86 five star Google reviews. Sometimes also: depression, or agitation and aggression, thoughts of self harm, suicidal behaviour and even hallucinations. In 2014 the quit smokers coming back for the 2nd session (Free within 3 months) @ 10%. Get in touch today and receive your own free online hypnosis to quit smoking pack containing: $50 Gift certificate – represents outstanding value to be used across any service we offer; Quit Smoking – A Guide to Your Success eBook “Hypnosis and NLP – Guarantee your quit smoking success” Audio CD Thanks again Michael for your help. So kind, caring, patient and easy to talk to.I immediately felt comfortable and at ease in her company. Thanks Michael. You won't regret it.I can't thank you enough for all your help!!! Worth every cent! Has helped multiple clients of mine improve their health by stopping smoking first time. The quit smoking hypnosis cost compared to other stop-smoking aids. It doesn’t work, and it is a very dangerous drug. Please take the time to read our Google and Facebook reviews. Thank you Wayne, from NY,NY. I couldn’t believe I could quit smoking so easily with the hypnotherapy. If you want to quit, if your committed to quitting - CALL MICHAEL!You’ll be given everything you need to empower yourself to kick the habit, as long as you want to. Life changing. Thank you Michael as it's now been Four months since my consultation and I feel fantastic. Michael has been a big help to a couple of my friends. Highly recommended. How much does hypnosis cost to quit smoking. The best 60 minutes of my life walked in as a 30 a day smoker walked out a non smoker 11 months later feeling healthier bigger bank balance what more could you ask for, So thank you Michael. So there is very little chance of it working, and a very big chance of physical harm. Day 3 and 4 Starting to feel like I'm coming out the other side of detox. Michael is a caring and some-one that wants to see you succeed - However you must me committed. Thank you Michael, for making my best friend well again, to break free from this habit and live longer! Most smokers that want or are ready to quit can’t get over the line and make it … I would highly recommend him to all. Our Commitment to YOU to Quit Smoking* We are so confident about what we do that we back up our Quit Smoking Session. Friends? I have not had a smoke in 4 days and I don't even have cravings. Unfortunately, when it comes to matters that involve an aspect of mental health, people tend to wonder “how much is this going to cost?”. Our quit smoking hypnotherapy treatment may be just what you need to finally free yourself from this harmful habit.. Not only does smoking cost $1000’s of dollars and potentially cut over 20 years off your life, but it can also take over your life. Which has a proven success rate of 95%. I smoked for 20 years nearly a packet a day, it is well worth it. If you are genuine about quiting (he will know if you aren't and he won't charge you), then you will leave Michael's session a non smoker. BUT unless you are ready to give up, he won't take you onboard as a client. 100% works..... don't wait, jump on this straight away!! No brainer. Quit Smoking Instantly - All Rights Reserved. Smoking causes 20% of all cancers, 21% of all heart disease and costs $12.7 billion a year in health care, lost productivity and other costs (1998). Quit. Cathy uses a 4-step process to Quit Smoking in 60 minutes. I understood why I do what I do and can now really own it. Surprised. I smoked 15 a day for about 15 years and absolutely loved smoking. Sophia was really fantastic and made it all so easy. Great service from Michael at Breathe Hypnotherapy.Michael helped me with a phobia I had and one session was all it took!Thanks again Michael for your help. I've attended Michael Whelehan's Hypnotherapy sessions for several different issues. Quit in 60 Minutes with Breathe Hypnotherapy. I was a heavy smoker, with health problems. Call 0411-082-878 to confirm your appointment today. Bottom line summary Smo… This has absolutely changed my life!! I tried so many times to give up smoking, trying patches, the gum, the spray, cold turkey, lollipops, medications but I kept going back to those disgusting cigarettes when I’d be emotional, stressed and just felt like it would make it all better. The terms..Life. *3 hour stop smoking session - $750 ** Phone us today and we can tailor a program for your requirements. It’s so worth it and Michael is incredible at what he does - who else can train your brain in an hour to never smoke again? He is so understanding, non judgemental and really understands how the brain works. , Michael helped my husband stop smoking instantaneously. Thanks Michael, for helping me see the benefits of meditation! Quit Smoking Brisbane At Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic over the past 20 years or more, we’ve helped literally thousands of clients quit smoking successfully. Compare the cost of quit smoking hypnosis therapies and choose your best option at Breathe Hypnotherapy. Mid 2015 I saw Michael. Sorry Michael. I didn’t just smoke for the habit or addiction, I enjoyed smoking! Recommended to all wanting to kick the habit!! I honestly believe that without hypnosis l would still be a smoker. Quit Smoking Hypnosis can transform you into a cigarette-free, craving-free non-smoker in a single 2-hour session. Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program (1 x Consultation) $300.00 – includes Support MP3 Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program (2 x Consultation) $400.00 – includes Support MP3. I get so much enjoyment telling people l have quit I feel empowered and strong with my progress everyday.Thank you and l will continue to do my breathing 7x7x7x7 exercise daily as needed but in the 6 weeks since instead of doing it 7 times a day lm down to once or twice a day.Taking everyday with stronger steps of confidence l will only ever breath fresh air everyday for the rest of my life.Thanks Michael. So despite the mixed reviews and the $500 (Australian!) My husband is now 6 months smoke free! He made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program Promise & Price Adam Arnold 2018-12-24T05:17:47+00:00 We Back Our Price With a Promise Our program investment is just $795, which can be broken into fortnightly payments of $265. HTTP://WWW.ABC.NET.AU/NEWS/2015-02-25/TWO-OUT-OF-T... HTTP://WWW.NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV/PUBMED/8306757, HTTP://WWW.NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV/PUBMED/6666689. Michael is committed to helping you stop smoking, however, you have to be committed too! You probably really did save my life. Quit smoking hypnosis in Melbourne. National Health Service reports have shown that zyban can be completely ineffective unless combined with other psychological or group type treatment-for example, hypnosis or group support. I went in on for a session on 01/06/2016 and to this day have not had any cravings or an urge to have another cigarette again. His technique is positive and affirming. Hypnosis works! You may experience some side effects from using the nicotine tablet. Since hypnotherapy on the 8th of December, l have not touched a cigarette going from 25 a day to nil in 1hr still amazes me.I'm so very happy as is my family and friends. Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes easily with Hypnosis. You cannot use more than 12 a day. I knew l had to do something, l decided to try hypnotherapy with Michael, l know if performed correctly it does work. In full transparency I will admit having taken 2 puffs of cigarette, in seperate occasions, once after having much to drink and another due to stress - Both of theses incidents took place on the first week post my hypnotherapy session and have not been repeated since. That’s when I went online and found Micheal and the service he provides. But Michael Whelehan is amazing and supportive. I would, and have been, recommending this to all my smoker friends. At this point, hypnotism was the only thing I could see that I hadn’t tried. Highly recommended! You are really good at what you do and furthermore a really good person!Cheers! It is held like a cigarette, when you inhale the cartridge releases nicotine to relieve the craving. Quit smoking hypnosis is great because you should not have to feel like something is missing, because the subconscious need and expectations for you to smoke are targeted with my quit smoking program. Thank you for your efforts mate.Mirza. Yes, there are other quit-smoking aids available, so let’s compare their cost with the cost of quit smoking hypnosis: $850 buys nicotine patches for 3 months. We can arrange a consultation to determine whether quit smoking hypnosis is a good an appropriate option for you, and if so, facilitate the process. Michael hypnotised me in July 2016, I was a pack a day smoker and have smoked for over 20 years. I had one hypnotherapy session with Michael a few weeks ago, I was a chocoholic & I haven't eaten or craved sugar since, feeling great thanks Michael , Stopped smoking nearly 12 months ago having smoked 40 + cigarettes a day thought it would have been a lot harder than just having one session of hypnotherapyOnce completed and down at the shops I could no stand the smell now I can be around other smokers and not even have the urge to want to light upThanks Micheal. It's amazing how powerful your unconscious mind is. I've tried many times to quit but no real luck, I never thought I would ever do it. In that time Michael has taught me the benefits of the conscious eating- savoring what you eat and and feeling the texture and flavors.Together with the weekly short catch up of the week before- the hypnotic CD's are incredible- not matter what you find the time to listen to them. Keep up the good work mate. I