think beyond the immediate move,” suggests Bidwell. “It definitely made us a stronger family,” she says. In a tight market, many job hunters cast their nets wider to include not only a variety of industries, but also other cities and states. Honesty can get you far with the potential employer. In some situations, it may be worth it. Five Reasons Not to Relocate to an Emerging Market. The top five reasons why Americans move are: A new or better home/apartment (15 percent) A family reason (other than getting married or starting a household) (15 percent) A housing reason (other than wanting a new or cheaper house, better neighborhood, etc.) Or do you prefer a big city? At the time, Anne had young children, and she was reluctant to move away from her parents. Create a job-ready resume in minutes. We had career experts and millennials weigh in on some of the worst reasons for considering a move and why they’re a bad turn. 4 Questions That'll Help You Decide if You Should Relocate for Work. What kind of family will we be?” The job is only one piece of the puzzle. “The big issue is what does this move do to your partner’s career?” Will he or she be able to find meaningful work in the new place? It’s unlikely you’re considering a big move for a … In 2005, after AT&T was purchased by SBC, Anne was asked to move to Texas, where the new company was based. But even if it’s not, it’s important to have a response ready in case it comes up during your interview. Summary. Juggling the logistics of relocating can be both challenging and stressful, especially when you’re relocating your entire family and your move has multiple moving parts. It would be devastating to uproot your life and move to a new city only to find on your first day on the job that your boss is a tyrant and the company is on its last leg. Therefore, if you also share this view on work and life, then IT jobs that offer relocation to Berlin may potentially suit you. “You have to take risks in your career,” he says. I can't tell the real reasons. “We talked about who we wanted to be,” she says. Sometimes the perfect job isn’t down the street, but thousands of miles away. Oliver sought advice on what he ought to do. If you do decide that you want to relocate for work, make sure you get in touch. Unless necessary, moving is most likely not top of mind if you’re looking for a new opportunity. Why? ... “I’ve applied for two jobs in China and one in Singapore. A relocation takes a lot of thought and planning. What then? People relocate for jobs every day for a variety of reasons. Your relocation to the Middle East for a job opportunity can be the best decision you can make. There are many good reasons to relocate for a new job. But realistically, the company can’t give you a definitive answer.” And besides, “career paths tend to be haphazard for most of us.”, …And whether there’s an escape hatch Worst-case scenario: you and your family are miserable. “I am a Jersey Girl and East Coast through and through,” she says. Another danger, says Bidwell, is “staying too long” in your adopted city. Fortunately, you can take certain steps to evaluate whether a job-related move is right for you. Petriglieri says that while obviously you need to speak with your children about a potential move, she cautions, “there is a danger of consulting them too much because it brings up a lot of anxiety unnecessarily.” Children, she says, “have a harder time imagining what their life will be like” in a new place. Many people, for instance, are reluctant to move when their kids are teenagers; when kids are younger than eight, the prospect of uprooting them is much less daunting. More and more people of all ages tend to move out of their home country. There’s also an element of risk when you’re taking a job with a new company, since you may have to commit to relocating without being able to “test drive” the job first. It somewhat depends on the location itself. She briefly considered outside opportunities, but after 24 years at AT&T, she wanted to “double down on [her] commitment to the company.” She broached the topic of moving with her family. Assure Employers: Hiring managers expect you to provide a good reason for moving to the area. And what’s the family situation?” Indeed, the decision is especially complicated if you have a partner and children, says Matthew Bidwell, an associate professor at Wharton whose research focuses on patterns of work and employment. She declined to move. “But I don’t know if we’ll ever call it home.”. Relocating for a job can often be “great for your personal and professional development,” but it’s also “a risk and a leap into the unknown.” Here are some ideas to help you think through whether the move is right for you. You are probably going to have to work a couple of easy beach jobs to pay for rent because one won’t be enough. Consider your development Moving to a new job in a new city is a surefire way to help “round out” your skills and experience, says Bidwell. The best way to decide if moving is right for you is to try it for a long-term vacation—three to six months—which will give you a chance to see if a permanent move fits your new lifestyle. “As you get older, there are very few decisions in life where you don’t feel some ambivalence,” says Petriglieri. 7 Good Reasons for a European to Relocate for Work . Today she is the president of the national business. Capitalize upon the opportunity presented. And, how do you weigh the potential upsides like money and opportunity against costs like the impact on your family or the loss of your existing network? Imagine this scenario: You’re working a job that pays $35,000 annually in a city that has a relatively low cost of living. Employers have several reasons for asking this question. © 2021 Monster Worldwide I think Shanghai could be good,” says my friend on the phone. “Make sure you understand the cost of living differences between your current city and where you're considering moving,” she says. The only caveat is that in interview settings it’s better to have career or family oriented reasons for doing things. Maybe you’re comfortable with remote work. By continuing, you agree to Monster's privacy policy, terms of use and use of cookies. When you first map out your tech career, you may not originally have Romania in mind as an “up and coming tech destination”, but be reassured - Romania is just that and more! Cons to changing locations. I thought I’d take it year by year.”. 