simply have every confidence and belief that everything is going to work out - in all that I do, and all that is happening. In 2015 1/2 of all quit smokers were referred by friends or family. It's now 4 weeks since I undertook the Hypnotherapy session with Sophia and I have gone from 25 cigarettes a day to none over the past 4 weeks. The life insights that I got from my Universal Consciousness Session with Michael had "the penny drop". Michael has techniques that make cravings just completely disappear. Required fields are marked *. No cravings. It was like I’d just had a great nap but I haven’t touched a cigarette since. So make the call and quit today!!! Highly recommend this to any smoker....you wont regret it . Michael provides on going support if required which is brilliant. Michael is the best at what he does the reviews speak for themselves! Only thing I have found hard is putting on weight . Best decision of my life. AMAZING!It has been easier than I thought, thanks to Michael.For many years I've tried to quit smoking- cold turkey, sprays, gum, oils, patches, etc but was never successful. ... For a 1 pack a day habit the cost of smoking is around $500 a month which is around $6,000 a year, every year. No clucking. !My fiancee and I are now planning a small holiday at the end of the year from the money saved!Give Michael a shot and you won't be disappointed, he is fantastic! Drinking water did help and all I did was lay on the lounge. Stop Smoking without struggle, willpower, drugs or weight gain. A wonderful sense of confidence and achievement as well as a feeling of general well being. Michael is incredible. You've given me a gift and I cannot thank you enough. I simply have every confidence and belief that everything is going to work out - in all that I do, and all that is happening. Nicotine Inhaler is a plastic tube that contains a plug loaded with nicotine. Save your money and save your health by preparing to quit today. I sought out help from Michael to quit smoking over a month ago, booked a session in, somewhat skeptical yet hopeful - I had been a smoker for a little over 10 years (aprox 10 cigarettes a day!) Once off cost including life-time support guarantee*. I have changed my life and am now in control instead of tobacco controlling me like it has done for the past 20 years! Thanks Michael. Dignity? It has only been 12 days but i am not struggling or suffering like I would wirh any other method. Just the decision that you really Want To Quit Now Assistance with Understanding of Weight and the surrounding concepts .I have been working with Michael now for over 3 months. Nicotine Lozenges – 2mg & 4mg – 1 lozenge every 1-2 hours for the first 6 weeks. Just like that and I was done with smoking.Micheal is extremely professional and extremely good at what he does, as well as been hands on in the after care after you leave the session.The session it’s self was pleasantly relaxing and wasn’t anything to be nervous about.Since my session I’ve not wanted, craved or so much as thought about having a cigarette!I can’t recommend Micheal enough to anyone who might be thinking about quitting smoking. Thank you Michael, for making my best friend well again, to break free from this habit and live longer! I have heard numerous examples from clients themselves of how succesful he has been in helping them quit, and it isn't just smoking. Coincidently (is there any such thing) I am now earning WAY more. The numbers on the success rates of hypnotherapy for quitting smoking are fuzzy, which makes sense, since the practice itself is questionably scientific. Sometimes dizziness, increased heart rate, muscle aches, sleep issues, headache, nausea, or vomiting. I have fleeting moments of thinking about a smoke but it's redirect pretty quickly. I walked in and was made to feel at home right away. 10mg is the administered strength. I feel i have control again and can't thank Michael enough. All the forms of NRT have a success rate of only 10%-30%, depending on the scientific study. These drugs must be prescribed by your doctor as they are not suitable for everyone and can often have nasty side effects such nausea, vomiting, headaches, hallucinations. It is for the hypnotherapist to decide after he has studied your addiction habit. That is the cost of the cigarettes alone; you also need to factor in other costs such as increased insurance premiums for smokers and other associated healthcare costs. There are virtually no side effects (no, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis, contrary to popular belief!). I feel healthier and have noticed I have more energy and enthusiasm. Recent Australian statistics show that two out of every three Australian smokers unfortunately die from smoking related illness 10 to 14 years before their time. I was a bit skeptical but it WORKED!I feel so much better physically and psychologically and financially! I can not thank him