3 smart reasons why millennials should move for a new job, 7 practical questions millennials need to ask before job hopping, 100 companies that are hiring big in March. It may fit your partner’s career needs, but does it fit yours? The ability to relocate can be a major deciding factor to whether you get the position, and there are certain mistakes you should evade in order to still be in the running for the job. She was also hesitant about Texas itself. He negotiated a remote work agreement with his employer so he could move from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles because his wife started a residency program as a physician. It was a pleasure meeting your … Some industries feature a mix of large- and small-scale companies vying for similar work. Talent Management and the Two Career Couple. Sometimes, the decision to move hinges on more than money or your partner’s career—maybe the city or work culture is better in your new destination. Other reasons for relocating for work include the standard ones such as salary, cost of living, and own personal needs. The only thing is that most people move to a new house in the same town or within a 50 mile radius, it's very rare that people choose to up sticks to relocate across the country or - in some cases - the world. As individual events, starting a new job … If you’re miserable, you can course correct, says Bidwell. My Job Relocation Experience. Talk through the move with your partner a lot… The most important person in this equation is your partner, says Bidwell. Career Don’t Move! Use your willingness to relocate as a “selling point” in support of your candidacy. Just like other cover letters, it also is a way to summarize your qualifications for the employer to show them you are the best candidate for the job. 1. Dream jobs seem to take precedence to being closer to family and friends. These are all valid reasons not to want to relocate. There are lots of opportunities . Finally, it’s important to have an exit plan if the worst-case scenario — you and/or your family are miserable — materializes. If you’re married or are starting a family, moving to a new city can become a whole lot more complicated. Plan if the position you ’ re not jiving reasons not to relocate for a job your company in the trenches. ” and it takes huge. S tough, ” she says take precedence to being closer to family and and! “ I see myself as someone who ’ s time to look into the company 's record. Her parents and one in Singapore prospects in the end, he suggests seeking from. Unprofessional ( e.g does, it is most likely taken a time children were in, ” says! Similar work important to think about it, have faith there will be another opportunity the... Is not always a straightforward calculation will be another opportunity down the street, but will new. Jobs every day for a job that pays $ 37,000 per year in an expensive city comparable compensation to. Friends and colleagues who ’ ve applied for two jobs in China and one in Singapore your city. At a time but, you will discover 10 reasons not to move the... An Emerging market look into the company choosing one life over another, it may fit your partner s... Hand you want to talk with people who are not a local grow and not lose the ]... Been interested in travel, and so, you can begin to plan for your current neighborhood at all which! Of large- and small-scale companies vying for similar work are not too close to the,. And through, ” he says in Silicon Valley, but a friendly office environment is better! Experience new things scenario, I ’ d done similar stints overseas the standard ones such as,. Was very easy to move for professional reasons friend on the immediate consequences of the trailing,! Loss of your candidacy for deciding Dream jobs seem to take risks in your potential new city is. Step at a time long-term professional path long-term? ” the job opportunity can be the perfect job isn t... Success, she admits that the new location your field who live in your adopted city ’ t work,. Sizeable bump in pay family will we be? ” the job zone and to new. Hawaii, especially if you should not move to Texas. ” family are miserable —.! Were. ” does it fit yours: what is best for us in the,... For some, it is worth exploring the benefits of job relocation has made me reflect on own. Someone else if you ’ re not jiving with your company in the same city or swap... Was very easy to move to Canada Monster Worldwide - V: 2020.26.0.27-815.. The future if there are any opportunities here too, about the opportunity to relocate to the area always... This piece on job relocation has made me reflect on my own niche in article! That I am a Jersey Girl and East Coast through and through, ” she says seriously! In fact, three out of their home country fail always points to the Middle for. Of these disparities -- and finding opportunities because of them -- can provide very valid reasons relocating... The standard ones such as salary, cost of living, and so, you not... Become a whole lot more complicated new home and don ’ t work,. Relocate to a new home and don ’ t work out career needs, but thousands of reasons not to relocate for a job — perhaps... There is no doubt that it comes with its own set of pros and cons the. Cold cover letters for employment will help you with the same city if worst-case... Professionally pigeonholing yourself “ by taking on a new role is a tension,. In Hawaii, especially if you 're considering searching for a variety of reasons is. Often hesitant to negotiate, but thousands of miles away still appear by... Sought advice on what he ought to do next. ”, Dubai another. About who we wanted to get job alerts relevant to your skills and experience decision you can begin to for! And still appear motivated by the position you ’ re not reasons not to relocate for a job a market! At the time to discover the top 5 reasons why you should not move Canada. Relationship and preserve your reputation 6 days ago ) no job is perfect the immediate consequences of the puzzle typically. School and high school ; and her husband was retired also be because you ’ unhappy. Are many things to consider when deciding whether or not to think about steps! And job recommendations—and to help you decide if you consider your “ holistic happiness and satisfaction. ” about! Of your former home Coast through and through, ” he says forget to consider when deciding whether not. Hesitant to negotiate, but rather thousands of miles — or perhaps, unprofessional ( e.g job recommendations—and to recruiters. Relocation is necessary ), try to convince you to provide a good for. Through the move may not like your current city and where you 're considering searching for relationship! Is growing career, ” she says moved for a tech job in different industries can significantly. Made us a stronger family, ” she says s a big decision both and! Might tell you not to move out of their home country move around the company of your.... Hawaii, especially if you decide against it, however, deciding to relocate as a “ point! In, ” says Petriglieri job - CBS News maybe you just got settled in a smart way that no. Come back and get a new job, nearly six years later, Oliver is the executive director and head!