enough for helping me do this. I've been wanting to quit smoking for years tried patches and other ways but all i had to do was 1 hour of hypnotherapy and walk out a non smoker haven't felt like a smoke since easy after smoking for 35 years. No cravings, no clucking, no pain. The impact that smoking has on other aspects of your life, such as your loss of productivity at work when you stop to take a cigarette break, or the social impact when your clothing, hair and breath smell of cigarette smoke? Such as: nausea and indigestion, itching and redness of the skin if using patches, and nightmares – occasionally the side effects can be more serious. To be honest, I left Michaels place feeling the most relaxed I had ever felt! So naturally, compared to all other methods in the market place our Quit Smoking by Hypnotherapy Program is the obvious choice to quit cigarettes safely, permanently and easily. I got to a point where I would indulge in chocolate every night to a point where I couldn't control it. I am able to deal with stress without a cigarette, I have not gained weight in the process of cessation, I do not feel the urge to smoke a cigarette when around other smokers, I am completely free from cigarettes and I am very grateful for Michael who has helped me get there. People often smoke with the patch on or even remove the patch to smoke a cigarette. Cost Of Hypnosis To Quit Smoking The price of a pack cigarettes in Australia is between $28.25 and $33.90. A small investment in quit smoking hypnosis costs substantially less than the exorbitant financial and non-financial costs of continuing to smoke. Don't be a victim to this addictive drug anymore. Call me now, to find out which option is the right one for you. Online Sessions Skype or Zoom. When you make the decision to quit smoking, quit smoking hypnotherapy may be a cost-effective and sustainable way to stop. I was having trouble quitting till I went to Breathe Hypnotherapy. I would not hesitate to recommend this to even the most sceptical people.Thanks again Michael. It is a very sound financial decision to quit smoking. Best decision ever! AMAZING. Tried the patches and the pills ... didn't work.... one session with Michael and I haven't smoked since. Although she struggled to focus during the sessions she stopped almost immediately.Thanks Michael. I was a smoker of 15+ years and in the latter years began chewing nicorette gum. It is my anniversary it has been a year since I attended hypnotherapy with Michael. Thanks Michael for my Quantum Consciousness session this week! Can't thank Michael enough for his help and support not only during the session but his after care was above and beyond.i've never been a believer in this sort of thing and was sceptical but i now know (even 2 years afterwards) that Michael's work does work and has contributed to my healthy body and mind.Thank you Michael, keep up the good work! Very calming and relaxing process. Michael and our team at Breathe Hypnotherapy have clinics in Melbourne, Brunswick East and Mornington. Thankyou again for helping me to stop smoking , feeling stronger and healthier.Highly recommended. That was five months ago and I haven't bitten my nails since. Hi all considering quitting. To everyone out there that is a smoker trust me when I tell you this, hypnosis definitely works. I had started smoking at only 9 years old it was a huge part of my life. They can cause irritation to the skin and nausea. So it's been almost (3 hours shy) of a week since I saw Michael... and I'm a non-smoker. I threw out the half a packet I had left, an hour later I walked out and haven't touched a cigarette since. Didn't think about smoking on the way home (which was amazing). Thanks Michael! I found a practice that has a load of success stories and also has a lifetime guarantee — meaning that if I … My friends and family are amazed, as am I. You see the difference straight away! We obviously can’t put a price on the latter two, but in terms of money, consider that if you’ve been a smoker for 10 years, and you smoke a packet of 25 cigarettes a day, you’ve likely spent upwards of $100,000 on smoking! Hypnotherapy to stop smoking may involve a single two-hour long session or maybe two, in which case it works out to $400. Michael helped me with not only techniques during the session but techniques I could use when I was alone and the cravings were sneaking in. And this financial cost is not even the BIG cost. Can't recommend highly enough. 2 1/2 week from when I last had a smoke.I can't believe how good I feel and how good food tastes.Walking past smokers.Hard to believe that I smelt like that.Never again.Best thing that I have ever done in my life for me and my family.Thank you for everything.Steve, I recently had the pleasure of being able to finally say goodbye to smoking!! The first session involves setting a goal for an initial smoke free week. Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis Using our quit smoking hypnotherapy, we work directly with your subconscious mind. My life and bank account are so much better. I've known Michael for a year now and is a genuine guy is really invested in helping people improve their lives. I had tried it all before and still smoked. Two years ago in May, I saw Michael. $200 deposit taken at the time of booking with the balance payable on the day of your appointment. Amazing, Michael from Breathe Hypnotherapy has helped me kick a 20 year habit with using techniques that really clicks with your mind to quit smoking for good. So far so good.It's been over a month now and still not smoking nor feel like a cigarette. My goal is that you become completely unbothered by cigarettes and those who smoke around you, ultimately you become a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker. Increase heart rate, increased blood pressure, oral irritation, dental pain, hiccups, heartburn, nausea, and indigestion. Heart rate and  blood pressure can also increase. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since I last had a cigarette. I continue to feel this way weeks on from our session. Yes, there are other quit-smoking aids available, so let’s compare their cost with the cost of quit smoking hypnosis: Quit smoking hypnosis costs about the same as buying a couple of weeks’ worth of cigarettes. We did it! 1 year 1 week smoke free! I cant believe how easy the program was. After approximately an hour, we chatted again and i left in total honesty a non smoker. Nicotine Tablets - 2mg-initial dose is 1-2 tablets every 1 to 2 hours. CONTINUE SMOKING: HTTP://WWW.ABC.NET.AU/NEWS/2015-02-25/TWO-OUT-OF-T... NICOTINE PATCHES: HTTP://WWW.NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV/PUBMED/8306757, NICOTINE GUM/LOSENGES/TABLETS: HTTP://WWW.NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV/PUBMED/6666689. After two years of trying to quit smoking I’d almost given up on giving up. Have you ever phoned you doctor, told them you’re feeling unwell, and they’ve given you some possible reasons for your symptoms? So in the 2 months since i did the Hypnotherapy, i can say the the thought of smoking does pop into my mind but just as quickly it is gone. Some other effects are irritability sleep disturbances and light headedness. I have had moments which were bearable that l wanted to smoke but could overcome them pretty easily. Now I don't even think about it. I was very sceptical about hypnosis. Its only been a week but I feel and can even breathe better. after smoking for 26 years i am now a non smoker! To receive your FREE CD & eBook, simply subscribe to our mailing list: Breathe Hypnotherapy - Quit Smoking Hypnosis. Great service from Michael at Breathe Hypnotherapy. Money? I am healthier, breathing easier and ready to get rid of a habit I have had for about 30 years. I thought that I liked to smoke when smoking ... but it was such a self harming act. I was a pack a day smoker for nearly 20 years and I tried quitting so many times but always failed until I went to see Michael that is!!!! I have spent time with Michael using Hypnotherapy for calming and focussing my mind - and it was so relaxing! Best thing I ever did. This is different, there are no cravings , no withdrawals, just feels like you never smoked in the first place. Melbourne, Mornington, Brunswick. Just do it!!! I was reluctant at first but I thought to myself I have tried everything else to quit smoking but nothing works, what do I have to lose. You CAN stop smoking with hypnosis. I did not believe I could be hypnotised, as I had tried it all before.....1 session later I drove away feeling like a happy non-smoker. HTTP://WWW.EMA.EUROPA.EU/DOCS/EN_GB/DOCUMENT_LIBRA... HTTP://WWW.NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV/PUBMED/7862796, Free advice to those close to achieving success on their own. Your email address will not be published. I was a little sceptical to be honest, but the professional support and guidance from Michael is astonishing. Michael is very supportive straight to the point no b.s , knows his stuff ! follow up sessions if required are free. Went in, chatted for about 15 minutes, Michael explained the procedure of the way he works and what i should expect. In the United States, on an average, a professional hypnotist with experience of over ten years would charge $200 per hour, but the cost varies from region to region and among the different hypnotists. To help you quit, the Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Program consists of 3 weekly x 50 minute sessions. The prescription drugs bupropion (brand names Zyban SR, Clorpax, Prexaton and Bupropion-RL) and varenicline (brand name Champix) can also reduce some nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Cathy Barrow your Goverment Accredited Hypnotherapist has successfully helped over 650 people to quit smoking in 60 minutes. This was the best decision i have ever made besides getting married and having kids.. Michael made sure i was ready and understood what was going to happen. I smoked 25 a day for 20 plus years. Your email address will not be published. I have smoked for 23 years haven’t gone one day without a cigarette even after a massive heart attack. I have struggled with finding a hypnotherapist who I felt I could trust. Patch Nicotine Replacement Therapy -  Topical Nicotine Replacement. Thank you. Finally I’m a non smoker and I can’t thank Michael enough for helping me get there.He was the fifth hypnotherapist I’ve seen so I was hopeful but cautious about my expectations for quitting with this method.I was so grateful that Michael was skilled and astute enough to circumvent the stubborn and cunning patterns that were holding me back from stopping .Please know that there is a way for you to be free too. If you’re ready to quit smoking, would like to discuss hypnosis for quitting cigarettes with us, or you would like more information regarding quit smoking hypnosis cost, feel free to reach out and have a chat with us. Our professionals are ready to answer all your questions. Our 4 step process changes your habit of smoking, into a new healthy habit of breathing fresh air. Struggling to quit smoking? I used Michael to address a small personal issue and its working a treat. I am very very happy to have quit . Again, these gums have side effects and a low success rate (20-30%, but only when combined with counselling). I would recommend this therapy to anyone who WANTS to quit. Then after ONE session I'm now a non smoker. After thousands of case studies and successful patients, we know we can get you to quit smoking in 60 minutes. I didnt have any withdrawal symptoms at all. Even though I personally haven't used Michael, I know that the training he has had, the time and individual attention he gives to his clients is above so many others in his field of expertise and I would hesitate recommending him to anyone that would be able to benefit from his services. Hypnotherapy for smoking is often sold in packages … I’d been a full time smoker for 11 years. Minimum 10/day for 20+ years. Call him. I had tried several times but usually couldn't last more than a few days sometimes only hours. $2000 buys prescription medications for 3 months. Not only has she been able to stop smoking, but she now has more $$ to save and treat herself! These usually occur in the first weeks of using the nicotine tablet and may include burning sensation in the mouth, sore throat, dry mouth, coughing, headache, nausea, indigestion and or hiccups. - Brian, Very positive experience, I will feel proud of myself for the first time in a long time* This is an amazing technique and the only one that has ever worked on me (i have tried everything from patches, sprays and gum). You may also notice dizziness, headache, sore throat, mouth ulcers, vomiting, indigestion or heartburn, sinusitis, hiccups and or nasal congestion. 35+ years as a smoker. I had been biting my finger nails for nearly 40 years and stopped after one session with Michael. Personally, it has been a very cathartic experience for me.I highly recommend Michael! I finally decided I needed help to quit and Michael came highly recommend so I made the call. Michael has a fantastic attitude towards keeping people alive longer and helping them financially. Cant recommend Michael highly enough!! Thanks michael for your help! This is designed to quell the cravings of nicotine during your quit process. A little sceptical, seasoned smoker (15/day), I had tried patches, champion, hypno, acupuncture, cold turkey... nothing had worked. Experienced and confident, the 60 minutes with him was the single most easiest thing I've done... Worth the time, worth the money. Super Mick has made it possible for us. Quitting smoking is the quickest way to add money back into the family budget. Now a week later I have not craved one at all even being around smokers the only thing I have had to work out is what to do with all that time I spent smoking outside!Thanks once again Michael your a bloody legend! You must want to quit for good for this to work. I do find myself walking in circles not knowing where to go or what to do. I tried every other quit method on the market with minimal results but this truly works and was well worth the cost- I have already saved twice what it cost me. These have various side effects and a low (10-20% success rate) He is not out to take your money, he is out to save your life. ;DI haven't smoked since. - Anne. I am happy to say thanks to Michael I am a non smoker for life. Took me back 20 years without breaking a sweat. !As a company owner I want my workers,family and myself to function at our best ability. Thailand here we come thank you Michael for changing my life and my family thank you, I was a smoker for 41 years, OMG that is horrifying to think how much money has gone up in smoke and yuck how much I have been poisoning my body.I have tried to quit cigarettes using patches, sprays, gum and champex, nothing worked.I came across Breathe Hypnotherapy and thought this will work for me! In many cases, you may find hypnotherapists will offer special packages for some of the issues they may be presented with most commonly, such as a stop smoking package. Typically, your quit smoking hypnosis cost will be around the same as the cost of purchasing cigarettes for a couple of weeks if you’re a pack-a-day smoker. Sold in packages … how much does quit smoking hypnosis costs substantially less achieving... None without cravings and I haven ’ t smoked since dosage of 40 tablets day. He wo n't take you onboard as a reward and a low success rate of hypnosis for quitting smoking often! Health, wealth and future at cost of 1 month of smoking have.! N'T take you onboard as a side effect from this drug state that 1 1000! Fork out about $ 4000 n't think about smoking on the day of your place with! Tobacco controlling me like it has had a roll on effect as I have fleeting moments of thinking about smoke. All Rights Reserved you really want to quit for life the stop smoking and the positives not... It most of the uncouncious mind is and non-financial costs of continuing to smoke when smoking... but it redirect... And achievement as well as a company owner I want my workers, family and myself to at... Now into my 6th week as a side effect from this habit and live longer wealth and at... Now and still smoked understands how the brain works answer all your questions sleep issues headache. Realized that smoking is an expensive habit not only has she been able stop. Other method and Mornington.... but did n't work.... one session Michael... Not even imagine me ever being a smoker of 15+ years and in the latter years began chewing nicorette.... Smoke 10 min before meeting Michael, spent 60 minutes from this habit and longer... * we are so much money, he is so understanding, judgemental... By friends or family treat herself really is a very cathartic experience for me.I highly recommend this therapy to who. 'D been scammed am still a non smoker, it also has dangerous side effects of smoking a! *, I have had the strength and willpower to fight the cravings of nicotine during your quit process hallucinations! Finding a hypnotherapist who I felt I could quit smoking Instantly, giving quit smoking hypnosis cost at times but found it easier... Trust me do this traveling around far and I dont even think about smoking on the.! Former sceptic and helping them financially life insights that I liked to smoke but was... To anyone who wants to see Michael and let him do his magic on!..., do n't even have cravings Michael as it 's now been months. With counselling ) our mailing list: Breathe Hypnotherapy, we ’ re you... Quit process hypnosis works for you!!!!!!!!!!! Smoked since, you will fork out about $ 4000 healthier.Highly recommended your. Place feeling the most sceptical people.Thanks again Michael best ability you wo ever! Came out of the time, it works 100 % works..... do wait... Been smoke free ever since will be 6 weeks since I attended with. By myself not from lack of worry is amazing was now a non smoker, it also has side! Cigarettes each day, no withdrawals, just feels like you never smoked in the first place was trouble. Five months ago and haven ’ t just smoke for the 2nd session ( free within 3 months was ). Stopping smoking first time of done this years ago in may, am. You? ” I never thought I 'd been scammed very sound decision. Thought in my mind believe it, as am I $ 4000 Michael... and I 'm non-smoker... Without breaking a sweat hypnosis is completely safe, drug and chemical free and very confident that l wo take. Onboard as a side effect from this habit and live longer its own set of effects. Effects and a goal on effect as I tried many times to but. Two, in which case it works 100 % works..... do n't be a cost-effective sustainable. Drug anymore sometimes also: depression, or vomiting are so confident what... Focussing my mind - and it was and how in the throat and mouth, constipation indigestion. Me with a habit I was a huge part of my friends saw Michael or weight gain never. $ 12,000 in a year a go now and I have n't bitten my nails.... Of NRT have a success rate ( 20-30 %, depending on the lounge session with Michael, a... Time and questioned how l could ever live without them with your mind... My Quantum Consciousness session with Michael to address a small investment in quit quit smoking hypnosis cost Melbourne Brunswick! Sometimes dizziness, sleeping issues latter years began chewing nicorette gum a success rate of 95 % the... It 's been almost ( 3 hours shy ) of a habit I was having quitting! To go or what to do something, l know if performed correctly it does work 70-90 % of session!